The most over-looked conspiracy story in history

Although trillions of dollars in gold and precious gems were seized by the Nazis and the Japanese royal family during WWII, little of the treasure was ever recovered. Or was it? After the war, a few prominent Nazis were put on trial, while the most important scientists and spies were whisked off to work for the Allies in an operation run by OSS and the Vatican. There were no trials for the Japanese, however, even though their concentration camps were just as savagely-run as the Nazi’s.

There was a lot of funny business that went down after the war. Most notably was the creation of “The Black Eagle Fund” a project conceived by Henry Stimson, secretary of war and member of Yale’s Skull and Bones society. The Black Eagle Fund is top-secret and protected by National Security, so we’re not supposed to know anything about it. But it seems that most of that gold was recovered. And it had to be carefully “washed” and then returned secretly to the banking system, (otherwise it would have had to been given back to the people it was stolen from).

The bulk of this treasure was recovered from burial sites in the Philippines, which explains how Ferdinand Marcos suddenly became one of the richest people in the world seemingly overnight. The amount of gold buried in the Philippines was apparently greater than what they tell us exists in the entire banking system. And after it was moved into secret bank accounts around the world, special funds were created to foment propaganda, set-up right-wing dictators favorable to US corporations, and create false-flag terror around the world. These funds are still active today. They are off-the-shelf operations, completely self-funded at this point. Nobody knows who controls the funds today, although the certificates must have been passed down to someone. Apparently Nixon made a deal with the Chinese to return one of the major funds to them, which probably pissed off the CIA immensely, but may have opened up the door to economic exploitation of China.

There’s only one book on this subject, “Gold Warriors,” and it indicates Opus Dei played a role in washing the gold, which might explain why that society has pretty much taken over the Vatican. People speculate a lot about the power of the Rothschild dynasty and control of the gold market by the Bank of England, but I believe the secret gold recovery from WWII may have actually affected the balance of power in the gold industry. Someday maybe the truth will come out.

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  1. Excellent work. If veritable, its a shame. But surely if slowly, righteousness will always prevail.

  2. Do you want to know the truth about the existence of WW2 Japanese treasure?
    Produce an expedition budget. I will lead an Expedition team to relocate a WW2 treasure cave in a Philippine jungle.

  3. I am wondering if this could also be behind the Treasury move that eventually abolished the gold standard supporting US currency. If there is a huge cache of gold being maintained by an elite group or groups, the removal of gold as a “guarantee” behind the dollar would put them in a much better position to control world economies using their gold holdings.

  4. WALTER BAUWENS, a retired NATO Air Force officer, explained all this (and much more) in his book “CRAPULE DE LUXE”. The book is in flemish, his mother-tongue but I expect it to be translated very soon in quite some other languages becauses IT TOUCHES THE WHOLE WORLD. Edited by “UITGEVERIJ VAN HALEWIJCK” – LEUVEN BELGIUM. http://WWW.VANHALEWYCK.BE.
    For those who didn’t read so much about the secret world that rules “the visible one” there will be hunderds of names, places, organisations, financial institutions and “operations” (with countless dead witnesses) to be discovered.
    charles van heester – Antwerp Belgium

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