Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood

Even today, many people have trouble accepting the reality American Robber Barons helped set-up Hitler in power and funded the Communist takeover of Russia, two counter-coups that displaced democracies with fascist dictatorships masked as socialism. These were but two tentacles of what I call “The Octopus,” a global apparatus that manufactures war for profit by secretly controlling both sides of a conflict.

One insider who has spent a lifetime investigating these connections is John Loftus, author of America’s Nazi Secret (Trine Day). Loftus was 27-years-old when he arrived at the Justice Department to work as a prosecutor. On his first day, his boss informed him they were both employed by the most corrupt client in the world, the United States Government.

He soon learned the Attorney General in many cases was selected by big business, and was often considered little more than a “bag man” for Sullivan and Cromwell, the most powerful law firm on Wall Street. Loftus’ book is a treasure trove of closely-guarded secrets that have been kept under wraps for decades. For example, when the King of England abdicated prior to WWII, the reason given was he wanted to marry a commoner. The real reason, however, was that Edward was a Nazi sympathizer making secret deals with Hitler. Wiretappers from SIS discovered his dealings with the Nazis and Edward was forced to lay low for the remainder of the war. Loftus has leaked so many secrets I have to suspect he’s a spook himself, and his ops are designed as backstops, not full disclosure.

One of his most important revelations from today’s perspective, however, is Loftus’ account of the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Although this group worked closely with the Nazis, there was no attempt to dismantle the organization after the war, and, in fact, the Brotherhood went on to spawn all the Arab terror groups around the world today while receiving covert assistance from the CIA.

In 1953, three dozen Islamic scholars came to Washington DC, where they met with President Eisenhower. Saheed Ramahdan of the Muslim Brotherhood, son-in-law of the founder, Hassan al-Banna. Ramahdan, can be seen standing in the Oval Office during the visit (second from right).

Despite being an avowed fascist, Ramahdan would receive CIA support as he soon took over an important mosque in Munich, which became the Brotherhood’s most important recruiting center in Europe. At the time, the Brotherhood was being funded and courted because it provided a useful foil against Communism during the height of the Cold War.

We were the only nation in the world at the time that refused to designate the Brotherhood a terrorist group, and there’s a reason for that: because they were largely a CIA project. The SS forces outside of Germany had already become the foundation for NATO, so why wouldn’t SS ops in the Middle East receive the same strategic privileges?

Just as Wall Street targeted Germany and Russia prior to WWII, so also Saudi Arabia was targeted afterwards, which included installing a royal family friendly to Wall Street. Just as Russia and Germany were positioned to make war for profit, so too have Israel and Saudi Arabia been positioned to create immense profits for the military-industrial complex for decades to come. And the Muslim Brotherhood has an important role in this game.

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  1. Islam stands alone. It is the religion designed by Allah for all humanity. Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last prophet and messenger sent from the One God to all humanity, and the Qur’an is the first and last Book to be sent to all humanity by the One God, Allah, until the end of the world. Any political activity in the name of Islam is not necessarily within the guidelines of Islam. That remains to be determined by specific Islamic scholars of the authentic beneficial knowledge, the Qur’an, the Sunnah (the Tao of Muhammad, peace be upon him), and the ways of the Prophet and his Companions, peace be upon them. Just because something has the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’ in its name does not automatically make it of the Straight Path of Islam. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said in these times there will be 71 sects of Judaism, 72 sects of Christianity, and 73 sects of Islam, and only one sect of Islam will be the Straight Path to Allah, the saved sect. So if you want to study the Muslim Brotherhood, that is one thing. But if you want to know the truth about the Straight Path of Islamic Monotheism, that is another research project altogether, not to be confused with any other research.

  2. Abracadabra to you Sanford. Strange how none of this dogma existed when you were part of The Farm scene, which kicked Stephen Gaskin to the curb at the height of his powers. I think you were Jewish then or maybe I got that wrong.

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