Loose Change Producer Busted

Two days ago, Korey Rowe, producer of Loose Change, was busted for selling heroin to an undercover officer in his hometown of Oneonta, New York. Written and edited by Dylan Avery, Loose Change was one of the first full-length internet videos to question the government’s version of 9/11. Although the original versions of the video contained statements that appeared to be disinfo, the film was revised several times and seemed to be making an honest attempt to penetrate the truth. Rowe is an ex-soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He helped fund the project. His arrest was immediately seized upon by the mainstream press as evidence that the 9/11 “Truth Movement” is a fraudulent scam run by hucksters. Yesterday Korey released the following statement on Avery’s facebook page: “I did not sell heroin to the undercover police officer as I am accused of doing. I was not charged for possession because I did not posses anything I should not have had…. This is an atrocity and I apologize to the community, my family, friends and loved ones. I will make every effort to make right this awful situation as fast as possible. Thank you to everyone who has shown me such great support in these trying times. I am working with my attorneys and can make no further statements this time.” Korey posted $10,000 bail and is currently out of jail and awaiting his trial. I have to admit when I first saw the film, I suspected Loose Change was an operation to capture the center of gravity on the 9/11 movement. In most major conspiracies, government-run activists appear quickly to grab this center of gravity so they can control the debate and manage the micro details. One of the most common tactics is to salt disinfo in the form of micro details that can later be proven false, thus discrediting any conspiracy theories. I met Avery and his three friends at the Boston Freedom Rally a few years ago. He’d been invited to speak about 9/11 at the rally, although his participation was not universally embraced by all activists at the event as Loose Change had already become extremely controversial. Avery and his friends clung together throughout the rally and seemed to be having heated disputes over the content of Avery’s upcoming speech. When I spoke to Avery, I told him that I thought a plane did hit the Pentagon, not a missile as theorized in his movie. He immediately switched the topic to ask if I thought explosives were used to bring down the World Trade Towers. I told him I hadn’t seen any conclusive evidence one way or another, but that I did suspect explosives were involved. (At this point, I also suspect explosives were used at the Pentagon as well to insure the files relating to the $1 trillion missing from the budget were completely destroyed.) Another aspect of Loose Change that made me suspicious is that the film was heavily promoted by Alex Jones, who has always appeared to be a demagogue to me, not a serious researcher. But Jones also supports Jesse Ventura, who I have met and do trust as a reliable source of information. One thing worth noting is that a 19-year-old from New York City was also arrested with Rowe. If that person sold heroin to an undercover officer and Rowe witnessed the sale and did not report it immediately, he may be guilty of the sale. That’s just the sort of tactic regularly used to turn people into giving State’s evidence against their friends, so it seems possible this arrest is a manufactured incident to discredit attempts to bring out the truth about 9/11.

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  1. I have areal problem with this article because it was not properly researched with actual facts. Loose Change was updated as new evidence was presented and contained a lot of just plain old common sense, not to mention that the government frames truth tellers all the time. To people who have done the research, this article stinks of innuendos and bias that cloud the reality of 911.

    1. I don’t know what “facts” you are looking for. So far, this is the only blog to present Korey’s response to the arrest, which was the purpose of the post. I guess you don’t realize that most of what passes as “conspiracy research” is actually disinfo (most of which is not intentional, just well-meaning people being fed bad info). But I’m the only person so far to suggest this arrest may have been staged to discredit the film. I also mention that the film did clean up most of its problems in later edits. My experience has taught me not to accept research at face value, so I don’t believe everything I see or read about 9/11, but I have made it abundantly clear that I believe 9/11 was a false flag operation designed to lead us into war. If that’s “clouding” this issue, I guess I’m guilty.

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  3. Yeah that guys a total dis-info agent.Anytime people present real questions to him he acts like the person is crazy and Changes the subject, Loose change was released pretty quickly and it took the stage for De-bunkers and Mainstream press as a weapon of Mass-distraction almost instantly.

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