Medical Marijuana comes to Survivor

Yes, I was a short-lived, one-time fan of Survivor. In fact, the same year the show launched, I created a parody  for the 13th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam wherein six contestants were placed on a houseboat and forced to eliminate strains of cannabis until only one was left. It was the first original video content offered on and a huge internet success. But I never expected Survivor to put a medical marijuana advocate and businessman on the show, so I was surprised when Denver’s Jim Rice appeared last night. Right away, they have pegged Rice a villain, along with Bad Russell’s nephew (both of whom are keeping secrets from their tribes). But while Russell Junior has serious personal issues held together by a rickety fundamentalist framework, Rice already showed himself invaluable in puzzle solving. I thought Dawn should have been voted off since she clearly doesn’t have the necessary survival skill-set. It was hilarious watching Semhar dazzle Ozzy with her poetry. After demanding top shooter status and failing miserably to score a basket, Semhar certainly deserved to go; and attacking Rice in front of the others made that a certainty. The Woody Allen character from Harvard Business School is great for comic relief but one wonders how long he can last. So far, Rice looks like a formidable player. Ozzy better watch his back.

(Hippies, by the way, have long had their own form of Survivor every summer: The National Rainbow Family Gathering, held in a different forest every July 1-7. I’ll never forget the time Jack Herer showed up at the Colorado gathering with a huge entourage and no camping gear.  I had to keep a bonfire going every night so they wouldn’t freeze. The Rainbow Gathering is free to attend and food  and medical care is free as well. It’s like a non-commercial alternative to Burning Man and provides a more family-friendly environment.)

Entourage film flop

Doug Ellin did a masterful job with the TV show, something I enjoyed immensely, especially when it went after controversial subjects.  The negative rap on this show was that it was “just about male bonding,” but I think the appeal ran deeper. Entourage represents the goal and ultimate fantasy of just about every American male: escape from a 9-to-5 wage-slave existence, not just the importance of passing through life as a unit, although that aspect is certainly crucial. Unlike most TV shows, Entourage treated intoxicating substances (and their value in some ceremonies) with great realism and provided an honest behind-the-scenes look at some of the wackier aspects of stardom. Obviously, Jeremy Piven stole the final episode. His sudden spiritual awakening and bolting from the office to return to his family amidst a heavenly aria was priceless! Adrian Grenier has always been fully believable as a Hollywood star who takes care of his high school buddies, but one of the best things about the show was that Vincent was seldom the focus. Kevin Dillon was always capable of stealing any scene– his character was always fall-out-of-your-chair funny. And Turtle made one of the best transformations on the show, from stoner slacker to millionaire entrepreneur.

Too bad the film was such a turkey.

The American jihad on truth

When did the “truth” has become a dirty word, confined to lunatics and idiots? And why is cyberworld filled with spooks whose primary mission seems to be to infiltrate and attack all attempts to get a new 9/11 investigation? For the penetration ops, the key is obvious: seed a piece of disinfo, a straw man detail that can later be knocked down with ease. Or replace 9/11 entirely with chemtrails and other manufactured fake conspiracies. For the outsiders, the goal is  to ridicule and dismiss all researchers. These spooks often have boilerplate documents to support their POV but never engage in any real discussion or debate and their every syllable drips with disdain. They love flame wars and detest sober discussion. They employ personal attacks to wear down the opposition. There really shouldn’t be any controversy over the need for a new independent 9/11 Commission simply because many of the commissioners themselves were not happy with the results the first time around and felt the Pentagon lied to them consistently. (And building Seven isn’t even mentioned?) Over one third of the country doesn’t believe the report. Since 9/11 was used as the excuse to launch two wars that have bankrupted the nation, it’s essential for the national health to have a fully independent investigation as soon as possible, and whether you believe Dick Cheney’s version of events, or Richard Gage’s, we all should agree that this new investigation is required to clear the air.

Israel & 9/11

I love spy movies, especially when they reveal true facts and trade-craft. For a long time, my favorite in the genre was The Manchurian Candidate, which introduced both martial arts and mind control to America. Unfortunately, Hollywood did a terrible remake a few years ago. (The book by Richard Condon, however, is a masterpiece, just like the original film.)

A few years ago, Roman Polanski did an excellent job with The Ghost Writer, capturing the fog of paranoia surrounding a deep political event. (Such fog can be manufactured to conceal controllers of a managed confrontation.) Carlos, about Ilich Sanchez, is another great spy miniseries that could have been better if the director had been allowed to keep his original soundtrack (by The Feelies), but unfortunately, the band didn’t want their music identified so closely with a terrorist.

One of my all-time favorites, however, is Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the life of  Juval Aviv, an Israeli soldier put in charge of an assassination squad to avenge the deaths of Israeli athletes killed by the Black September terrorists during the 1972 Summer Olympics. There were probably three such squads actually created and for years they remained one of Israel’s most closely guarded secrets.

As the story unravels, however, the assassination team begins to suspect they are eliminating moderate leaders of the Palestinian movement to make way for more violent extremists to take their place. (Gee, just like the non-violent cannabis dealers of the seventies were replaced by the violent cocaine dealers of the eighties?) Meanwhile, the real instigator of the bloody Munich operation was being hidden and protected by the CIA.

The most revealing detail from the film is the existence of a network in Europe that provides weapons, fake ID’s and safe houses to terrorists (for a fee). This network can also clean up any mess left behind after an assassination. Although the network works with any terrorist, left or right-wing, they refuse to deal directly with any government agency of any country.

After watching the movie and reading the book, I could not help but surmise this network was, in fact, Operation Gladio, the “stay-behind” secret army set-up by NATO in the event that socialism might spread throughout Europe. Apparently, Gladio financed false flag terror operations all around Europe to discredit the left-wing. Gladio was revealed by the Italian Prime Minister in 1990 in an attempt to do damage control on the Propaganda Due scandal.

When I discovered Aviv’s security company (Interfor) was based in New York City, I called his office to see if I could arrange an interview. Aside from the crucial Gladio question, I also planned to query him regarding Michael Harari, who had led a team just like Aviv’s. Harari later surfaced in the Iran-Contra scandal and I thought Aviv might have some interesting background on Harari’s alleged involvement in money laundering with Manuel Noriega.

Much to my surprise, Aviv agreed to do a one-hour interview on camera. After High Times expressed no interest in the interview, I posted the highlights on my youtube page. The first episode was titled: “Juval Aviv is the Real Zohan.” Aviv would neither confirm nor deny that Operation Gladio was the identity of the terror network. He admitted that contrary to the impression left by the movie, he remains a dedicated supporter of Israel who would fly to its defense if necessary. He admitted explosives probably contributed to the fall of the Twin Towers, but stated they could have been illegally stockpiled in a federal office, which would require a cover-up of their existence. He didn’t want to discuss the Israeli Art Students but admitted the Mossad was watching most of the 9/11 terrorists and they provided information on them to the CIA and FBI. He feels that info was not acted upon out of neglect, but also admits there could have been a deeper motivation. He cringed when asked if Harari was “the greatest Mossad agent of all time,” and I got the impression he and Harari might be contesting for that honor. After I turned off the camera and got ready to leave, he dropped a number of bombshells, first telling me he was one of the last people to speak with Danny Casolaro.

“Danny was talking to Lester Coleman and investigating Pan Am 103,” said Aviv, who then added: “I tried to talk about the JFK assassination with Bill Clinton, but he didn’t want to discuss it.” It felt like Aviv was letting me know he had not given up the store in my one-hour grilling, and still had plenty of juicy conspiracy stories left in reserve.