Medical Marijuana comes to Survivor

Yes, I was a short-lived, one-time fan of Survivor. In fact, the same year the show launched, I created a parody  for the 13th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam wherein six contestants were placed on a houseboat and forced to eliminate strains of cannabis until only one was left. It was the first original video content offered on and a huge internet success. But I never expected Survivor to put a medical marijuana advocate and businessman on the show, so I was surprised when Denver’s Jim Rice appeared last night. Right away, they have pegged Rice a villain, along with Bad Russell’s nephew (both of whom are keeping secrets from their tribes). But while Russell Junior has serious personal issues held together by a rickety fundamentalist framework, Rice already showed himself invaluable in puzzle solving. I thought Dawn should have been voted off since she clearly doesn’t have the necessary survival skill-set. It was hilarious watching Semhar dazzle Ozzy with her poetry. After demanding top shooter status and failing miserably to score a basket, Semhar certainly deserved to go; and attacking Rice in front of the others made that a certainty. The Woody Allen character from Harvard Business School is great for comic relief but one wonders how long he can last. So far, Rice looks like a formidable player. Ozzy better watch his back.

(Hippies, by the way, have long had their own form of Survivor every summer: The National Rainbow Family Gathering, held in a different forest every July 1-7. I’ll never forget the time Jack Herer showed up at the Colorado gathering with a huge entourage and no camping gear.  I had to keep a bonfire going every night so they wouldn’t freeze. The Rainbow Gathering is free to attend and food  and medical care is free as well. It’s like a non-commercial alternative to Burning Man and provides a more family-friendly environment.)

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