The True Story of Adam and Eve

It’s unfortunate the sacred texts from the world’s religions become corrupted almost beyond recognition over time. For example, although the story of the burning bush made it into the Bible, the identification of the crucial plant did not. This plant, in fact, may have created the first big wave of modern spirituality (based on a perception of a single energy uniting all spirits). We do know fire temples were suddenly erected from Iran to India, and a medicinal plant was mixed with milk and served in a ceremonial manner. They called this plant “the King of the Healing Plants” in some quarters, in others it was known as “The Tree of Life” or “The Tree of Knowledge.” Using instincts as my guide, I now relate the true story of Adam and Eve.

In the beginning The Great Spirit flowed through the light and through the air. That was the first day.

The Great Spirit flowed through the water. That was the second day.

The Great Spirit flowed through the vegetation, the seed bearing life, and that was the third day.

On the fourth day, The Great Spirit flowed through the living creatures, the animals, the birds, the insects and all the fish in the sea.

On the fifth day, Eve was born.

On the sixth day, Adam was born.

And on the seventh day, here’s what happened:

There’s no getting around the fact girls mature faster than boys, so isn’t it obvious Eve was ready for the most important role in her life (motherhood) long before Adam was ready to set aside his foolish boyish games? It must have been hard on Eve trying to get Adam’s attention so they could get busy starting a family. Eve was a sensible girl, so she called out to Mother Earth to help her find a way to get her family started. In a dream, Mother Earth instructed Eve to take Adam down to the river and make him partake of the Tree of Life that grows wild along the river banks.

And wouldn’t you know it, after Adam got high on cannabis, he was suddenly a lot more susceptible to Eve’s sexual charms and started to pick up on these cues for the first time? And of course, we all know the end of the story: Adam and Eve made spectacular love and then created all of us, their children.

And that is the real, true story of Adam and Eve, our great-great-great-grandparents.

Now, let’s consider how this story was rewritten in today’s Bible, where Eve is portrayed as vain, dumb, and evil, while Adam is tricked into partaking of the Tree of Knowledge, and then cast out of the Garden of Eden, presumably to live in the desert somewhere because “he has knowledge?” This story has been twisted beyond recognition in order to: subjugate women as second-class citizens, and encourage the peasant population to remain in a state of ignorance.

(Excerpted from my book Magic, Religion & Cannabis, click link below the video to order a copy.)


9 Replies to “The True Story of Adam and Eve”

  1. you are very creative! thanks for sharing your interpretation of creation! so many stories, so little time! I can’t wait to watch as the story unfolds more and more as greater truth is revealed in these auspicious times. I love the Jewish mystical scholars story about creation using gemantria and the original language.

  2. To be 100% honest, I think your rather fanciful depiction contains more than just a little truth. Of course the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was some sort of hallucinogen. But Adam & Eve would have been covered in hair. All our simian ancestors needed to become self aware, and begin the journey towards enlightenment was a kick start.

  3. How did Adam ingest the cannabis to get high? Smoked it…no matches, ate it….no fire to cook with didn’t have a lighter or matches yet to extract the fat soluble THC…but this like all fairy tales this is just man trying to expain the unexplainable. Its why I feel bad for those without faith because without faith how can anything be decided, or explained?

    1. Early users may have mixed it with hot milk, or cannabis could have been added to fermenting fruit. But placing the colas on a fire in a cave, tipi or tent soon became a favored method of early ingestion.

  4. If you think of it this way now.. how lucifer fell in love with an earthly woman and he was cast down to earth because he gave out divine secrets JUST to get cast down, to see eve. Eve was frustrated with adam and found attention in lucifer (he came to her as the angel he WAS) , eveyone knows he was the giver of fire. lighting up that blunt he smoked with eve and impregnated her. THATS WHYY she had one evil son and one good son 😐 Eve eventually chose adam over lucifer, thats why lucifer hates women so much. Adam found out about what lucifer did to his girl and is what started the war against good and evil. BIBLE REVISION is evil no doubt 😐

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