The Truth About the JFK Assassination

The assassination was directed within the CIA through JM/Wave’s “Executive Action” program, which was headed by Ted Shackley. The recently demoted William “Mad Dog” Harvey knew about the event in advance from his post in Italy and the event involved “Handsome” Johnny Roselli, a Sicilian man-of-honor who’d made his bones through the Valentine’s Day massacre in Chicago. Charles Harrelson and Charles Nicoletti also deserve consideration as potential shooters. There were four shooters and five shots, one of which missed. There were two shooters firing from the rear, one from the front, and one from behind the picket fence.

After RFK had a huge blowup with Harvey at the White House, JFK wanted Harvey sacked, so Angleton transferred him to Italy. Soon thereafter, Harvey’s pet project: the executive action program was put back into action, only this time, the target was JFK, not Castro. This could have been justified by a secret meeting of the National Security Council acting on some continuity of government  law that enabled them to put the CIA into action without the knowledge of the President. Possibly a “mission impossible” file was shown to the council that painted Kennedy as a secret Soviet mole. Kennedy was trying to make world peace and had fired the heads of the Pentagon and CIA, and engineered the first nuclear disarmament treaty, so painting him as a secret Communist agent was not a stretch at all.

The connection between Roselli and Harvey had been initiated through Howard Hughes’ second-in-command Robert Maheu in discussions with Chicago Godfather Giancana. Maheu had started his career as Chicago FBI second-in-command under Guy Bannister, who also figures in the assassination. Bannister was a leader in the John Birch Society, the Minute Men, and the Masons. The connections between the Sicilian and Jewish organized crime families and the CIA run much deeper than people realize (Giancana called them “two heads of the same coin”),  and it seems the coalitions might have been sheltered inside certain secret societies and lodges. Lucky Luciano cut a deal with Naval Intelligence during WWII. Maybe it started there. Oswald was an expendable patsy who worked undercover for the CIA and FBI.

According to Giancana, the shooters were paid $50,000 each, cash provided by the Texas oil crowd. Current evidence hints at involvement from a French mercenary. As you move higher up the chain, you find George H.W. Bush of the CIA reporting to J. Edgar Hoover on the activities of “misguided Cubans” in Dallas that day. Bush’s father helped fund the rise of Hitler and was certainly a player in the eastern establishment after liberating Geronimo’s skull from its burial site at Fort Sill and bringing it to that occult house of worship, Skull & Bones at Yale University, where, no doubt, the present inductees gather round it for ceremonial photographs.

(Excerpted from Killing Kennedy: The Real Story.)

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  1. I have always wondered why living family members publicly excepted Oswald as the lone assassin. I remember the first reports on that day saying “that there were shots fired from the grassey noll”.

    1. Within the Eastern Establishment, its apparently an unspoken rule you don’t take your vendettas to the public, but deal with them behind the scenes. The Kennedy family will likely not seek real justice until they have another president installed in the White House who can control the situation, something the Pentagon and CIA seem to be relunctant to allow…

  2. Just tripping over this site. Maybe the best Conspiracy source online. But the usual problem of reflexively embracing anything sensionistic and falling into Kiddie Konspiracy.

    There are mega economic and political secrets that need to be investigated and brought to people’s attention. But not this particular one though it is so appealing. After 48 years, warehouses full of literatire and data, deeper digging by more people than any event in history – it’s still a pile of highly questionable circumstantial evidence, dubious testimony, unexplained anomalies – but nothing tangible in terms of bonafide documentation and credible consistent witnesses have ever surface. Tough to swallow for so many, a disgruntled nut case named Oswald with a history shot the President of the United States.

    It’s been noted that keeping focus on dead end historical conspiracies drains the potential energy and human resources from real issue political activism. “Keep them running around in circles” Sadly this has become the case with JFK as well as 9/11.

    Meanwhile the real large scale crooks and connivers operate freely with little attention.

    1. Actually, there have been a lot of credible witnesses, starting with Richard Case Nagell. And the witnesses just keep on coming. The FBI agent in Georgia in charge of watching Milteer after he was caught on a wiretape saying “JFk’s a marked man. He will be shot with a high-powered rifle from an office building” two weeks before the assassination. And someone will be picked up quickly to throw the public off.” Photos of the parade clearly show Milteer standing in the crowd just before the turn into the kill zone. So many people have talked. Jack Ruby talked. Most who were on the inside and talked were killed, Nagel is one of the few who talked and survived. Roselli talked to many people. Many of the Cubans talked. Even Howard Hunt talked before he died. How many more witnesses do you need? All evidence points towards William Harvey and Sam Giancana on the hit, and James Angleton and J Edgar Hoover on the coverup.

      1. Comment sections are not the best place to enter into complex discussions. I’ve worked professionally in many countries on high levels of investigation. A phenomenon most amateurs are unaware of is when there is something high profile especially involving celebrities, political figures, anyone famous – corroboration of grand conspiracy testimonies start coming out of the woodwork like a torrent. People who were in the audience when Abraham Lincoln was shot said they could barely see anything the day after. As the historical mythology developed the same people interviewed decades later expanded, enhanced, supplemented their original testimonies to incorporate melodramatic speculations they’d read about subsequently, always placing themselves in an elevated centraility as important witnesses.

        Any homicide cop will tell you how many false reports and confessions they get when a serial killer is being tracked. Hundreds.

        There is a sub-industry of conspiracy and of course one who tries to derive an income from all this stuff knows that even suggesting that Oswald was a lone gun nut means alienating your audience. No one wants to buy a book, look at a Youtube, got to a website, that demonstrates this. It’s not exotic or fun.

        So the crap disinformation will just keep piling up, muddying the waters for anyone trying to get the hard untainted information. Something like 2000 books on JFK, and they all present seemingly credible evidence and testimonny – yet they conflict so much on key points. Obviously a lot of people are lying and or delusional.

        Meanwhile the real bad guys get a laugh at how they can get away with murder and just need to create a deflection strategy involving some concocted story of CIA, Mossad, MI6, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, etc malfeasance.

        Works every time.

      2. I really marvel at those that claim that if the JFK killing had been a conspiracy, someone would have talked by now! As mentioned above, many did talk…only to be silenced by the FBI and the CIA. Even the Chicago plot against JFK just weeks before the Dallas assassination is denied by the authorities…no one really recalls what happened. And how about Dulles being named to the Warren Commission …didn’t he have a grudge against JFK? And the Oswald connections to CIA people…give us all a break, that’s not supposed to be relevant. And, of course, Jack Ruby present in the building holding Oswald….come on, the man is supposedly a nobody! The cover up couldn’t be more efficient….the FBI seizes all the evidence, alters statements made by witnesses, silences any FBI agents and Secret Service agents who stated they saw or heard things that day in Dallas that didn’t go along with the version put out by the authorities and supported by the Warren Commission.

  3. Oh, I totally agree, planting the false whistleblowers is absolutely key, and many more people have confessed to being involved than actually were involved, tons more. However, after 50 years or so, if you have any intelligence, you can sift through the disinfo and start to see the real outlines. It helps if you have some understanding of the secret societies involved and how they work. You just have to study the history of people like Angleton to see how involved he was in the coverup. Hoover also. Once Hoover announced he found his killer, the entire FBI had no choice but to back him up. Real murder investigations don’t end in one day. Assassinations are closed conspiracies, only those who need to know are given any info at all, so the only people that know for sure are the people doing the job and those asking and the assassin. John Roselli is the assassin. He talked to many people. But there were people, like Dangerous Dan Marvin, who turned down a wet job involving the JFK assassination and lived to tell the tale. When you say “illuminati” that’s just one giant rabbit hole to no where. Bilderbergers, that’s the crew that got the Nazi gold. The real seats of authority in this country sit in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilaterials. Those are our designated mangers, neatly arranged in a dialectical confrontation that will never threaten the status quo. Spotting the fake whistle blowers has been one of my specialties. So please check over my conclusions, and let me know if any facts are wrong on any of these blogs. I constantly update them whenever new information comes in, but this is the state of the art as I see it.

    1. Steven Hager,

      You’re obvioulsy intelligent. But I guess life spent swimming in Konspiracy Kool-aid prevents you from ever separating Fact from Fiction.

      May be hard to believe, but some things actually do happen as reported.

      Mount St Helen erupted, the Titanic sunk, astronauts walked on the moon, Oswald shot Kennedy. If there is motivation to prove otherwise, and some attention and a few bucks in it, you can come up all sorts of contrary evidence, testimony, explanations. Whole careers are built on false information. Look at UFOs. Thousands of resports, photographs. Not a sliver from any alien craft or a single cell from an alien life form. But the books keep coming out, the sites get visited, DVDs are sold, conferences are attended. There are a few billion stupid people in the world and they cumulatively have tremenous buying power.

      1. I’ve been at this a long time Michael. In fact, twenty years ago, I wrote a magazine article that Judge Jim Garrison called “the best thing every written about the assassination.” The article provoked letters of compliment from people like Bo Gritz and Fletcher Prouty, not that I trusted those two, just that I got close enough to the truth to surprise a lot of people. And I’ve learned a lot more in the last 20 years. I do not believe in UFOs or chemtrails, or Elvis is Alive, or We Didn’t Land on the Moon. I deal with verifiable facts. If you find any facts on this site that you can disprove, please let me know asap, but please don’t say its impossible to get to the bottom of 9/11 or the JFK assassination. I know there are more writers putting out disinfo and misinfo than real info, but I am not one of them.

        1. Steven,

          Out of necessity this will be brief. Again I don’t really debate issues in comment sections. Though I have fairly advanced knowledge of the JFK assassination my expertise lies in less defined area. Basically how facts and factoids, real and fabricated data, selective accounts, incomplete and biased reporting – can be synthesized to produce false information and unsubstantiated conclusions.

          I am reticent to argue with someone I don’t know well. as the usual mindset of people convinced of a JFK assassination conspiracy is that anyone dismissing it is a government shill, disinformation agent, etc. I live in Canada but have worked in various levels of publishing and reporting for many decades.

          You may have read 100 books on JFK, I know someone a few blocks from me who has read 1000. There are an estimated 2000 books on JFK conspiracy, and endless articles, papers, pamphlets, etc. Tellingly, there may be a dozen of the non-academic popular kind that present a case how Oswald acted alone with no other shooter.

          I realize it’s a default stance to dismiss the Warren Report as a pack of lies and attempted cover-up, but with all its shortcomings and omissions it does basically tell what happened and how it happened. A work that is anathema to JFK researchers, Posner’s CASE CLOSED, though rife with inaccuracies and some unjustified conclusions, is about the best assessment of the issue.

          You may not keep up with all the new findings with the Internet and new software making analysis and accumulation of hard data easier. Things like the notorious Magic Bullet have been shown to be just misguided incorrect analysis by amateurs. Based on the false presumption that JFK was sitting directly behind Connolly when in fact he was on an elevated seating and to his right. The same bullet could and did do the damage attributed to it.

          I do not want to go into point debating this or any single point, here and now. What I am more concerned with is showing how an accumulated mythology can be created with seemingly reinforcing evidence and testimony when in fact it is ephemeral.

          If you’d attended trials and read as many murder case transcripts as I have, you’d be aware that prosecutors and defense attorneys can provide masses of evidence proving their version of events. They have all sorts of scientific experts, photos, bullet fragments, credible testimonies, etc. But only one is accurate and presenting the truth, the other is a just a defacto construct.

          In this case, the JFK assassination by parties other than Oswald is a construct.

          I know this goes against the grain of everything you’ve read and your personal cumulative assessment. I have nothing invested here in convincing you of anything.

          But I strongly recommend you play with the possibility that you’ve been taken for a ride by a lot of people who make a living out of promoting their conspiracy themed works and some attention seekers and charlatans who have gone along for the ride.

          This is done at typing speed single draft so excuse any lapses.


  4. It is certain that the JFK assassination, like the Watergate break-in, was a CIA operation from start to finish, but it’s not likely that the Mob was involved.

    Among the men arrested for the Watergate burglary was a top CIA operative named Howard Hunt. Everybody knows this, but nobody ever investigated the CIA component. Here’s why:

    Howard Hunt, along with Alexander Haig (a top Nixon aide), had run covert CIA operations against Casto & Cuba in the early sixties. In 1963, they used one of those CIA operations as cover in a successful plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Multiple Bay of Pigs veterans assisted in the operation, some of whom surfaced later in the Watergate scandal.

    Bob Woodward also worked with Alexander Haig. As a Navy lieutenant working under the auspices of Admiral Thomas Moorer, he ran intelligence between the Pentagon and the White House in 1969 and 1970. He then left the Navy to become a “reporter” with the Montgomery County Sentinel and then the Washington Post.

    When the Watergate scandal broke in 1972, Alexander Haig ordered his good friend, Washington Post “reporter” Bob Woodward, to steer the investigations away from the Watergate-JFK connection and towards Richard Nixon’s reelection committee.

    In the end, Richard Nixon was forced out of the Oval Office and Gerald Ford (of Warren Commission fame) issued the pardon that made all off the CIA’s JFK problems go away. It was always about the CIA, from start to finish.

    If you want to know the rest, read Against Them by Tegan Mathis. The story is not complicated. All we have to do is think for ourselves.

    1. You need to read “The Three Tramps,” one of my blogs. Howard Hunt was not a major player in the JFK assassination. He was a diversion. Watergate was a CIA plot against Nixon. The plumbers were supposed to be uncovered. The plots against Castro begin with William Harvey (CIA) and Johnny Roselli. After JFK tries to fire Harvey, the plot to kill Castro morphs into the plot to kill Kennedy. I’ve read over 100 books on this subject, and I can tell you with certainty, the hit involved Roselli and several more assassins from the Chicago outfit, working under William Harvey and the CIA counterintelligence division. Hunt was floated early on as one of the Tramps, but this was a misdirection.

      1. 1000 books don’t mean that much when 9 out of 10 are disinfo. It’s better to read the 10 good books than 1000 Posner-style gutter science. Posner was later a convicted thief, btw, a fact that should shed some light on his character. Watch the Zapruder film. The first shot to the throat comes from the front, as the Dr in Parkland said before inserting tube. The evidence of a conspiracy beyond Oswald is overwhelming and has been for years. Seconds after the shooting, Oswald is calmly drinking a coke in the lunch room. He later fails a test to see if he fired a weapon. Richard Case Nagell was an associate of Oswald’s (triple agent) who had himself placed in jail during the assassination so he couldn’t follow his KGB orders to kill Oswald and prevent the assassination by getting rid of the patsy. Nothing Nagel said was ever disproven and in his NY Times obit, they recognized his deep connection to American intelligence.

        1. As I said, this is neither the time or place to go into everything. Nagell has been shown to be a charlatan. Great inconsistencies in his various accounts. The throat shot has been explained convincingly. I don’t have the medical report but can dig it up. Basically a traumatic sudden injury to the brain stem and vertebra would cause a a reflex jerking back.

          Posner personally I won’t try to defend. I know it’s part of the mythology to rack him up as a govt disinfo agent. Your basic paranoid conspiracy scenario.

          48 years on we have a pile of circumstantial evidence open to interprettion and zero substantiation of a group effort. And this is in the most examined single event in history.

          More prallel to Roswell than one likes to admit. As the legend grows new witnesses come out of the woodwork, death row and deathbed confessions, new forensic evidence interpretations and byzantine theories of contrivance.
          Sadly the water are permanently muddied.

          A personal friend was part of a group that were closing a deal with JFK Jr to buy his failing magazine GEORGE. The relauch premier issue was to feature what the Kennedy family themselves had dug up. JFK Jr died in the plane crash that week. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

          I believe it’s possible someone else was shooting at JFK in Dallas that day. But no one has been provided undisputable proof in nearly half a century. But there is a warehouse full of evidence pointing to Oswald, who tried to shoot another political figure month before, as a lone assassin.

          1. I think Dick Russell would disagree with your assessment of Nagell. His correspondence is so littered with insider puns and allusions, that if you didn’t work at Langley you’d have no idea of how inside he really was. I do agree with you that John Jr. was whacked, but not because of anything to do with UFO’s, lol! He was a political threat to the longstanding plans for wars in the middle east. John was wising up pretty quick, similar to the transformation his dad went through after seizing power. Oswald was no killer. Just a patsy, like he said, and far more intelligent than most people give him credit for. Russell thinks he was under mind control. He does get some attention from a CIA doctor while in NYC. Yes, you can dismiss me as a conspiracy crackpot, but you are pushing UFO’s, while all I’m pushing is a picture of dynastic families passing power through the generations, old money rules the world and has for the last 2,000 years. Occum’s razor.

          2. Look, don’t take it personally, but you, other so-called investigators and many of the people you reference know little to nothing about the real world of intelligence services and government. There is Fictional Planet Conspiracy where mysterious rogue agents are involved in bdyzantine double-triple-agent clandestine operations. Then there’s Planet Earth where it’s difficult to co-ordinate and execute even the simplest plans and over time someone invariably blabs and/or incriminating evidence surfaces.

            On Planet Earth any judge or objective journalist would laugh if they looked at the Nagell bio:

            “Nagell reached the rank of Second Lieutenant by the time he left the army in October, 1959. As a result of his accident he was judged to be 50% disabled and was placed on a disability pension. In December, 1959, Nagell found work as an investigator with the Department of Employment in Los Angeles. In March, 1961, Nagell did a similar job with the California Beverage Control Board. He held the job until being sacked in June, 1962. The following month he was admitted to the Wadsworth Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles, California in what was alleged to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the chest.

            According to Nagell, when he recovered he began working for the Central Intelligence Agency as a double agent. This involved becoming an activist in the American Communist Party. This included distributing Marxist propaganda in Mexico.

            Nagell also claimed he was involved in monitoring a group of Cuban exiles plotting against Fidel Castro. In 1963 Nagell discovered that this group was planning to assassinating John F. Kennedy while making it appear that it had been ordered by Castro. When he told the KGB they ordered him to warn Lee Harvey Oswald about what was happening. Nagell also claimed he warned the FBI and CIA about the plot.

            In September, 1963, Nagell walked into a bank in El Paso, Texas, and fired two shots into the ceiling and then waited to be arrested. Nagell claimed he did this to isolate himself from the assassination plot. This was successful and Nagell was charged with armed robbery and ended up spending the next five years in prison.

            On his release Nagell told Jim Garrison about his knowledge of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He claimed that David Ferrie, Guy Banister, and Clay Shaw were involved in this plot with Lee Harvey Oswald. However, Garrison decided against using him as a witness in the court-case against Shaw.

            Dick Russell wrote about Nagell in his book, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992). Nagell claimed the initial plan to assassinate President John F. Kennedy was financed by Haroldson L. Hunt and other individuals. The operation was to be performed by an anti-Castro group. According to Nagell the conspirators believed that if they set-up Lee Harvey Oswald, a well-known supporter of Fidel Castro with links to the Soviet Union, the assassination would result in a full-scale war against Cuba.”

            Now outside Conspiracy circles anyone reading this would roll their eyes.

            There is a a sub-industry, small but with growing popularity, of conspiracy theorists who eke out a living with books, videos, conference appearances, the Internet. Like with UFOs, 9/11, forbidden archeology, Holocaust Denial, etc – people with some academic, military or intelligence agency credentials can easily make, say, a reliable $200 grand a year and become small scale celebrities on his network aas opposed to working as bokkeepers or store clerks which is usually all they are qualified for in their advancing years. I know personally over a dozne who have played these circuits for years.

            Yes there are innumerable unanswered questions about many historical events, but they are not being packaged as sensationalistic bestseller claiming to unlock great secrets which almost invariably involve US Govt and CIA, FBI, NSA deception.

            If you ever become familiar with real analytical historical works that cross refer multiple credible sources you’ll understand the differences between painstaking primary research is and Kiddie Konspiracy.

            I can’t go into anything deeper here – this is a comment section and I’m really not motivated to educate anyone beyond pointing out a lot of self-delusion and foolishness.

            Read something like hopefully still online “Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out “
            by Mark Mitchell – the most important uncovering of a maga-conspiracy in a decade – if you want to know about very real ongoing destructive international – economic activities ans see what it takes to track down something of this nature.

            Btw Posner’s book on the Florida mob is also very good with this sort of investigative journalism. For the record the he got charged with plagiarism and it’s known in the industry the subjects of this revelatory book were the ones who are trying to compromise his integrity..

            If you are interested in modern hostory beyond impressing people with your secret knowledge – take a break, throw out your Conspiracy 101 collection and take a trip to an academic library.

  5. Posner’s book on JFK is a fraud from start to finish. I suggest you read “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by Dick Russell and look closely at Win Scott, who was writing a book about the difficulties of doubling and tripling agents when he was killed shortly after being visited by Angleton’s boys. Yes, you can keep saying I’m the Konspiracy Krackpot, while the disinfo industry manufactures rabbit holes for the dumb to fall into, but my account of the assassination is the real story and all you have to offer is more mud in the water. Good luck with your world view, where double and triple agents never exists, because that’s all a fantasy right? In fact, there are no spooks at all.

    1. Final post. Of course there are densely complex situations with actual intelligence agencies but they don’t work along the X-files murkiness plotting lines of the Russell – Nagell fantasy. This story has been exposed by many as contrived fiction with generous heapings of delusion and commercial opportunism.

      Torn apart in excrutiating detail here:

      Lives and Lies of Richard Case Nagell

      I strongly advise you and anyone reading interested in the Real World assassination of JFK as opposed to the Spy Novel Fantasy version check through debunking resources online

      TThe home page of the above is as good a place to begin as any:

      1. If your position is Oswald acted alone, that’s completely discredited by the Silvio Odio testimony and the Milteer wiretap. No one swallows that story any more, and history is not going to accept it either.
        I offer a more accurate picture of the events than anywhere I can find online. And I guess that’s why you’re here.

        1. Hey, I signed off here. Remember?

          Call this a Postscript.

          Milteer is another attention-seeking (and a few $$) obvious crackpot who was able to retroactively integrate himself into the big picture. But none of flies if you apply even a lightweight critical eye. That photo in Dallas is not him.

          Check it out here:

          As for Silvio – again I don’t want to go into excruciating detail. There may be a sincere attempt to place Oswald in some incriminating situation with this Mexican encounter – but evidence contradicts it. Again, there is a ton of retroactively generated data, documents, and recordings. Not my job to sort through any of it.

          I hope you’ve looked through the debunking pages I linked to.. I know – mucho cognitive dissonace – but it’s good for you.

          From the tangible consistent evidence a deranged Oswald fired 3 shots and Kennedy was killed. Beginning, middle, and end of story. Everything else rest is speculative fantasy.

          But I realize I’m talking to someone who can take a buffon like Nagell seriously so I doubt there will be any enlightenment.

          1. Well, Michael, doesn’t matter what you call Milteer, he was caught on a wiretape a week before the assassination, saying, JFK was a marked man and would be shot from an office building with a high-powered rifle and a patsy would be picked up immediately to throw the public off. After the assassination, a wiretape caught him saying, Now you believe me about Kennedy? You can keep insisting none of the dozens who have told the truth are lying, while the government disinfo agents are telling the truth, but you will never convince anyone. And yes, the Hunt bros. and Murchison were obviously in the loop, just as Nagell said. Hunt left the country in fear of being arrested because there were so many fuck-ups (like Oswald being taken alive.) No one has the entire picture. Everyone deals with what little piece they know, but the FBI agent in charge of Milteer has just published a book (Trine Day) you might want to check it out.

  6. Your techniques of personal insults fall right into typical disinfo ops, btw. There is no need to call anyone a buffoon. Certainly not for believing Nagall and Odio (I don’t know how you think you have damaged her impeccable reputation for truth telling.) No, I don’t check all you links, but I didn’t read Posner’s book either. In fact, I steer pretty far away from the disinfo and stick with credible sources only, of which neither you nor Posner would fall into that latter category as you made up your mind and then try to fit the evidence to your false beliefs. I can’t even say you’re making a good try, and doubt anyone visiting this site believes a word you are saying. Oswald did it? Give us a break. You need to find a new rabbit hole.

    1. Sorry if it comes off as personal interest. Like so many people trying to present themselves as noble seekers of truth and justice you demonstrate no real interest in the actual truth regarding critcal historical events. Most people are basically lazy and afraid to be proven wrong so they reflexively seek reinforcement of established beliefs scrupulously avoiding anything that challenges them. Easy with this kind of grey area stuff because somewhere out there there is alway someone making a quick buck demonstrating how the CIA, FBI, the US govt, Israel, the West, corporations, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, whoever – are behind it all. So if a lone gun nut killed Kennedy – that doesn’t really matter. Just a way to sell a few thousand books cahing in on a high profile hogh interest subject.

      There are plenty of whores with typing skills out there like that guy Russell, who can take a pathetic mental case like Nagell and turn him into some kind of exotic whistleblower spy novel figure. Nagell originally told authorities after he fired shot in that bank that it was to get attention to the fact that he wasn’t getting his full pension and wanted to see his children. Two months later when Kennedy was killed he started concocting his secret agent story which has zero substantiation. He never worked for the CIA. The delusional opportunist that really is should be apparent to anyone with any life experience.

      A retired army colonel named Philip J. Corso put his name on a book THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL co-authored by William J. Birnes, another conspiracy careerist with typing skills. Corso supposedly details the military’s concealing of the Roswell aliens and craft and how a lot of modern technology was retro-engineered and handed to people like Bill Gates. Few of the dates, events, and Corso’s career line up when tracked. The book is pure fiction blended inserted into a context of real events and peddled as fact.

      There’s a huge audience of low self-esteem types who feel more comfortable when they can demonstrate to feeble minded types how they are champions of great secrets and hidden knowledge that are being suppressed by institutions, authorities, the rich and powerful. We’ve seen the Saudi financed attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon turned into a gold mine for con artist selling their books, cassettes, themselves on the low level lecture circuit, etc. Websites and Youtube are the current forums.

      There are really terrible conspiracies going on out there. Sadly deflected from by the adolescent but perennially popular ones with higher recognition and a steadty supply of paying customers.

      Much more I could say but it would fall on deaf ears.

      1. The only proven fraud in this conversation is Posner. Nagell is only one of over 200 people who have come forward with evidence in the case. You can call them all crazy or whatever, but I’m afraid you just can’t stick a finger in this dike anymore. The CIA was involved. So was the mob. So, undoubtedly was the oligarchy that really controls powers. And trying to divert attention away from this truth and onto the favorite rabbit hole of all disinfo agents (UFOs, aliens, etc.) will not change the facts. Someday, America will truly become the land her founders intended, but we certainly aren’t there yet. Did you check out the book by the FBI agent in charge of watching Milteer yet? The story that Milteer was in Georgia during the assassination is a lie. The agent assigned to watching him says so. He also provides a lot of inside information about how the FBI changed a lot of facts to keep Hoover happy. The book is from Trine Day, “From An Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle.” If you really believe the FBI didn’t participate in a massive coverup you really need to read this book from an agent involved in the “investigation.” Why was so much essential evidence destroyed? The Hosty note? The autopsy notes (done by a doctor who never did an autopsy in his life)? Just leaving comments on my site doesn’t make your position believable to anyone, and it isn’t.

    1. Not much more I, or anyone can say, at this point. You refuse to read the debunking of obvious conmen like Nagell, Milteer, et al. Sight unsee it’s all just labelled disinfo and scrupulously ignored. You call Posner’s book a fraud – and then say you’ve never even read it. That pretty much says it all.

      As stated before, all this is about promoting conspiracy theories not ascertaining any actual historical truth. If it is known Oswald was a lone gun nut, Trine Day Publishing doesn’t make a buck on anything. Can’t have that.

      This is all just a slightly more elevated and refined version of 9/11 was an inside job and UFOs – really. Thousands have done their blending of fact, half-truths, speculation, and outright lies. There are endless sources of concocted testimonies and pseudohistories to swim in all your life.

      Noam Chomsky, someone who hates the US government with a passion, has noted how all these dead end conspiracy theories just sap vital sincere foreign policy criticism and activism. One might speculate the CIA actively encourages things like JFK conspiracy theories because it keeps people away from what they’re really up to. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      Why self-examine, when you can just continue to promote a bunch of hucksters and delusionals and in the process keep people away from knowing the truth.

      1. Nagall has never been debunked. His Wasington Post obit admitted he worked for intel. Milteer has never been “debunked.” A new book just published and written by the FBI agent sent to interview him after the assassination says the FBI altered his reports and lied about where he was that day. Also, he was only allowed to ask Milteer five questions and was not to mention the comments he made about pre-knowledge of the assassination. It’s not me that won’t read the real evidence but you. Everyone knows Chomsky is a gatekeeper, so holding one guy up as your final authority on why the oligarchy doesn’t pre-arrange events like JFK assassination and 9/11 isn’t really veryt convincing, is it? I can find a hundred academics who disagree with Chomsky.

        1. Let’s really end it here. Nagell has been thoroughly debunked in depth by many ‘real world’ reseachers. I sent you a link to a detailed summary which of course you wouldn’t even look at. As I stated before you are an expert in the world of Kiddie Konspiracy where the US faked a moon landing, Mossad did 9/11, Area 51 has hidden aliens. I live in a different place called Planet Earth. We don’t accept everything as completely true because it appears in print somewhere and fits our pre-programming.

          I looked through the Trine Day list and there are some good serious books but unfortunately as a line the company lacks credibilty with the inclusion of so many flaky nonsensical items related to 9/11, JFK, etc. An example, there is a book by Mark Gaffney on a 9/11 plane. The author himself has come out since and admitted his analysis was wrongly influenced by too much konspiracy kook thinking.

          You won’t get anything I’m saying I’m sure and in typical adolescent behaviour will dismiss it all as disinformation being put forward by the CIA/FBI/whoever.

          And again there really are malign conspiracies to conceal abusive political activites. But you obviously lack the ability to discern any of them. I’d recommend covering areas you might have better understanding of like how the international drug trade surrepitiouly influences foreign policies. A field that begs for better online coverage.

          Experts on all the floating JFK gobbledygook are a dime a dozen these days.

  7. You keep diverting the conversation to rabbit holes. We’re not talking about the Trine Day catalogue, we’re talking about one book, written by one FBI agent, who now realizes he was duped by the agency and used to help cover up the JFK assassination. Say what you want about Nagell, there are 199 other whistleblowers, like the FBI agent in charge of watching Milteer. When you act like Mossad involvement in 9/11 is a joke, btw, I’ve got a video on YouTube with the most famous Mossad agent of all time (Juvall Aviv) saying that the Mossad was just one of many intel agencies that warned Washington of the terror plan. They were watching the terrorists the whole time. (Just like Nagall tried to warn Hoover about the JFK hit.) Read the book about Milteer. It might open your eyes. If that is even a possiblity. And stop talking about aliens, fake moon landings and other rabbit holes to nowhere.

    1. Some good information. however, the scope of this crime and it’s focus and depth are far from the mob did it serario. There would be no reason to continue a cover up if indeed this was correct.. Certain members of the Government order would be sacrificed and that would be the end of the matter.. it isn’t the end of the matter and entirely to much energy is being continued for this to be true… Respectfuly, Bob Cochran

      1. Thanks for stopping by, Bob. Certainly, I do not believe “the mob done it” scenario, except that the Chicago outfit accepted the hit and took the money. The hit emanated from Angleton’s recently created Executive Action program. I believe Angleton went to Dulles, Dulles went to Rockefeller (his cousin) and the operation started to gain quick acceptance at the highest levels of the Oligarchy instantly. The military stand-down that day, the autopsy, and much of the coverup could have only happened with the assistance of people very high in the military. Kennedy was changing too fast, becoming a peacenik, interfering with plans for a war in Vietnam and doing a lot more they didn’t like.

    1. John Hankey is a notorious disinfo artist who cannot be trusted. If you want to watch a legitimate documentary about the assassination, I suggest you take a look at “Evidence of Revision.”

  8. If there was no conspiracy, why did the government destroy so many documents and reports relevant to the Kennedy assassination and why does it continue to prevent the release to the public of thousands of these documents and reports that survived?

  9. is it true that much of the evidence submitted to the Warren commission emanated from Angleton who was so devilishly clever that he steered it to the conclusions he wanted ?

    1. Yes, James Angleton was a master at creating mirrors and misdirection ops. He planted the story that Howard Hunt was involved, likely to take heat away from William Harvey and Johnny Roselli.

  10. If a shot came from the storm drain, I don’t think that a shooter would have time and field of view for more than one shot. Explosive headshot and frontal neck wound were from two different types of bullet in my opinion too. But it’s just my opinion.

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