The Mysterious Saul Alinsky

In 1971, I suddenly found myself back in Urbana, Illinois, pretty much penniless, and the town had sure changed in the two years I’d been away. There wasn’t much work listed in the paper, although my former employer, The News-Gazette, had an ad for distributors. You had to have your own vehicle and several minor routes were up for grabs. I set-up an interview, but when I showed up, I found myself talking to Frank Sowers, the same guy who’d hit my buddy Doug Blair with a baseball bat, and been one of the toughest dudes in my class (although he was a greaser and I was a longhair). If Frank recognized me, he certainly didn’t say so, and I knew he was never going to offer me a job.

Saul Alinsky.

The only other option was working as a community organizer for a new group that was canvassing the area. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me a just-published book to read: Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. It was their bible. I really enjoyed this book immensely and it was the first time I’d ever heard of the Dutch Provo movement that had been a wild success in the Netherlands. One of the first things I’d do after becoming editor of High Times was to commission the first history of the Provos written in English.

Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, also known as Satan, as “the first radical known to man, who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

This community group was a bit strange, however. We were traveling around to targeted communities and squeezing small donations by going door-to-door. The main pitch involved lowering the electric bill, something the group had already managed to do in other areas. I remember hearing the names “Ralph Nader” and “Mark Green” a lot from our supervisor. Mark arrived one day and gave a scheduled pep talk, before retiring to a private corner to have a long, whispered conversation with our supervisor.

What I looked like when I was shaking loose change from lonely old ladies.

I instantly became the star fundraiser, which meant I was also making the most money since everything was based off commissions. The easiest touches were widows who lived alone and who were obviously starved for human companionship. For them, an hour of conversation was worth a $20 donation.

There was a strange, predatory vibe to this operation and I soon began to feel like a Moonie shaking loose change off senior citizens. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I decided to bail after two weeks, despite the easy pay, which really upset the supervisor. He had some higher-ups to answer to, and without me on board, I guess he didn’t think he was going to make his monthly quota. He even tracked me down to my parent’s house and begged me to come back, which made his operation seem all the more creepy to me. I had a strong feeling the “green” movement was being hijacked by the FBI or CIA.

There was one thing about Alinsky that really bothered me: he preached the ends justified the means. In a way, he was the Ayn Rand of the socialist movement. It really makes me wonder if he wasn’t operating on another level, dancing through raindrops, just another spook on a secret mission with a hidden agenda.

Alinksy was a poor Russian Jew in Chicago when he unexpectedly got offered a fellowship at the University of Chicago to study criminology, and since he had zero background in that field, one wonders how he landed such a cushy deal? I guess you know the University of Chicago was created by the Rockefeller Trust, and also birthed the warmongering neo-conservative movement that fomented wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that bankrupted the nation.

Right after getting that fellowship, Alinksy spent two years hanging out with the Al Capone gang, then being run by Frank Nitti, as Al had income tax problems to deal with. Alinksy was allowed complete access to the gang, including its financial secrets. “Once, when I was looking over their records,” he told Playboy. “I noticed an item listing a $7,500 payment for an out-of-town killer. I called Nitti over and I said, ‘Look, Mr. Nitti, I don’t understand this. You’ve got at least 20 killers on your payroll. Why waste that much money to bring somebody in from St. Louis?’ Frank was really shocked at my ignorance. ‘Look, kid,’ he said patiently, ‘sometimes our guys might know the guy they’re hitting, they may have been to his house for dinner, taken his kids to the ball game, been the best man at his wedding, gotten drunk together. But you call in a guy from out of town, all you’ve got to do is tell him, ‘Look, there’s this guy in a dark coat on State and Randolph; our boy in the car will point him out; just go up and give him three in the belly and fade into the crowd.'”

In the late-1930s, he stopped fundraising efforts for the Communist-led International Brigade and resigned from Chicago University to work for the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), which was an attempt to unify all unions. He soon became a full-time community organizer, forging a close relationship with the Catholic power structure as the Chicago slums were heavily Catholic. He developed theories that were oppositional to Marxism, claiming political ideology was a detriment to community leadership, not an asset, and deployed his newly minted anti-Communist stance to help cement his relationship with the Vatican.

In. 1940, Alinsky joined forces with Chicago’s Bishop and Marshall Field, owner of the largest newspaper and department store, to create the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) a national network still operating today with an annual budge around $700,000.

In 1969, Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley on Alinsky, and stated a social revolution was possible if Alinsky’s ideas could be fully utilized, but, concluded the apolitical approach was becoming outdated. Alinsky was sufficiently impressed to offer Hillary a job, which she declined, entering Yale law school instead.

Three years later, Hillary would travel to Texas to work for George McGovern’s failed presidential campaign alongside her Yale boyfriend. Alinsky died unexpectedly that year of a heart attack, but survived as the demonic icon of evil on Fox News, where he is routinely portrayed as a Marxist stalking horse, when, in fact, he helped make unions safe for capitalism.

Who’s Obama’s Daddy?

I don’t watch much TV anymore since I much prefer Netflix and Amazon Prime so I can program my own entertainment, and when I checked into Amazon last night, I noticed the number two watched movie right now is about President Obama’s alleged real father, a communist party organizer named Frank Marshall Davis. The film also goes into great detail regarding Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, and his long association with the CIA. Although the mainstream media is ignoring this feature-length documentary, it’s quickly becoming one of the most-watched films on the internet.

The film was made by a mysterious figure named Joel Gilbert, who, far as I know, is no relation to Josh Gilbert, who made AKA Tommy Chong. Until now, Gilbert was mostly known for making low-budget documentaries about Bob Dylan. In this regard he reminds me of A.J. Weberman, who was obsessed with decoding Dylan’s work as well as inspecting his garbage. Since Dylan once captured the center of energy on the counterculture revolution, he remains an important icon in the minds of some baby boomers like me. Weberman would later accuse Howard Hunt of being one of the three tramps in Dallas when JFK was assassinated and wrote a book that unveiled the CIA’s involvement in the assassination for the first time, although Hunt was just a rabbit hole. Hunt was in Dallas that day, but as an observer, and it was James Angleton’s idea to dangle him as the “paymaster” and brains behind the assassination. That was a deflection away from Ted Shackley, who worked under Angleton and really served in that role.

Which brings me to this current film. I strongly suspect some very powerful organization, maybe even the CIA, is behind this current documentary. It’s an exercise in fear-mongering and is being hyped by Alex Jones, who we all know is a disinfo plant, right?

However, there’s obviously a lot of truth being revealed in the film. After watching it, I suspect Obama’s real father may have even been an undercover secret agent himself, as communism was a scam from day one, fomented from within Freemasonry and supported by some of the world’s richest bankers. Just as Hitler had to be brought in to disrupt the Weimar Republic’s dangerous emerging democracy, Lenin was brought in to shift the direction of the Russian Revolution away from democracy and into a dictatorship that could easily be controlled.

Also, I’ve always suspected the Weather Underground was an op to turn the non-violent counterculture revolution toward violence. In situations like this, the bombs are usually provided by an FBI informant, similar to the way the FBI disrupted the Earth First! movement in the 1980s.

Obviously, the film was engineered to hide the truth in plain site. And someone paid for millions of copies of the DVD to be distributed free to the battleground states as Obama was running for his second term. The film plays on old fears that a communist conspiracy is secretly taking power in this country, when, in fact, the real conspiracy is that communism itself is a complete scam, a managed dialectic devised to capture the center of energy on any emerging democratic movements around the world.

The Communist Party of the USA was created by John Reed, who came from a very rich family high up in the oligarchy. When Reed went to Mexico, he wrote a book about Pancho Villa and his army, and managed to never once mention marijuana, even though it was probably Pancho’s favorite substance since he disapproved of alcohol but could almost always be found with a stogie in his mouth. Reed knew this stogie was not tobacco, but failed to mention the importance of cannabis to that revolution, even though Villa’s marching song (La Cucaracha) was about marijuana.

If you look closely into the Communist movement in the US, you’ll find a lot of rich people and bankers behind the scenes. Setting up dialectical forces is what it’s all about because if you don’t set up these forces, you run the risk of a real opposition being set up against you.

By the way, the Obama story actually started four years ago, watch this:

The Lennie Tristano Appreciation Society

I might as well confess to being involved in a few secret societies in my lifetime, although I can’t reveal names on other members.

The first one (The Roaring 21 Club) was responsible for me getting marked as a “problem” when I entered the 7th grade, meaning my classes were filled with the dumbest and most violent people of my age group. All because I was inspired by West Side Story to create a gang in the 6th grade. (See, The Snowball Fight.)

It wasn’t until almost twenty years later, around 1979-80, that I found myself unexpectedly thrust into another secret society, the Lennie Tristano Appreciation Society, a very select society that threw two wild ceremonies, one of which was at my Upper West Side apartment, an event that attracted a diverse crowd of industry insiders, emerging rap stars from the South Bronx, and minor downtown celebrities.

I had launched a serious plan to create the foremost national counterculture magazine, as Rolling Stone was considered lame and politically-compromised. Mary Titus made some cartoons for a flyer distributed at the No Nukes Concert in Battery Park.

Despite the obscure jazz name, we were mostly Clash groupies at the time, and sat in the front row of the balcony for that band’s first New York performance at the Palladium.  The Cramps were the opening act, and a member of our society was their manager at the time. I remember right before the show started, he went backstage to give a pep talk to the Cramps, as this was their big breakthrough moment. We also were fans of James Chance, the Talking Heads and the B-52’s.

The magazine I wanted to create with these compatriots was going to be called USA. (I should have registered that trademark.) It never happened and we initially all took our talents to Horizon magazine as freelancers for a while, and could have transformed that publication back to its glory days had the owner just turned it over to our complete control.

In all honesty, I didn’t even know who Lennie Tristano was when the society was founded, and had to immediately study up. I was the least musically educated, but the first to embrace hip hop.

I’d later develop a theory of the counterculture as being birthed in Congo Square and rooted in improvisation.

Miles Davis was my favorite jazz artist, but Lennie Tristano was one of the most original composers in jazz, and improv was his specialty. He was a white guy who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the black titans of his era. And that’s just the sort of vibe we wanted for our society since we were four white guys who were into garage rock, hip hop, funk, and just about every other style of music.

We saw the Mothership land at the Apollo, sat in the front row for Patti Smith at the Palladium and watched in awe as Lou Reed verbally assaulted Clive Davis at the Bottom Line, with Clive sitting a few seats away.

Attending the annual Peter Schumann spectacle in Vermont every August was a big ceremony for us. Schumann created the Burning Man formula, although he never gets credit for it.

In 2012, the society had its first meeting in over 20 years, and it felt great. Rumors of a reunion in 2023 are swirling.

The Manchurian Candidate

Richard Condon was a publicist for Walt Disney, who was a paid informant and eventually special secret agent for the FBI for 26 years. Walt was a close associate of J. Edgar Hoover. They were both 33rd degree Freemasons. I don’t know if Condon was a Freemason, but he obviously garnered a glimpse into the secret society networks of the oligarchy, as evidenced in his greatest work.

We know Disney submitted scripts to Hoover, who was a master of propaganda. Hoover carefully created his own myth as the greatest law enforcement fighter in America, even to the point of destroying careers that threatened to eclipse him (just ask Melvin Purvis). Disney allowed Hoover to make any changes necessary to keep a pro-capitalism subtext on point.

Condon must have found out about MK/Ultra, because he wrote a shattering novel on mind control long before most Americans had even heard about the effects of drugs on hypnosis. It started with the alleged brainwashing of American prisoners of war in Korea, many of whom were filmed making anti-US statements while in captivity.

The actual technologies shown in Condon’s book and movie were first pioneered in Nazi Germany, not Korea or China. That research was imported into the USA at Fort Detrick by Sidney Gottlieb, who subsidized the research of Dr. Jolly West, a professor at Cornell using a CIA cutout company called the Human Ecology Fund.

One wonders if West knew the reason many pilots confessed to being war criminals is because some were involved in secretly spraying chemical agents on North Koreans. West did a massive study on the subject for the Pentagon that failed to mention this element of the story, while attempting to get the men off the hook by claiming their confessions were a result of what became known later as “Stockholm syndrome.”

West worked extensively with drugs and hypnosis and most of his subjects had no idea they were actually mind control guinea pigs. He implanted fake memories and erased real memories, and the creation and management of cults became his specialty. West became linked with Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, Patti Hearst, Timothy McVeigh and many others.

Jolly became an expert in the creation of cults, and set up a hippie crash pad in the Haight for his secret mind control experiments. Since he predicted the rise of violent cults out of the hippie scene, it was likely his own program is what he was talking about. Manson was moved into the Haight at the same time, and my guess is he became Jolly’s masterpiece, although Dr. Frankenstein never took credit for the monster, for obvious reasons. But we do know Jolly had mastered the art of creating robot slaves who could foment immense violence while programmed not to feel a thing.

My guess is Jolly set up a trolling operation for easily hypnotized teenage girls, runaways escaping abuse looking for a new father. A collection of these would quickly gather around Manson and do anything he asked. Manson, meanwhile, had become an overnight master of cultic programming, and much of his paradigm was lifted straight from the Process Church. The Process wrote the script, but were harmless monks searching for enlightenment while being led off a cliff into the dark abyss. But their philosophies were extremely effective in building Manson’s cult, and I have to think this is not an accident, but result of MI6 and CIA working hand in glove.

In all likelihood, Lee Harvey Oswald was an early MK/Ultra subject. His hypnosis obviously wasn’t strong enough to get him to kill a man he respected, which may be why Oswald wasn’t a shooter, but if you look close into Oswald’s history, you’ll find mind control doctors likely got a hold of him in New York City before he was a teenager, and later, when he moved back to New Orleans he was probably re-hypnotized by David Ferrie while serving as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. There’s an important element in Condon’s book: the title character has no father, just like Oswald. The father is the most important element in a young man’s psyche, and if you capture that archetype, you can construct a zombie robot.

The book was a sensation in Washington DC, but no one expected anyone to make it into a film. It only happened because Sinatra loved the book, and may have even been introduced to it by JFK while they were still buddies, before the President broke off contact. The first thing Sinatra did when the film deal fell into place was call JFK, and the first thing JFK wanted to know was: “Who’s going to play the mother?” In the book, the mother mainlines heroin in between meetings with the Pope and sexual encounters with her robot son. The mother is also a prominent member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a secret society created for the wives and daughters of high ranking Freemasons, although that detail was left out of the film. The headquarters of that order, by the way, is a temple located on DuPont Circle in Washington, which leads me to suspect the DuPont family may have an interest in Freemasonry.

After too many people got wind of MK/Ultra, an investigation followed in Congress, one carefully controlled by Rockefeller, whose family may have had the most to lose if the shit ever hit the fan. Richard Helms burned the files in his fireplace and never paid any price for committing that crime. What little we know comes mostly from financial records Helms missed.

One thing you can be sure of: these technologies have been off-loaded to private corporations and taken out of the country. I would surmise many notorious terror cells operating today are under some form of intel brainwashing.

The film was made in 1962, but was pulled almost immediately as it carried too many connections to the JFK assassination. In the book, the assassin is supposed to kill the president so the vice president can assume power.

The book may more complicated than most believe. Although it paints Marco as the hero, in fact, you can also read Marco as another Manchurian Candidate whose real mission is baby-sitting the assassin and making sure the job takes place, which involves changing the target to kill the mother, as she had slipped off her Communist leash.

Early on, Marco happens to run into a beautiful woman on a train, who speaks in code, forms a sudden attraction to him, and has a close friend in military intelligence, who sets up a huge operation to assist Marco overnight. This women may be Marco’s CIA handler and not some accidental acquaintance. Maybe Condon knew Communism was a scam from day one and the Cold War a psyop. He certainly left a few clues.

Dark Heart of Nazi Power

The Allies could have taken Hitler out of power early on if they’d just worked with the Nazi resistance inside Germany. Instead they waited until half the world’s treasure had been stolen before launching the final assault on fascism.

The two greatest military theorists, Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, both understood the importance of telepathic energies and the group mind. War is a spiritual endeavor involving ritual death between opposing brotherhoods. Both Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz preferred non-violent solutions when possible since they considered war the last resort of politics and merely an extension of politics. The fascist regimes could only expand so far before collapsing, and it was obvious they’d already bitten off more than they could chew after Hitler invaded Stalingrad (instead of seizing the Russian oil fields) and the US threw its full economy into the war effort.

That’s why it’s so hard to understand why—in the final stages of the war—did the Allies decide to kill as many civilians as possible, raining down bombs on the German and Japanese cities while ignoring military targets? Maybe it was blood lust, or an attempt to crush the spirit of those nations to teach them a lesson. But the average person in Germany or Japan had little control over their situation, and I’m sure many were appalled by the vicious nature of their regimes, yet they were held fully accountable. Even the Sicilian men-of-honor avoid killing civilians when they can. Somehow, I think a lot of that bombing was just intended to make money for the munitions industry.

The dark heart of Nazi power really resided in IG Farben, Europe’s dominant corporation, yet the headquarters of this company was never touched during the war. Even more suspicious, immediately after the war, the Allied command moved into IG Farben to begin setting up the post war environment. Meanwhile the stolen loot was all quietly disappeared, while the most valuable Nazi operatives in science and in the military were given fake identities and allowed to escape. Many would end up in the soon-to-be created CIA. (Just think of it as the Gestapo under a different name, because that’s what it is.) Others would form the basis of NASA, and lead the race to the moon. The dark arts that were studied by the Nazis were simply transplanted into the United States, and you can see those arts in the JFK assassination, MK-Ultra, Vietnam’s Phoenix Program, Guantanamo Bay Prison, and our invasions of countries around the world since WWII, if you care to look.

The SS were Hitler’s brainwashed elite. What many people don’t know, however, is that the SS had divisions in other countries, some of whom became the foundation for NATO forces in those countries after the war. Meanwhile, the German people died from starvation by the millions, so thoroughly had their economies been destroyed. No one ever talks about these dead people, even though they were trapped between a rock and a hard place.

And this is why a real investigation of 9/11 is so crucial to heal our country’s ailing psyche. The dark Nazi heart embedded deep in our Pentagon must be fully examined, although it will not be easy. The President, however, is the only person in the world who has this power, which is why I hope if Obama does get re-elected, even if he is a stooge of the CIA, that he will slip off the leash and order a new investigation and actually go after the oligarchy behind that Pentagon’s dark heart. Since WWII, the United States has been responsible for millions of deaths around the world, most of which was fomented at the behest of the oil cartel. This is a terrible legacy all Americans share because none of these deaths were necessary. Unfortunately, there’s really no rational justification for our invasions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq or Afghanistan, or for our meddling in the affairs of South and Central American countries, all of which has profited Wall Street immensely at the cost of human lives, which is why I think all Americans need to look more closely at the heroes inside Germany who resisted the Nazis, because eventually we are going to need some people like that to come to our country’s rescue.

The Restless Conscience

I spent the third grade in Bavaria because my dad was on a sabbatical from Harvard University (where he’d been squeezed out of a job due to politics and wanted to take advantage of every perk before moving on).

Many Americans are embedded with a deep hatred of everything German, especially ones that are part Jewish like me, but I proudly drove a Volkswagen and have an entirely different take on the German people as victims of bankers who put Hitler into power. Hitler came in as a “National Socialist,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing if ever there was one. Many of the leading industrialists and royal families around the globe welcomed and assisted Hitler to power, people like Henry Ford, Joseph Kennedy and the King of England, who was forced to abdicate after he was discovered secretly plotting with the Nazis. Standard Oil sold fuel to Germany throughout the war, using cut-outs in neutral countries.

After the Reichstag fire, Hitler set aside all law, and went straight to the Vatican to sign a mutual admiration agreement that guaranteed the Vatican would silence Catholic critics of Hitler in exchange for Nazi protection of all German Catholics. Bavaria is Germany’s largest state and deeply Catholic, home to both Sophie Scholl and Count von Stauffenberg. The rest of Germany is mostly Lutheran, and it was easy for Hitler to install a Nazi bishop in charge of that religion.

We lived in Munich, which is pronounced “Myuun-chin” and sounds more like the little people from the Wizard of Oz than the harsh Mun-ick, which is how outsiders say it. I had a wonderful Bavarian accent and was fully fluent before I left, but lost almost all of it quickly after returning home.

I was too young to get into Auschwitz, but remember my mom throwing up as she stepped out the gate. Once she entered a gas chamber, the vibe was too heavy and she had to leave immediately. She was half-Jewish but deeply non-religious, although she pretended to be Lutheran while raising us, an agreement made with my  German grandparents.

On the week-ends, we climbed the alps and visited the incredible castles that abound throughout Bavaria, certainly one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Hitler’s second major move after his treaty with the Vatican, by the way, was to set up a rich Polish Jew named Sam Cohen with an agreement to move Jews to Palestine, leaving behind most of their wealth, of course. Sam was also profiteering no doubt. The Nazi war machine was largely constructed inside I.G. Farben, known around Europe as “the cartel.” Farben and Standard Oil owned a lot of stock in each other and were mirror images only on different sides of the globe. The Warburg family was one of the biggest stockholders, and James Warburg was put in charge of Farben operations in the New World. He had offices in New York City and Washington, and was the principle financial advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt prior to the war.

The Nazi velvet glove slipped off during Krystalnacht when the wolf lost his sheep’s clothing. To give an idea of the mindset at the time, the general in charge of the 9th Infantry Division put his troops on alert, as he expected to be called into Berlin to stop the destruction of Jewish property. The 9th would remain a hotbed of Nazi resistance throughout the war. Over twenty assassinations on Hitler were attempted.

The sad reality is that numerous attempts were made to get British assistance to arrest or assassinate Hitler, but England refused all help and maintained the fiction throughout the war that there was no internal resistance to Hitler, when thousands, many high up in the military and oligarchy and even the royal houses of Bavaria (although all royal privileges had been set aside by the Weimar Republic) were all praying for an end to the Nazi regime.

Even more astonishing, the Nazi resistance provided detailed war plans to the British throughout the war, even warning them of the invasions of Poland, France and the Netherlands, but the British told no one and did nothing to mobilize opposition. This information certainly puts a new face on the Blitzkrieg that cemented Hitler into a manufactured consensus. After those nearly bloodless yet successful invasions, all opposition was driven deep underground.

There’s an amazing documentary that you can watch on Amazon Prime or Netflix, titled, The Restless Conscience. I highly recommend it, as well as the German films on Sophie Scholl and Count Stauffenberg, one titled The White Rose, and the other, Stauffenberg. The heroic effort of the anti-Nazi resistance and its martyrs need to be more celebrated.

Guide to the Disinfo Matrix

I was on facebook the other day when one of my unknown friends posted a link to a book titled Big Oil by Dean Henderson. It didn’t have a single review on Amazon so I thought it was something new. In the promo material, some person from South America said it deserved the Pulitzer Prize. It was super expensive at $25, but often the most reliable books on deep politics cost money, so I thought I was ordering a real book and bought it without really looking into the author at all.

Unfortunately, when the book arrived yesterday, I quickly discovered it was filled with misinformation and quoted people like David Icke and William Cooper as if they were serious journalists, which they are not. I opened it at random and came to a quote saying Allen Dulles was a member of Skull & Bones, a secret society at Yale, when, in fact, Dulles had gone to Princeton. Soon, I realized Dean Henderson is either a knowing agent of disinfo or a brainwashed stooge of the disinfo matrix (more on that later).

Paul Krassner, the dean of underground journalism, began printing conspiracy research in the 1960s in his national magazine, The Realist, forging a trail few in journalism would ever follow. Pretty soon, researchers were crawling out of the woodwork and sending Paul stories. Even today, when he no longer publishes conspiracy research, these characters are still peppering him with their nutty theories. I know because Paul forwards the wackiest stuff to me, as if to say, “see how crazy your compatriots are?” Many of these people are undoubtedly plants. Of course, the most famous of these characters was Mae Brussell, whose research seemed authentic at first, but pretty soon Paul realized Mae was leading him down a rabbit hole and connecting dots that didn’t really connect, leading him on a wild goose chase to nowhere. That’s when Paul stopped trusting conspiracy researchers [Paul adds: I felt it necessary not to have predisposed perception, to distinguish coincidence from conspiracy, and not let what might be perceived as evidence be tainted by ego or agenda]. After most people get burned after falling in a rabbit hole, it becomes really difficult to get past the noise to the real info that noise is designed to conceal. The game is to sheep-deep all deep political research as crackpot nonsense by flooding the field with crack-pot nonsense. Unfortunately, this game has worked very well for over 50 years now.

I’m too old and too wise to fall for this crapola, although I can’t say the same for a lot of people I meet, who seem to gobble up the latest pronouncements by Icke, Rense, Jones and the rest of the captains of disinfo. Henderson’s book wasn’t just sourced through these dubious characters, though. He also quoted a number of more reliable conspiracy researchers, some of whom have suspicious axes to grind. In this list, I’d include anyone from the Lyndon LaRouche organization, Alex Constantine, and Mike Ruppert. These are probably disinfo agents, but at least they’re journalists who deal with verifiable facts and not baseless rumor and innuendo. The rabbit holes they lead you into (like Ruppert’s “Peak Oil” scam), are more credible than the shapeshifting aliens in Icke’s manifestos, although ultimately, I don’t think these sources can be trusted any more than their obviously crackpot counterparts.

After I got Henderson’s book, I learned he’s a regular on the Icke/Rense/Jones disinfo circuit. He also seems to be an activist in the Green movement. The environmental movement is heavily seeded with agents because the oil companies have to keep in eye on environmentalists to make sure they don’t do anything damaging to their bottom line, which is why they’ve installed an oligarchy insider like Al Gore as their chief lightening rod. It’s a dialectical game, just like almost everything else that goes on inside deep politics.

Once you get past those two levels of disinfo, you get to real journalists with no visible axes to grind, a list that includes Antony Sutton, Gary Webb, Steve Kangas, Daniel Hopsicker, Dick Russell, Alfred McCoy, Danny Casolaro, and Peter Dale Scott. These are the authors you have to read and if I find their names and books in a bibliography, then I know I’m dealing with a serious researcher. The more serious a researcher is, however, the more ignored they will become over time. Deep political research is a great way to “break your rice bowl,” which is how they put it to Antony Sutton when he veered off the designated rails. You can put me in this category too, as I once had a flourishing journalism career, but after I began publishing deep political research in High Times, I soon realized I no longer had a journalism career. My book, The Octopus Conspiracy, got exactly one review when it came out—in a local publication in Woodstock, New York.

Shortly after 9/11, Retired General Mirza Aslam Beg, former chief of staff of the Pakistani Army, said 9/11 was an operation of the American intelligence agencies. Beg also claimed Wikileaks is a tool of psy-war, and not a real whistle-blowing operation, and that Osama bin Laden died in 2009, and that the Seal Team killed a lookalike stand-in. Of course, researchers like me know Beg is probably telling the truth.

Oh, and by the way, I left my review of Big Oil on Amazon. It wasn’t very favorable.

Is Conspiracy Theory the True Road to Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment’s not like ringing a bell. Some days you can stone people with your presence, some days not.” Stephen Gaskin

I used to wonder if all this deep political research I was doing was really worth it. Sometimes, when I’d try to clue my elders into the secret society network that controls real global power, they’d get depressed having to confront all that corruption for the first time.

Then I realized the case on the JFK assassination was closed. All you had to do was read the testimony of mafia figures and Cuban exiles who worked on that CIA project, presumably initiated at the request of the oligarchy, and not by some rouge agents either.

A peaceful calm came over me when I realized I no longer had to stay abreast of all the latest twists and turns. Conspiracy theory is 99% disinfo and 1% honest investigations. More than anything, it involves avoiding rabbit holes, like chemtrails and “we never landed on the moon.” These are the chaff and flares ejected to fool heat-seeking missile researchers.

The latest rabbit hole is 9/11 was a fusion of OTO/Freemasonic black magic rituals designed to penetrate the psyche of the nation.

I’d prefer an analysis of 9/11 based on the Harry Potter franchise, the most valuable media asset in the United Kingdom right now because I think Harry Potter contains more powerful magic than Aleister Crowley at this point.

Every generation shapes its own magic and I don’t subscribe to the theory a black magic cult has been running the world continuously for 2,000 years. Black magic cults are everywhere, usually hidden as white magic cults. LaRouche, Hubbard and Rev. Moon created three of the biggest of our time, but they still don’t approach whatever black magic cult is embedded in the corrupted Pentagon and CIA.

Rule number one: Never talk about the order.

Rule number two: Obey the order.

These societies are designed to hand down power from one generation of the oligarchy to the next and most of the people certainly don’t feel they’re committing any crimes or doing anything other than protecting their family’s interests.

We get a picture of the dark side of these societies by looking at the Sicilian men-of-honor society, whose initial induction ceremony involved black robes with hoods and a human skull with a stiletto driven through it. There were no complex OTO or masonic-style rituals, though. Just a pinprick on the finger, a few drops of blood, and the sacred oath to obey and conceal. Oh, and if you ever broke this vow, you gave the society permission to kill you as your just punishment.

Although we’ve never been inside the Bonesmen’s tomb during their initiation ceremonies, we’ve heard audio tapes from activities in the courtyard, which sound pretty hilarious. Ritual death seems to be involved there as well, just as it is with the masonic societies. I’m not familiar with the Mormon’s version, but given that cult’s rapid penetration of the FBI, I suspect ritual death may be a part of their initiation rites as well.

So why all this continuous reference to Crowley and Pike as if their ideas are actually driving the show? A huge part of disinfo is creating the false enemy.

Someday the corruption inside this network is going to be exposed because someone on the inside is going to make a serious run at exposing the hoodwink. But it will probably be preceded by a fake messiah acting the role of do-gooder.

The Sad Truth About WikiLeaks

Readers of this blog may remember I turned against WikiLeaks as soon as I heard Julian Assange was refusing to even look for documents indicating pre-knowledge of 9/11. This certainly wasn’t because such documents don’t exist. In fact, many intelligence agencies sent warnings a major operation against the US was unfolding right before 9/11–just as some politicos may have been warned not to board airplanes that week. So why doesn’t WikiLeaks even want to look under those rocks? Fortunately, Daniel Estulin, who wrote the blockbuster book on Bilderberg, now has a book out titled, Deconstructing WikiLeaks. It’s a fast read and covers more than just the origins of WikiLeaks.

I was happy to see Estulin looked into Daniel Ellsberg as a prelude to  investigating Assange. See, I always thought Ellsberg was a spy and not a true anti-war activist. Real whistleblowers get ignored, while fake whistleblowers end up on the cover of Time magazine. Ellsberg was an assistant to Henry Kissinger, and associate of Edward Lansdale, two of the most obvious Octopus players who have been orchestrating events behind the scenes for the oligarchy. He was a lifelong CIA operative who supposedly had a sudden change of heart and turned against the war and began leaking Rand Corporation studies and reports, a data dump that became known as “The Pentagon Papers” even though these papers had little to do with the Pentagon, and a lot to do with whitewashing the failure of the CIA to provide proper intel about the war and leading the country into a disaster. My theory is the CIA began fomenting many operations against President Richard Nixon shortly after he returned from a surprise visit to China. There’s even a rumor Nixon returned some of the stolen gold from WWII without CIA approval in order to buy his detente move. Turning America against the war could have been part of a CIA master plan to remove Nixon.

Supposedly, Ellsberg transformed into an ardent anti-war activist partially through a chance encounter with Noam Chomsky, another possible Octopus operative who serves as a lightning rod for the left wing. I never trusted Chomsky after I heard his ridiculous views on the Kennedy assassination. I can’t believe educated people insist we don’t know the truth: the CIA fomented the deed with assistance provided by the Texas oil cabal (Hunts and Murchison) and the Chicago Outfit. These facts are known thanks to the Sicilian men-of-honor who spoke out (Roselli, Giancana) and the Cubans who worked for JM/Wave, the CIA’s largest base outside Langley. Few from inside the government have talked, and most of those that have or tried, ended up dead pretty quick.

In 1996, an architect named John Young created a free website for whistleblowers to release secret documents. The site is still around and has over 70,000 documents downloaded. The site is called “Cryptome” and I urge you to check it out. Ten years later, Assange announces his operation and even contacts Young to get him involved in the project. Two things bothered Young immediately: 1) Assange announced he needed to raise $5 million, an outrageous amount of money, way more than necessary to actually set-up and maintain the site, and 2) Assange was taking money from two well-known CIA fronts, Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy. Another thing that tipped Young off was Assange’s relentless rhetoric. Eventually, Young wrote a scathing critique of WikiLeaks claiming it was really a money making scam, which it is.

Another suspicious thing about both operations is the way Ellsberg and Assange usually ignore the 800 pound gorilla called illegal drugs, which have played such a vital role in our wars for the last sixty years. Since the illegal drug industry produces between a half a trillion to a trillion dollars per year in tax-free profits, these operations are vital to the stability of our banking system, which uses money-laundered cash from drugs to stay afloat. Yet you seldom find Ellsberg and Assange talking much about opium, even though capturing that monopoly was one of the primary reasons we went to war in both Vietnam and Afghanistan.

So if you’re still one of those people who believe Julian Assange is a “good guy,” please take a look at this just released expose. It might just open your mind to what’s really going on.

My Brush with the Mob

Gary Indiana was built in the early 1900s. It started as a steel mill on the shores of Lake Michigan and the city was designed around the mill to house the factory workers. Gary was only 25 miles east of Chicago and a railway line connected the two cities. Soon there were many mills and a huge metropolis.

My mom grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana, which is very close to Gary. Her uncle Freddy was in charge of the numbers racket in Gary, and reportedly worked for the Chicago outfit run by Al Capone. But Uncle Freddy retired when the first big syndicate crackdown took place. His father (one of my great-grandfathers) had been a prominent rabbi in Chicago, and according to family legend, his dad never knew his son had become a gangster. My dad’s side of the family were mostly Germans who’d homesteaded in western Kansas after the Civil War and then drifted back to southeastern Kansas, a tiny town called Hepler. My parents met while attending Valparaiso University, a Lutheran college.

When my parents first began dating, Uncle Freddy would sometimes order his muscle to drive my mom and dad around. My parents told me about the parties at Uncle Freddy’s that they had attended. Freddy’s men also served as the bartenders and when they took off their jackets, they revealed their revolvers. No one messed with Uncle Freddy and his men.

Despite having a well-known local ex-gangster in the family, I never met any others and I don’t think the Jews in the USA ever created the sort of multi-generational crime families that were embedded in Sicilian society. We had some relatives that opened the Pink Pussycat strip club in Los Angeles, which became a favorite hangout for Frank Sinatra’s rat pack, though. The club even ran a school for strippers. My cousins went to California in the early 1960s, and even though they were underage, they were allowed to watch the floor show from backstage. Shortly after that, my cousin Tom bought a subscription to Playboy.

So that constituted my total awareness of the mob when I moved to New York around 1979. My first job in NYC was working as a reporter for Leo Shull’s Showbusiness, which really gave me a solid introduction to the seedy underbelly of Broadway (that’s Leo on the far left in the black shirt). From there I worked at several magazines, then the New York Daily News, and finally became a freelancer for a few years before I got hired by High Times. At first, that magazine was on the West Side near my apartment, but right after I got hired, they moved to 211 East 43rd St., which really disappointed me because that address was in the heart of midtown. I was riding a motorcycle at the time and midtown had zero parking for motorcycles.

However, on my first day to work, I decided to look around to see if I could find a free parking spot close to the office. I soon discovered a little horseshoe called Tudor City, a residential area hidden in the heart of midtown that allowed free parking on the street. I pulled into a spot next to a driveway and walked a block to work.

When Gary Pini heard about the location of my new office, he remarked there was a mob restaurant across the street. I never walked in the place. However, that night, when I went to pick up my motorcycle and drive home, someone had bumped my bike over. Fortunately, the damage was minimal. While I was picking the bike up, however, a black doorman appeared from inside the building and came out to talk to me. The upshot of his conversation was that there were some guys that parked here that I should not “mess around” with. I was too dumb, however, to pick up on his clues.

The next morning, I drove my bike back to the same location and pulled in between two cars, not wanting to park next to the driveway again. When I got off my bike, three dudes exited their vehicles at the same time and approached me.

“You can’t park here,” one of them said. These three guys did not look particularly intimidating. They certainly weren’t dressed in suits or expensive clothes.

“Why not?” I said.

“There’s not enough room,” he answered.

I looked around. There was plenty of room for my bike and I wasn’t really blocking anyone so I just said, “Hey, there’s plenty of room,” and just walked away off to work.

Many hours later, when I came back to ride home, I discovered the seat on my motorcycle had been completely slit from front to back. The knife had cut as deep as possible, so the seat was basically destroyed in a very violent fashion. I was thinking how dumb it was for those guys to do that since I knew who they were and what their vehicles looked like. My immediate thought was to whip up some concrete mix and stuff it into their three tailpipes.

When I got home, I went up to my apartment and got a needle and thread and some glue. I sewed the seat up (it took a hundred stitches at least) and then glued the thread so it wouldn’t come undone and the seal would remain water-tight. That night I realized my real situation. See, those three guys, they were obviously wise guys. I’d been warned by the doorman, and warned by them, and unless I got my act together, I was probably going to get kneecapped or worse.

So the next morning I parked on the other side of Tudor City and nowhere near where those guys kept their cars. I never saw or heard from them again, but it taught me an important lesson. When dealing with wise guys, make sure you read all the signals.