My Thoughts on Black Magic

In the year 2000, just before my wife was about to give birth to our first child, she became obsessed with the numbers 11:11. We ended up buying a house in Woodstock, and the fact the street address was 11 was very important to her.

Twice a day, my wife would remind me whenever the clock hit 11:11. She told me there was something very important about 11:11, although I thought she was just joking around. Since I played a major role in spreading 420 around the globe, I assumed my wife wanted to get in on some numerology of her own. But then, I always thought my wife was psychic, although it was nearly impossible for her to channel those energies, she just had to accept whatever insights came down the pike.

Imagine my surprise, when on September 11, 2001, American Airlines flight 11 hit the World Trade Center, which just happens to look like a giant 11. So it was really a case of 11.11.11.

Can this really be an accident? Probably. The most important factors in picking flights involved surveillance cameras and other security measures, not flight numbers. But we will likely never know whether or not the perpetrators deployed this numerology as a psychic bridge between the appearance of the towers and the terrible trauma.

But this is the way the mind works, especially when under stress. And that’s why dark magic can be so effective.

Most authors in conspiracy research, knowingly or unknowingly, are victims of disinfo on some levels. Early on, I published articles by Mike Ruppert and Alex Constantine, but after working with both for a few years, I came to the sad conclusion they were both disinfo artists. It just shows what a minefield conspiracy research really is, and how easy it can be to lead people down a garden path if you have more facts than the average person at your disposal.

The Most Dangerous Book in the World, a book written by a member of the neo-conservative movement, S.K. Bain, asserts that 9/11 was orchestrated around the elements of Aleister Crowley’s theories on magic. This is the same path being trod currently by Mark Passio. If you don’t understand how intel manufactures the Tin Foil Hat Patrol, you only have to read the dozens of rave reviews posted on Amazon concerning an obviously absurd book with near zero basis in reality.

There’s no doubt Crowley was interesting: a great mountain climber,  respected poet, from a distinguished family, and he experimented with drugs long before most people knew what they were. Crowley was obsessed with uncovering the science behind magic, but much of his work seems dated these days. And he was also a willing agent of British  intelligence. His foray into a German secret society (OTO), which began as a revival of the Illuminati, and which Crowley later took over, reminds me greatly of a German military intelligence officer’s foray into a rightwing occult-based party, which he took over. I am speaking of Adolf Hitler. In this regard, these two could be viewed as grandmaster black magicians of their time, locked in combat on the astral plane. Somehow, I suspect Rudolf Hess’s flight to Scotland involved their magical confrontations. The important thing to know about both people is they worked for military intelligence.

Crowley’s primary legacy today could be Scientology, a mind control op constructed after the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, got involved with Crowley’s OTO lodge in California led by rocket scientist Jack Parsons.

But then all religions are someone’s mind control op. Did you know the Mormon faith may have been invented to sweep up Freemasons who were abandoning that culture after fear swept through their temples that the British were secretly manipulating masonry? The Mormon rituals are just updates on the Mason rituals. So who’s magic is more powerful, the Freemasons, the Mormons, Crowley or the Nazis?

When the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal erupted and threatened to spread a cancer into the highest levels of government, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson was brought in for damage control. Gunderson soon began spreading the story that millions of Satanists were part of a secret network of evil and they were routinely brainwashing and abusing our children.

The sad reality is this satanist story was likely invented and spread as a rabbit hole. Sure there are plenty of evil Satanists in the world, although to be a Satanist you first have to believe in Christianity or something like it. Despite decades of investigation, however, not a single Satanist crime cell has ever been uncovered. More often, innocent victims have been branded as Satanists because they dress in black or listen to Metallica or like group sex. At least, that’s what happened in West Memphis. If you want to see some magic in action, check out children’s TV programming. You’ll find loads of dark magic almost everywhere you look.

When it comes to conspiracy research, however, I’ve always trusted my instincts. And my instincts tell me the attempt to run the 9/11 story into an Aleister Crowley ritual event will never result in any useful information about anything.

Yes, 9/11 was a magic ritual designed to sweep America into war and cover the electronic transfer of billions of dollars at the same time.

That’s the real story.

But if you start looking for acolytes of Aleister Crowley as being the brains or motivation behind the event, I’m afraid that search may not be any more fruitful than Gunderson’s widespread satanic investigations, none of which resulted in a single arrest or even uncovered a single cell of criminals.

You see, blaming an intelligence agent like Aleister Crowley for most of the evil in the world simply doesn’t pass the muster of my instincts.

9 Replies to “My Thoughts on Black Magic”

  1. No one is saying that acolytes of Crowley are behind 9/11. What we are saying is that the secret societies use rituals to fuck with us. And the “Brotherhood of Death” is using Crowleyian “black magick” in that scheme.
    For Crowleyian magick to “work” doesn’t require someone to believe in Christianity.

    Mind-control regimes use trance, role-play, trauma and ritual.

    The Order of Skull & Bones uses sorcery, death magic.

    Kris Millegan

    1. You say the book is an op to get the CIA off the hook for 9/11? The CIA is the whipping boy. You can say the CIA did this and that, but generally the CIA was used, and or played. 9/11 was not a CIA operation. 9/11 was not a US government operation. It was/is a secret societal operation that uses our governmental agencies and “power,” just like they have been doing for years. We do not live in our republic, we live in their Empire. They just lie.

      TrineDay never published Ruppert,and I was one of the first to publicly declare Ruppert to be a shill. Ruppert was introduced not by TrineDay but by a public email list I run called CIA-Drugs and then my CIA-Drug Symposiums. And shills to be successful, must bring some bona fides to the party. Ruppert and his act has fooled many and is still playing many folks.

      Kris Millegan

      1. I say these stories of ritual magic are not really true insider investigations into the secret society network, but simply retreads of old material produced by Crowley and Pike, who basically act as patsies. Far as I know, the Oligarchy operates much of its power scenarios through the CIA, although the most evil elements seem to be going off the shelf for decades. I mention Ruppert because you gave me his phone number and were sponsoring some lectures at the time. That is not to embarrass or offend you. I freely admit to be taken in all the time by disinfo. How can you help it, when there is so much noise to real signal ratio? However, being accused of being a shill is pretty offensive. Can you point to a blog or article I’ve ever written where I am shilling for anyone, other than myself, of course? I’d be interested to know.

        1. I just don’t think your getting it Steve. Let me break it down. The people that would be doing this would see themselves connected with a HISTORY of secret knowledge which only they—the ‘initiated’ can know about. I mean isn’t this obvious? Try and get any information out of this people and they pull a ‘national secirity’ and/or ‘top secret’ card out on you. So it is an hierarchical structure where by lower levels don’t know what is going on above. Also known as a ‘Chain of Command’. The ones below MUST obey their nect level up or be accused of insubordination and punished. This creates a fear-based and mindless conformity, as I am sure you are knowing about. So, yeah, SECRET KNOWLEDGE. They will use everything they got to try and maintain more and more power and control. So I cannot make any sense where you see no connection between MK Ultra mindcontrol projects AND black magick. They are CONNECTED. There is no difference. It is *ALL* about control. I have found that even with members of the psychedelic community, leaders and followers, when I have tried to discuss this subject there happens a taboo of utter silence, and/or ridicule and accusations of me being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. In other words, I sense a strong fear and denial to broach this subject.
          By the way Steve. If I asked you a personal question how would you answer. What philosphy of life do you follow? Are you religious, atheist, disciple of Discordianism…? I am coming from a Goddess perspective. I am just curious

  2. I think you are creating a rabbit hole for yourself with this trip of—they have cococted these satanic clues to put one off the scent—–of?? They use symbols everywhere. They sign things–usually shitty oppressive things–on ‘hotdates’ and found their buildings on such a time. These people are control freaks, and this is reflected in the control-freak rituals. let me ask you—do you agree they use propaganda? they use IMAGES, symbolism for that don’t they? So for example the famous one of Uncle Sam pointing at ‘you’ to guilt you via ‘patriotism’ to go and fight their profit-hungry wars and wave your young loved ones off to get their mibs blown off, be psychologicall damaged for life, or come back in a coffin. Is THAT all ‘pretend’ OR is that symbolism really really meant for the purpose it is designed for, and if so for that what about their deeper occult symbolism that noone knows about or talks about?

    1. Of course propaganda is an old art form. Uncle Sam plays off the same sigil as Santa Claus, the papa sigil, voice of authority. My point is there is a wild and paranoid side of conspiracy theory that overplays this game, and this misdirection is being led by an organized crew of disinfo experts, in other words, black propaganda. I prefer to create my own magic and not try to imagine what sort of ceremonies the sorcerers are up to in their temple of Federal Reserve. If you want facts about the real illuminati, read a book by Antony Sutton, but if its rabbit holes you are seeking, be my guest and tune into David Icke and Alex Jones.

    1. lol I have just read a tribute to Crowley supposedly ‘dispelling the myths said about him’–and cherry-picked are such quotes paraphrased as “ohhh nooo, I would NEVER do THAT”. So for example ‘Crowley. Are you into black magick?’ Crowley: ‘ohhh no no noooo’.

      Now STOP!! get *R E A L*! Errrm what was the ‘Devil’ called…? why. the father of LIES. Does it make any sense to you that Crowley and others who are into black magick *WOULDN’T* lie? Would they see it as a sin to lie, and mislead, and deceive?…think about it.

    2. drugs weren’t illegal when Crowley was gowing up. Hence lacked the mysterious allure of the forbidden than fed their popularity after prohibitions via intl treaties. Cannibis and opium could be found in any mediocre apothecary/druggist of the day. Crowley would have been feeding the prohibition culture dichotomy/duality if anything, vs. liberation which practically speaking was the consensus culture on drugs prior to the Hearst/Rockefeller prohibition campaigns imo.

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