Shamans versus Sorcerers

Not too long ago, an elaborate theory was put forth claiming the JFK assassination was a Masonic ritual. Much of this had to so with randomly selected numbers, like the parallel of Dallas and the dates involved, etc. It was an obvious numerology rabbit hole with zero useful information. Which is not to say Masonry isn’t the largest of the secret societies the oligarchy controls, but that when crimes are committed, you have to study the codes and apply evidence that contributes to a conviction. Otherwise, you are spreading useless paranoia. And that pretty much sums up the Tin Foil Hat Patrol.

One thing for sure, the JFK hit was run through JM/Wave, and it wasn’t being set-up around a Masonic code. It was being set-up with the assistance of the Chicago outfit to happen whenever the conditions were favorable and they could get a clear shot.

Since J. Edgar Hoover was a devoted Freemason, and staffed the upper levels of the FBI almost exclusively with masons, and even held masonic ceremonies inside his building, you’d think the masonic magic connections to the assassination would be well-grounded. The reality, however, is that once the contract went out, hit teams were assembled in a variety of cities (Giancana said seven in all), and JFK was tracked everywhere he went. The hit could have taken place in any of those seven cities.

So I took the ritual magic conspiracy stories involving the JFK assassination as jive, and can’t help but notice these sorts of stories are suddenly amplifying immensely. And if they aren’t blaming the grandmaster of masonic magic, Albert Pike, then the theories point to Aleister Crowley, the grandmaster of Satanism.

There’s all types of magic and energy comes in flavors, especially telepathic energies, which are magical because we can’t see, touch or taste them, although we can feel them. Telepathic energy and magic move through us naturally, and manifest ceremony and ritual whether we realize it or not.

Most scientists aren’t interested in telepathic energies, so little is known for sure. Secret science was studied by the Nazis and then the results imported secretly into the CIA.

The global situation is a fixed game for generating profit to the coffers of the oligarchy.

The CIA and their Foundations have spent billions studying mind control technology and mass propaganda techniques  over the decades, the results of which are in constant daily use by the global corporations as they build brands while hiding secret monopolies.

Peace magic and love vibrations are the flip side of Dark Magic. Love is non-violent will never seek control, while Dark magic, on the other hand, is always about bending others to your will.

One is about respecting the tribe, the other about making the tribe respect you.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peace shaman.

Unfortunately, it seems to be written somewhere that the sorcerer will slay the peace shaman. And this will not end until we can protect the peace shamans, something that can only happen by exposing the sorcerers among us.

President Bush read a children’s book about a pet goat during 9/11. The goat symbolizes Satan and is a psychological lever. Well, perhaps that’s true, or perhaps Bush introduced this detail as a rabbit hole. Every detail of the event can be staged, just as every random coincidence can become a deflection away from the truth.

If only everyone would agree to the one sacred rule: Don’t hurt anybody. Then world peace might actually manifest. I mean, how hard can that be?

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  1. The Kennedy assassination doesn’t fold up into nice easy pieces. It was a major op with many different threads. To say that it was a straight Chicago hit is incorrect. And then to use that to dissassemble the ritual aspects of the crime is again incorrect.

    And where are trying to move folks?

    It’s not about opposition or opposites, It’s about telling the truth and prosecuting criminals.


    1. JFK was a joint CIA-Giancana operation, although most of our real info has come from the Sicilians who eventually felt double-crossed. It began as a joint CIA-Giancana op to kill Castro, an executive action program set up through Angleton’s office. So I see you didn’t accuse me of being a shill, you accused me of accusing you of being a shill? Well, that’s about the same thing. I respect your work, Kris, and don’t hold you responsible for the political views of any of your authors or the quality of their research. And its been clear for a long time that I have become more dubious about most of the writers in this field due to my experiences with Constantine and Ruppert. Unless you have some benefactor paying the bills, it’s pretty hard to do any real serious investigative research these days.

      1. What is wrong with Constantine? I just honestly want to know. I know he writes a lot about fascism, although I didn’t think he had written a book on the JFK assassination or anything.

  2. Pareidolia being what it is, there will always be suggestive numerological stuff around any public event. However of more direct significance is that this aspect of the JFK murder is a direct application of the same CIA practices as were used in the third world – Landsdale’s filipino vampire boogaboo nonsense, the Congo witch doctor nonsense, and so on.

    And as in the third world, another aspect of regime change is to find a corrupt tinpot dictator or venal politician whose own criminality makes him controllable.

    In the case of the USA that was of course LBJ and, until his rebellion against them, Richard Nixon.

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