The Secret to Life

When it comes to mind control, the basic buttons are father, mother, hero and devil, plus a lot more after that, but none really have the resonance and power as those top four. Devil has a lot of faces, like infidel, but for many it’s the dark side, which implies violence is an option. The messiah-hero comes to rescue you from the devil’s influence, although for some he also can get violent in the process, as this encounter is often a staged dialectic designed to lead the opposing sides into conflict. Gearing people up for war has always been a huge part of mind control. When I was reading the Rig Veda for the first time, I couldn’t help but notice how many prayers were devoted to psyching troops up for impending battle.

Mankind has been walking through the same basic scenarios for centuries, and it’s safe to assume the powers behind the scenes intend to keep things this way. Some people seem to think religion was created to lead people to enlightenment? Not really. Religion was created to mind control. The minute you start believing the dogma, your subconscious sigils have been rearranged, and whoever controls your religion controls you (all religions have power centers, and all power centers either emanate from evil or eventually attract evil over time). See, the devil often comes cloaked in a messiah’s sigil, and its pretty easy to set-up mind control ops around religion. It happens all the time.

Dark side, light side, no big deal, either side works equally well and you can join the insiders’ club that runs the world from either direction. They don’t really care about your dogmas and they certainly don’t care about goodness or purity or virtue, the only rule inside this game is big dog eats first. The insider club can be entered either from darkside or lightside since both options cannot exist without each other. Both sides of this dialectic have dogmas and mind control formulas, just sign up and listen to the master while he rearranges your internal psychic center of energy. Don’t matter if the master is the Pope or Albert Pike or Billy Graham or even Mark Passio.

Here’s the real secret to life: anyone can manifest any energy they want if they learn how to channel psychic energy. Just build an altar and direct your mind wherever you want (instead of letting the masters direct your mind for you). When teenagers fill their rooms with posters of the heroes and goddesses they worship, they transform the room into an altar and put energy into those icons and also receive energy back, especially if that icon becomes a sigil in their subconscious.

Most people don’t need my advice on how magic works because these energies move naturally through us all, whether you know it or not. But when you put up those posters (or build that altar), you’re actually praying to those spirits, and that’s how that energy comes into you. Pray for what you want, and learn how to build ritual and ceremony that directs your psychic energy exactly where you’d like to go, hopefully with as much emphasis as possible. I promise you will get there. And all this praying doesn’t have to look anything like a church service, by the way. It can look more like a rock’n’roll party, it’s still the same psychic energy and energy comes in all sorts of flavors. Just know where you want to go. Figuring that out seems to be the biggest problem for many.

And that, my friends, is the real secret to life. Think for yourself, and do not let your mind be ruled by others. And you didn’t even have to listen to six hours of video or buy any of my books.

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