I Feel Entitled…oh so entitled!

Being “entitled” means you have a right to something. As an American citizen, I have a lot of rights, many of which are being trampled upon by guys like Mitt Romney, who just don’t “get it.”

In fact, I should be part owner of the Federal Reserve, instead of the cabal of old money families that secretly rules that system and come to think of it, I’d like my share of the profits.  I’m also part owner of the United States of America, one of the richest nations on earth in terms of natural resources, which makes me a wealthy person if I can just get my fair shake of the plunder of those resources.

As a citizen, I’m entitled to a free education, hopefully one that seeks to empower me and develop the best of my abilities. Unfortunately, we have a dis-functional educational system rapidly falling far behind other nations because we’d rather give money to the Military-Industrial Complex than provide for our children’s future.

I’m entitled to Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Assemble and Free Press, although my Rainbow Family Gatherings are constantly harassed and the entire global media seems to be owned by around 7 or 8 multi-national corporations at this point all with interlocking boards of directors. I remember a time when there was a “free press,” but that really only applies to people that own one.

It only takes one bad event to wipe out the average American these days. This can be an accident, lawsuit, divorce, bankruptcy or any other tragedy. Many never climb out of the hole these events create and need assistance. People in America should never go to bed hungry or have to sleep in the streets. Considering the sort of lifestyles now being led by the super rich, it’s unconscionable to refuse assistance to the down-and-out among us.

I believe the old money fat cats who run this country from behind closed doors have been fleecing us blind for years, stealing our money, destroying our economic futures, fighting wars we don’t want, and always sticking us with the bill at the end of the day. So, yes, Mitt, I’d like to see those fat cats like you and your rich friends cough up a lot of money to help out the less fortunate people who didn’t get born with silver spoons.


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