The Manchurian Candidate

Richard Condon was a publicist for Walt Disney, who was a paid informant and eventually special secret agent for the FBI for 26 years. Walt was a close associate of J. Edgar Hoover. They were both devote Freemasons and both eventually rose to the 33rd degree. I don’t know if Condon was a Freemason, but he obviously garnered a glimpse into the oligarchy, as evidenced in his greatest work.

We know Disney submitted scripts to Hoover, who was a master of propaganda. Hoover carefully created his own myth as the greatest law enforcement fighter in America, even to the point of destroying careers that threatened to eclipse him (just ask Melvin Purvis). Disney also allowed Hoover to make changes in his scripts to keep their messages in line.

Condon must have found out about MK/Ultra, because he wrote a shattering novel on mind control (The Manchurian Candidate) long before most Americans knew anything about it. It featured the recent brainwashing of American prisoners of war in Korea (many of whom made anti-US statements shortly after being captured), but the actual technologies shown in the book and movie were pioneered in Nazi Germany and then imported into the USA and Canada by the CIA. In all likelihood, Lee Harvey Oswald was an early victim of that program. The hypnosis probably wasn’t strong enough to get Oswald to kill a man he deeply respected, which may be why Oswald wasn’t a shooter (and he couldn’t shoot that good anyway), but if you look close at his history, you’ll find CIA mind control doctors got a hold of Oswald before he was a teenager. There’s an important element in Condon’s book: His title character had no father, just like Oswald. You’ll find this is the one essential element in the construction of Manchurian Candidates. Why? Because the father sigil is the most important element in a man’s psyche, and if you can capture that sigil, you’ll have your Manchurian Candidate.

The book was a sensation in Washington DC, but no one expected anyone to make it into a film. It only happened because Sinatra loved the book, and may have even been introduced to it by JFK while they were still buddies (before the president broke off contact because he and his brother were planning a war on the Sicilian men-of-honor secret society). The first thing Sinatra did when the film fell into place was call JFK, and the first thing JFK wanted to know was: “Who’s going to play the mother?” In the book, the mother mainlines heroin in between meetings with the Pope and sexual encounters with her robot son. The mother is also a prominent member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a secret society created for the wives and daughters of high ranking Freemasons, although that detail was left out of the film. The headquarters of that order, by the way, is a temple located on DuPont Circle in Washington, which leads me to suspect the DuPont family may have an interest in Freemasonry.

After too many people got wind of MK/Ultra, an investigation followed in Congress, one carefully controlled by Rockefeller, whose family probably had the most to lose if the shit hit the fan. Fortunately for him, Richard Helms burned all the files in his fireplace, and never paid anything for committing that crime. What little we know comes mostly from financial records Helms missed.

One thing you can be sure of: these technologies have been off-loaded to private corporations and taken out of the country. I would surmise that most, if not all, of those terrorists involved in 9/11 were under some form of brainwashing.

The film was made in 1962, but was pulled almost immediately, as it carried too many connections to the JFK assassination. In the book, the assassin is supposed to kill the president so the vice president can assume power. Sound familiar?

The book is more complicated that most believe, in my opinion. Although it paints Marco as the hero, in fact, you can also read him as just another Manchurian Candidate whose job requires baby-sitting the assassin and making sure the job takes place correctly, which involves changing the target at the last minute to kill the assassin’s mother, as she has slipped off the leash herself. Supposedly, Marco just happens to run into a beautiful woman on a train, who speaks in code, forms a sudden attraction to him, and just happens to have a close friend in military intelligence, who just happens to set up a huge operation to assist Marco overnight. This women could be Marco’s CIA handler. Watch the scene from the movie below and see if you agree. The entire film changes radically in meaning.

Maybe Condon knew Communism was just a huge scam and the Cold War was being mined for profit, just like the war on terror. He certainly left all the necessary clues. By the way, avoid the remake of a few years ago, which really sucks and contains none of the flair or suspense of the original.

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