No Redemption for Carmelo

I was never a jock, although I had the skills to compete in track and could run a mile in five minutes in high school even though I started smoking at 15. However, I do respect the culture, and there’s a ton of spirituality in sports, as Phil Jackson well knows. In fact, that Zen Master is mostly about spirituality. You can see the rituals manifest before the games. I especially like the circles being made these days by the Chicago Bears, but almost every team forms a circle before a game, puts their fists together and chants some sort of mantra to focus the vibe, all evidence of spirituality at work.

Harmony is the most important element on any team, not just in sports but all phases of life. The Knicks lost this element when they traded the entire team for Carmelo, a trade I doubt Mike D was ecstatic over. After Linsanity, Mike felt he’d earned the leverage to move Melo out and asked if that would be a possibility and was told “no” so he split in the most elegant way possible and has now emerged in a better situation.

Meanwhile, Carmelo shook off any bad vibes by becoming the sixth man of the Olympics and then leading his team to its best start in a decade before the wheels fell off.

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