Yabba Dab-ba Do!

Having just returned from the 25th Cup, a great realization came over me. The current fad of taking oil hits known as “dabbing” is really the new form of freebase. When freebasing came along, it blew the coke scene, even for the responsible users who saved coke binges for bachelor parties and never used it as a regular sacrament. In fact, I’d love it if they’d put the coca leaf back into Coca-Cola, and I know coca leaf tea is a wonderful medicine, especially for altitude sickness.

The biggest sin with dabbing all day is the oil is needed by cancer patients and could save their lives if it were to be donated instead of going up in flames just so you can supercharge your cannabis high. Just on that level alone, I have problems with the current dabbing movement, although I realize it ain’t going away, but only going to grow stronger.





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  1. Placing dabbing in the same space as freebasing is confounding the harm non-cannabis substance do. Moderation to need is the healthy way, but I’m no one to say where another is coming from. Smack addiction may be a step up for some poor fool.

  2. Instead of complaining about why personal consumers don’t give their own hard earned oil to people ‘more worthy’, you should be using your time to emphasize the one valid point you made. That sick people need more oil! Do you seriously believe recreational growers wouldn’t help sick patients if they weren’t getting arrested/harassed for growing pot in the first place?! Idiot!

  3. I don’t think part of what Steven is saying is all that off base, at least the part about the supercharged high. The part about giving your oil to patients, well that’s like saying no one in the first world should spend their money until all the starving kids in the world are fed. It’s a nice idea but an un plausible reality. That rule could apply to everything people with privilege do- shopping, driving, flying across the world to the cannabis cup… there’s people who need those resources worse than us, but few of us lie that way.
    On the supercharged high note, my feeling is that the subtlety and appreciation of just having a smoke is becoming a thing of the past. It’s like every time you want to have a drink, you just shoot back a few shots of everclear because it gets you the most fucked up. It is a bit like freebasing in the sense that you just go further and further and build a higher and higher degree of tolerance. You just keep pushing the edge. I personally don’t think its that great for younger smokers, but that’s just my opinion. Oil is a nice addition to the smoker’s cabinet but if it becomes what you turn to every time you want to get high, it seems to me to much more abuse than use. Sometimes less is more, especially with cannabis. I mean it’s a free country (not really) so do what you like, but don’t forget about subtlety.

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