Announcing Boycott Violence-Pornography Week


It’s time for me to resurface to this blog after two days chatting about gun control on facebook. First, I blogged my proposals for moving forward and began circulating the link:

Ban the gun show loop-hole and have background checks for all gun purchases;

Ban assault weapons and place clip and ammo limits if necessary; keep all assault weapons registered and impose fines for unregistered guns;

Tax violence pornography video games, films and TV for each instance of gory death and/or torture inflicted on viewers. The tax could start small, but should be calibrated so the families of the victims will be compensated for any role, however slight, this content plays in promoting real violence;

Create a national database for information about people with potential threat issues. Doctors would be required to report contact with with violent potentials with mental health issues. This information would be shared among the mental health community on a national basis and potential threats would be monitored as they moved around, similar to the tracking system used currently for convicted sex offenders, only this one would not be public. A task force would guide participants through their treatment options, monitor their progress, while insuring they had no easy access to weapons. This task force must have access to the national registry of assault weapons and would be responsible for insuring those weapons did not fall into the hands of the people they are treating. You would not be able to live the in same house with one of these people, for instance, and keep an assault weapon in your closet.

Now I thought these proposals were pretty moderate, and would be almost universally accepted, but instead I was greeted with a hail of insults and invectives. Gun control, it turns out, is a lot like abortion. There is a highly motivated and widespread group brainwashed into believing compromise is surrender and surrender is death. I was really pretty shocked by some of the jingoistic nationalism that was invoked to defend the Bill of Rights to the death. And when I pointed out the Bill of Rights had already been shredded post-9/11, no one even seemed to know what I was talking about. I haven’t faced such a barrage of online negative energy since I faced off against Sean McBride on CIA-Drugs at Yahoo, which provoked all his sock puppets to come after me.

I’m looking hard for the silver lining and hoping that maybe this event is enough to turn the younger generation away from violence pornography and toward a non-violent lifestyle like mine. That would be the best thing that could happen and I’m here to help any young people on that mission. I’ve learned a lot of hippie magic. It’s not really complicated. Magic and religion are the same thing and even though the names on the rituals and ceremonies change from culture to culture, the actual mechanics of magic stays the same. Magic lives in the world of telepathic vibrations and the vibrations you get from violence pornography are actually bad for your mental well-being. I can’t stand to watch the stuff and feel pretty creepy when it does appear before me. Most ceremonies are designed to tune people into a positive vibration, why else would anyone return to that temple? But you can find some really evil shit on the internet.

And that is why there’s a very dark potentiality to these shootings that must be taken seriously. We see many notorious websites working these shootings as either part of the LIBOR scandal or an attempt to remove all guns from all citizens. These instant exposes sure feel like rabbit holes to me, however. But that doesn’t mean a force of darkness is not assisting these shootings along. One thing for sure, nothing advances agendas like random acts of terror, which is why they always should be fully investigated.

The hard drives need to be made pubic so all researchers can investigate the contents. The shooter must have had an online identity. He’s reported to have been a fan of video games, so undoubtedly he played some games online under an identity.

The most important detail, however, is who was talking to him? Was he being manipulated or encouraged?

If you check into a hate website, there’s a strong possibility that site is actually an intelligence dangle. At the very least, the site is monitored constantly to identify potential threats, and also troll for candidates for operations. People with serious emotional issues and paranoid delusions are quickly identified in these situations, and easily manipulated.

Suppose they had an internet program that could take an emotionally disturbed person and turn them into a Manchurian Candidate in a few months or even weeks? This possibility has to be addressed, because after the Norwegian tragedy, it became obvious harming children inflicted far more damage than harming old people. The younger the victims, the greater the pain. When the mob wants to control someone, the first thing they do if things get ugly is threaten the kids and that ends all resistance instantly. At least that’s what Paul Krassner once told me and he got into investigations pretty deep. That same principal applies to terror. The kids of America are now wearing a target, and what are we going to do? And if you dig your heels in and say, “no changes to any laws involving any guns,” I will accuse you of being a gun nut.

In the meantime, I’d advise all Americans to avoid violence pornography during this holiday season. Please take away the shooter video games from your kids for a week or two and explain it’s all being done out of respect for the kids of Newtown.

And have a super fun holiday season….

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