Are we really in a flu crisis?


I never get flu shots and avoid vaccines, which I view as a billion dollar revenue stream for a corrupt industry.

There’s a famous line attributed to a CIA bigwig about how that agency plays the national media like a mighty Wurlitzer, and that’s exactly what they do around vaccine time every year.

I have my own remedy. When the flu arrives, I stay inside my house as much as possible and take three hot baths a day. I make no contact with anything I’m not immediately buying and taking home. I live in a big city, so I can easily walk to any store or shop I need to. There are certain places that must be avoided, like subways, train stations, airports, all of which are great incubators for flu bugs. I even avoid cabs as I have an electric bike.

If I wanted, I could probably stay indoors indefinitely since I work at home and can order in essentials. Isolation is a non-toxic remedy for the flu season and I think employers should allow all employees to move home for a few months provided they can accomplish their missions via the internet. The same thing goes for schools. During flu season, they should be able to move the classes online.

If you want to read the really scary stories about manufactured illness, check out A Terrible Mistake by Hank Albarelli, published by Trine Day, which tells the story of Frank Olson, a chemist who helped weaponize a form of LSD that was sprayed on a French town resulting in many deaths and enormous traumas. Frank ended up being tossed out of a window overlooking Penn Station because he wanted to resign from the Army after the incident, but the Army thought Frank knew too much and represented a huge security risk, so they let their mob assassin look after him. Even scarier are the stories of the monkey virus found in the 1950s polio vaccine given to just about everyone at the time, or how about the mysterious link between a free vaccine program provided to gays in San Francisco and New York and the spread of AIDS? There are a lot of rocks worth looking under in the vaccine industry.

But I can clue you into something regarding the current “crisis.” See, the whole thing seems to be based on google. First, they hold some alarming press conferences. Then they make a map of all people searching the word “flu.” Then they tell us this map represents the spread of the virus? The more who search for “flu” the more people are sick, right?

There is no “crisis.” Just the normal flu season going around again as dependable as the seasons, but they’d sure like to bank tons more money on the vaccine (which is only 60% effective anyway), so head on down and get your shot, eh? Just hope it doesn’t have any monkey virus inside, because that has happened before.

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