Kennedy’s Blast Warren Commission, finally!


Maybe you noticed the RFK Jr., finally came out and branded the Warren Commission a “pack of lies.” JFK, Jr. already did this many years ago (and may have paid the price) but this ends the speculation of “why isn’t the family talking?” Perhaps someone will produce an honest documentary for the upcoming 50th Anniversary? It was, after all, the event that changed the course of American history, a coup by the big money powers with three major players doing the dirty work: Texas oil, the Chicago outfit, and the CIA’s Cuban exiles. I’d be happy to work on a comprehensive documentary since one of the three shooters was Johnny Roselli, who was also the lover of the owner of my hometown newspaper, The News Gazette, where I worked in the 1960s as a junior copy-boy.

But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, you’ll find James Jesus Angleton conspiring with Allen Dulles (as well as perhaps Dulles’ cousin David Rockefeller). These were some of the men behind the curtain in those days, although there were a bunch of them high up in the military involved as well. It was Seven Days in May come to fruition, just as JFK had feared.

I’ve recently published a string of documented facts concerning the history of banking, titled Dirty Money. No “conspiracy theory,” just real facts as we know them with zero speculation, distilled down to their essence. Most of my eBooks are short, really magazine length because I celebrate brevity in this time of sensory overload.

My starting point, however, is that 9/11 was perpetrated by a drug cartel. The Taliban had virtually wiped out opium production at the time, which was okay for a few years because opium warehouses were overflowing and prices were low and the cartel may have wanted to drive prices higher. But eventually, the poppy fields had to come back, which meant the Taliban had to go. Opium came back bigger than ever after 9/11. Let’s make one assumption: there was a connection between those two events.

If you lay out a brief history of banking, the evidence leads to one inescapable conclusion: banking and illegal drugs have been in bed together for a long time. So whoever is running the biggest drug cartels, is likely also running a major bank somewhere, at least, that is what history has taught us. These are not the figures you see in the media, but the real power behind the throne, the men who actually collect the cash and wash it clean.

I don’t pretend to know who these people are, although some would say it’s the English royals and others would say it’s the CIA, while still others might say it’s the Mossad. I just know it’s not a bunch of people living in tents in the Middle East. They are pawns in the game.

Do yourself a favor and support the work of this independent journalist who has spent his entire life fighting for social change. My main cause has been legalization of marijuana because that can be the economic engine to re-grow the middle class in America while saving us from petrochemical pollution. And that 30-year campaign seems to be coming to a victorious close soon. But did you know, it was the banking industry, through the Treasury Department, that made marijuana illegal in the first place? Banking touches everything.

Click on my smashwords links (top, right) and plunk 99 cents to purchase my latest eBook on banking. Or maybe send that book to someone you know who could use a quick education? For less than a dollar, it might help you break the habit of reading on paper, a habit that needs to be broken quickly. So save a tree, help an activist, and educate yourself. Just think of me as a panhandler in the street and toss that change into my cup. And start with “Dirty Money.” You don’t even have to buy the book since you can download the first 25% for free.  I’m betting if you start reading my research, you’ll come back for more.

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  1. remember when the head of the n.y stock exchange went down to columbia and insisted they invest their drug profits on wall st. ? when they didn’t, we started plan columbia.

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