My Dream Vehicle awaits my Dream Home

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 2.10.21 PMI’d like to build this modest hemp house overlooking a large body of water with unobstructed sunset views from the ground floor. The material is hempcrete, one of the best insulators in the world. The design eliminates those feng-shui-busting right-angles. I’d like to draw my energy needs from solar and wind technologies, but I’d be using a fraction of most homes, at least 70% less, in fact. That’s how good hempcrete is as far as insulation goes. I estimate cost of construction at $150,000, plus, of course, the cost of the land. Let me know if you see any great deals in your area, preferably Colorado, Oregon or Washington.


This is my preferred mode of transportation. You can’t see the pedals, but it’s actually a single-seater tricycle, completely legal anywhere a bike can go, except it has lights and turn signals and a roof, and is almost the size of a small golf cart.

This baby also has an electric motor, plus a long-range lithium battery, which can be charged via a solar panel on the roof (or plugged into an outlet if you need a quick boost). It’s called The Elf, and it costs $4,000, although I’d expect that price to drop considerably once this North Carolina manufacturer goes global. I’ve actually dreamed of this vehicle for years, but now I just have to put down $500 and I can have one by summer. Unfortunately, it’s too wide to fit into my New York City apartment, which means I can’t get one until I construct my hemp home. It’s also considered illegal to operate on New York City roads. I would suggest one major improvement to the design, however, and that would be making the body out of hemp plastic, which is lighter and stronger than petroleum-based plastics, and so much better for the environment.

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