The Rainbow Menorah

Candles are my new art medium. I sort of stumbled into ceremonial magic by accident when I started producing the first 420 ceremonies outside of Marin County in the 1990s. At the Cannabis Cup, I first used an elegant taper in cut-glass crystal until that fateful day when Alex Grey came to the Temple with a vision of the seven lights of cannabis. Later that night, I walked by a small shop and saw some colored pillar candles just the size and shape I’d been looking for. From that moment on, we did all ceremonies with seven rainbow-colored candles. At first, they were all the same size, placed on Soma’s candelabra so they formed a pyramid. Later, after 622 lost Soma’s candelabra, we started cutting the candles down to form the pyramid without a stand. And that’s when we started carving and painting sigils on them.

Recently, however, I decided to make my own ceremonial candles rather than continuing to buy cheap candles composed of toxic petroleum wax. Without a doubt, these handmade candles I’m now crafting are the most effective meditation tools I’ve ever encountered in my 40 years of organizing counterculture ceremonies. I don’t know exactly how or why they work so well, I just know the magic is very real. Most candles today are scented with the cheapest synthetics available but I only use natural plant oils and always the best quality. The scents I favor include some of the most expensive on the market, like rose, jasmine and frankincense.

You can add seven semi-precious stones as I like each candle to be embedded with a stone matching the energy of the chakra it represents. The stones can be saved and used to decorate future ceremonial candles or can be set into jewelry. That way a part of the energy from your ceremonies is kept intact forever. I think of these stones as the batteries.

The science and arts of aromatherapy, gem therapy, and color therapy all converge in these beautiful works of art.

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