An Evolution in Candle Magic

I devised an evolution in candle magic. Here’s a photo of one of my early candle sets. Each one has a different color, plant scent, gemstone and I carve magic sigils from a wide variety of cultures, one for each candle, and then paint the sigils with gold paint.

I don’t go for anyone else’s “magick” dogmas or concept of spirituality, although I feel free to raid from all the best ideas. Everything I know was learned in the practice of my favorite art form, Improvisational Ritual Theater, something pioneered by the Living Theater in the 1950s, and explored further by the Merry Pranksters, the Hog Farm and the Rainbow Family of Living Light. The Living Theater became so dangerous, they were hounded out of the country. They started in an apartment on the Upper West Side a hundred feet from where I’m sitting right now. My sacred book is written in my own heart, and I don’t have to read others, although their poetry is often nice, the magic can be backwards, like when the Rig Veda talks about Soma as a male energy, when everyone knows it’s the female plant that carries the medicine.

Some of the greatest masters of ceremonial magic right now on the face of the earth could be the conclave of Cardinals. Yes, their magic is real (for those who believe it) and their temples are immense reservoirs of spiritual energy. Even though the institution is struck by scandal and falling attendance, the magic is largely untouched.

I’ll give you some examples: Every Catholic who enters a cathedral makes the sign of a cross and looks at the cross on the altar. This is an example of a mudra. That person is setting up a transfer of magic energy to and from the cross. As more and more mudras occur, the cross picks up more vibrational energy and holds and stores it. Of course, none of this exists if you don’t believe, but when billions of people believe with all their hearts and souls, you better believe that magic is as real as it gets.

So if you want to make magic, build a temple with an altar and a central ceremonial object. These are all items that work for all the established religions as well as pagans and just about everyone else. Bell, book and candle is all you need to know to invent your own religion, and bell includes all music. Books are easy to produce, just write down your dreams and prayers and keep that book on your altar and pretty soon it’ll be something you could take an oath on. Music and mathematics are the same thing, and magic always follows the same rules. And magic and religion are the same thing.

About 15 years ago, I became fascinated with plant oil medicine and began buying dozens of different essential oils in order to learn their secrets. Knowledge of these plants and their oils used to be known by all the tribes, but it’s practically disappeared. I put everything I’ve learned about oils into my seven candles. They create an instant altar wherever they are placed, an altar that points up in order to point you in a positive direction. The scents work individually and in all combinations. These candles can be a great teaching tool for kids to learn about aromatherapy.

At the Cannabis Cup, we’d set up a Temple with an altar and our sacred candles for two weeks and pray and chant pretty much all the time. Pretty quick the vibe in that temple got pretty immense, and you could feel the love and joy when you walked up the stairs. That vibe lingers in that room and in the altar objects.

I don’t pretend to understand everything about magic, or even understand all the elements of why these candles have power as a meditation device. I just know that they work because they have never failed me. I encourage you to build your own set with your own sigils and scents. I’ve been doing this sort of magic for a while, and I just think it’s about time to pass some of it down.

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