What Are You Doing in July?

rainbowcircle3I’ve had a lot of huge influences over my life and written about most of them on this blog already, starting with Jasper Grootveld and the Merry Pranksters, but I must say attending my first National Rainbow Family Gathering was an enormous wake-up call and zapped me and spun me around into this spiritually-charged adventure I’ve been on for the last 15 years. After being in an OM circle with 15,000 experienced souls whose chakra’s were eventually blown wide open, a spirit woke up inside me that had been lying dormant since Woodstock 1969. Going through the 1970s was a traumatic experience for many of us at the time because the leaders of the counterculture were in jail, on the run, or addicted to hard drugs, or secretly working for the other side, or actively working for the other side. The power structure targeted the counterculture types and we simply weren’t allowed to pass through any doors or get any jobs, certainly not tenure track positions at major Universities. Not until we looked, talked and thought like Yuppies, of course. Then we got jobs no problem. I wrote a few stories and a play during they period where I express the confusion and paralysis of the times, and you read them for free on my smashwords site (link top right).

The next Gathering looks like it might be in South Dakota, July 1-7, 2015.


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