Letter to Wavy Gravy

Dear Wavy,

Please accept this gift, a magical device I stumbled into after doing improvisational ritual theater for 45 years. I have to be the only student of John Cage, Julian Beck, Jasper Grootveld, Ken Kesey, and you, Wavy Gravy, the greatest peace shaman of my time. Yes, I took an improvisational workshop with you many years ago. You said I had one of the best “flows” in the class. Then we went to Andre Grossmann’s and took some photos. On the way out, you mentioned to someone else to contact you if we wanted to use the photos. Well, that info never got to me and the photo, it quickly ended up on the cover of High Times with the title “Prince of Pot,” (this was before Mark Emery took the title) which created some problems. Sorry about that. But I am hoping this recent invention of mine can smooth over those unfortunate vibes.

I’m not really sure why this device works so well with telepathic energy, but after 7 years of testing, I know that it does, and so do the rest of the Temple Dragon Crew, who helped birth the invention, although I never made a candle in my life until two weeks ago, and it was only after I added scents and gemstones to the sigils, and removed the petroleum wax, that I took an evolutionary step in candle magic. I’ve spent many years studying aromatherapy and put everything I know into this.

Let me know what you think of my project to jump-start world peace with positive energy machines.

It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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  1. i have a prejudice towards old fashioned science but can’t discount what i don’t really know i can prove one way or another.rather than make fun of those who differ with me, i seek to know things i didn’t before now. the essence of being an old fashioned urbana liberal used to be tolerance of all opinions,races,religions,accents,and ideologies except for the overtly racists etc.i’m keeping an open mind on this. there could be a confluence between the scientific skeptic and the mystical,spiritual, seeker of truth.there is plenty of room to debate but even more for agreement.we may differ on our philosophy or politics but as long as we love everyone, things will work out all right. i am seriously considering using your candle in an experiment. of course, about 1500 people would be the minimum size for a science based conclusion but i’m open to subjective feelings about things as much as anyone. that part of our psyche can’t be determined yet, but may be via pet scans,mri’s etc., in the future. still, all scientific advances start with a single experiment on a single , often personal, experiment. ala madame curie.what possible harm could come from the 420 experiment ? anyone who hasn’t climbed mount tam. should try it just for a great experience, if nothing else. great exercise and great views. my old friend stan used to drag us up there every year. think of paradigms for peace. what would be the test of this experiment ? avoidance of nuclear war with n. korea ? too easy. everyone knows it’s all talk. how about no invasion of syria with al quaeda we now support again(in syria0, or iran ? if 420 can save the world from these 3 catastrophes, then 7 will become dominate over the 3. i’m optimistic that the 3 won’t happen. peace and love are the answer to every question about “foreign” relations. of course we have to be realistic when confronting fascism, but that ended after ww2. we are now a corporate state. all the wars since then(even ww2 can be questioned) have been in support of pro-fascist forces.few exceptions. if i commit myself to meditation it can’t hurt anyone and help can be measured if we give a test with constraints that are congruent with the scientific method. i’d welcome exact instructions on the candle and it’s use. we all know that different aromas can have subtle effects on people. why else would tourists come to the napa valley to try wines that are only subtly different from each other ? if my sprained ankle suddenly heals enough for the climb i might show up at mt. tam. what a great view. anyone who goes, no matter what color,nationality,religion or sex would probably be welcome and benefit from being among like minded people. most want peace, whether hindu,moslem,xtian,jewish,buddhist,sufi,agnostic or atheist. if only all people for peace got together we could have a world without war. i may take the scientific skeptic role at times but i’m also open to anyone who promotes peace and love as a solution. i think both can be reconciled. think in terms of a bet like julian simon made with paul ehrlich. of course, there’s a good t.e.d argument saying that other years were different than the ones ehrlich lost the bet on but then again, single experiments don’t count for much anyway. that said, would you like to put forward a test as to whether the 420 endeavor paid off or not ? or, is it something that can’t be measured ? of course, given a free candle, i would owe you the value of that symbolic bet, wouldn’t i ? and that’s if i lost. if i won, you would have already paid with the candle.we both win either way. peace. what a concept. thanks for the candle offer. if i take it, it will be in the interest of both scientific inquiry, a skeptical attitude and a desire for peace. also gratitude. i dare not look a gift horse in the mouth.


    1. Yes, the magic is starting to work. If you google around you will find that a scientific study on the effects of meditation on large cities was already done using a few hundred TM meditators in a central location. I know Washington DC was one of the cities tested. They discovered a dramatic drop in violent crime immediately following the meditations. This was proven more than once. So some of the science has already been conducted. Wars are not what we are told. They are manufactured profit streams that keep the populace under control fighting each other instead of the masters of war who run the system (from multiple sides).Even if I am wrong, and a global peace meditation doesn’t have a positive impact, what have we lost by trying. It is better than just watching the news on TV and doing nothing. You have little time left to decide, only a few sets left here, and lots of people crying out for them. I’m not planning on making any more for a while. I will be resting after 420.

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