My Premature Theory on Boston


These dudes entered the country after 9/11 and blended in as regular people until being activated as Manchurian Candidates with orders to set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon and then go on a violent crime spree, despite having no prior record of any violence whatsoever. Any tracks the media will report may be true, but more likely they will be false trails planted by the mind controllers who programmed these dudes in the first place. Or maybe both of them knew their mission all along and just standard sleeper agents, it really makes no difference.

What makes me suspicious is some family and friends are saying with great certainty that they didn’t see any sign of this coming. If these were both devoted jihadists, I think some family and friends would have an inkling.

The coverage being given this incident, as well as the intense lock-down on the eastern seaboard, is way beyond what is necessary in this sort of a man hunt and probably serves as a conditioning experiment and tool. My best guess is the population is being conditioned to accept an almost total lock-down for the rest of time with zero freedoms in the name of protecting us against terrorism. And how easy would it be to foment terror to create that Nazi-style police state? In truth, Al Qaeda is largely a fiction of the CIA, a collection of drug runners and arms dealers united in secret ops who supposedly went rouge and started attacking the creature that created it? But then so was Communist Russia just a burnt-out hunk of rust with a fresh paint job parading as global threat to amp up the arms race. Now there’s no global threat strong enough to face our drones, much less out military might, so the new enemy must reside within, living next door, ready to get that phone call, “Queen of Diamonds” or whatever activation codes they use these days and go on a rampage.

And of course the million dollar question is who has the Manchurian Candidate technology to create monsters like this?

The only group I know of for sure that ever made any real progress in this area is the CIA.

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  1. the older brother seems to fit the pattern of a loner like sirhan sirhan (the most obvious manchurian candidate of all). but the younger brother seems, by all accounts, to have been sociable and had lots of friends who all liked him. it will be very interesting if he’s allowed to live long enough to spill the beans to a lawyer or a reporter.
    here’s a wild scenario. they don’t mirandize him. he’s convicted. on appeal, it’s ruled that everything he said is inadmissible due to no lawyer present, even though he asked for one. public is outraged that he can’t be executed. miranda rule overturned. police can then question one for days without a lawyer. too wild ?

    1. Obviously they are laying the legal ground work for getting rid of Miranda altogether, in the case of terrorism, which is a very broad definition, and, in fact, I think some anti-war groups and environmentalists are classified technically as “terrorists,” so they just might have lost their rights too.

      1. we are going to have to look out for all kinds of false theories being floated. cass susstein let the cat out of the bag about, to quash any conspiracy theories, many false theories should be circulated at the same time, obviously written by “nuts”, to dilute the effect of theories in general. the tactic seems to be working. it’s a gov’t policy now and at least they admit it

        1. If it is an op, they would have constructed the rabbit holes way in advance. Like “no plane hit the Pentagon” that story went out instantly worldwide after 9/11. They had that rabbit hole ready and waiting. Now, we know the FBI had the older brother under surveillance for years and believed he was a potential threat. So it’s a mystery how he could pull this off and then have the news media say the police never heard of these guys before.

          1. “US Government officials have said the brothers were not under surveillance as possible militants. And an FBI statement said the matter was closed because interviews with Tamerlan and family members “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign”.”She claimed the FBI had been keeping watch on her eldest boy for up to five years. She said: “They knew what my son was doing. They knew what sites on the internet he was going to.“They were telling me that he was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites. They were controlling him.” who to believe ?

  2. The uncle says the influence came from inside Boston, not from the internet, which is why I find it strange that it seems like absolutely no one in Boston is being interviewed about them (other than their relatives) and the authorities seem to already be putting out the message “these guys acted alone.” I find it suspicious that a year ago one of them starts posting jihad messages on youtube, while, at the same time, the FBI stops all surveillance? When a terror suspect starts manufacturing violent hate messages on social networks, that is not when you drop all surveillance, that is when you amp it up.

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