The Saudi Connection to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi

Wasn’t it strange that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was picked up immediately after the Boston Marathon and his residence searched while the media (NY Post) told us he was the lead suspect in the case? Then, suddenly, the pair from Chechen executes a Boston policeman, followed by a wild shoot-out with police, while behind the scenes, Skull & Bones Patriarch John Kerry and then President Obama hold emergency meetings with the Saudis, the result of which is to have Abdul immediately moved from “suspect” to “victim” and hastily deported out of the country back to Saudi Arabia, free from prying eyes and anxious questions and any legal actions.

Abdul disappeared from the national media and all google searches titled “Saudi Connection to Boston Bombing” led straight into Russia and none into Saudi Arabia, who, as we know, is the real center of funding for Islamic terrorism, perhaps even under the supervision of their British and American compatriots in the MI6 and the CIA and Pentagon. War is really a game played for profit, and most of the crusaders and jihadists don’t even realize it, but they’re actually working for the same banks, just running up billions in profit in guns and drugs.

Meanwhile, that uncle who was interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes and praised in the Washington Post for being so nice and articulate in his hatred for his two loser nephews? According to Daniel Hopsicker today, that dude is an oil millionaire with links to Halliburton and the CIA. Why am I not surprised? Meanwhile, when Abdul was shipped back to Saudi Arabia, he and his father were immediately paraded before the Saudi media and assured everyone they had nothing to do with the bombing. And then the entire media was overwhelmed by a absurd story of three men so handsome they had to be banished.

Shades of the Israeli team caught videotaping the fall of the twin towers, like they knew if was going to happen, and then celebrating their collapse before being picked up by the New Jersey police and quickly deported back to Israel, where they were paraded before the media to assure everyone, “We didn’t have anything to do with 9/11.” Funny how easy that op always works. Nothing to see here people, keep moving along. Look, there goes the most handsome man in the world! Just obsess about him and nothing else for the next week or so, will ya?

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  1. yesterday the fbi denied the guys’s mom was told anything by them,,as she claims. today on the news i saw chambliss saying the fbi said they had interviewed the boy’s mom and dad in the past. why don’t any reporters ask why they lied just 1 day earlier ? where are the reporters ? no serious questions are being asked on the msm. where is the retraction about the 7-11 robbery ? it’s expected that mistakes are made in stories but we rarely get retractions.

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