Rare Cannabis Cup & High Times t-shirts….

DragonshirtsI just shipped 50 pounds of vintage t-shirts and hoodies out to Colorado to help launch Abakus magazine. These will likely be available at the 710 Cup in Denver on July 10th, as well as the Munchie Cup in Aspen on August 18-20.



I also have many miscellaneous shirts:

Moon shirt.

Smuggler plane shirt

20th Anniversary shirt

25th Anniversary shirt

“Potzilla” shirt (worn)

“Hemp for Peace” HT shirt

Phoenix logo shirt

Cooking with pot shirt


My Freedom Fighter shirts pre-date the Cannabis Cup shirts by several years and are among the rarest of all my shirts. The original was released in 1989 and contained the “Don’t Tread on Me” logo designed by Flick Ford and used on the cover of the Soul Assassin single released that same year. The other became my everyday shirt for many years so these are well-worn. Also, I cut off the arms on all of these (see picture left). They have a Liberty Bell with the words “Let Freedom Ring,” the slogan of the Freedom Fighters as well as the name of our newsletter edited by Linda Noel of Boston, who founded the Boston Freedom Rally. The Freedom Fighters kickstarted the hemp movement and then our mailing list was given over to NORML after we’d become the largest legalization group in the country in three short years of existence.

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  1. im looking for the smuggler plane t shirt and the off loading boat t shirt that says smuggling adventure……

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