Masonry is a clue to the JFK and Lincoln assassinations

I don’t practice spiritual intolerance, so I have deep respect for the Masonic traditions, just as I respect the histories of all the major religions that support peace, non-violence and the brotherhood of all mankind under the eye of the Great Spirit that Runs through All Things.

But if you have an understanding of the history of Freemasonry, it becomes clear the JFK and Lincoln assassinations are peppered with high-ranking members of the craft holding down strategic positions at crucial vantage points, which is not to blame masonry, just to point out the obvious.

There’s a lot of angles to this story, but one thing to keep in mind is that at the time of Kennedy’s murder, there was supposedly no love lost between Masons and Catholics in the USA. Several Popes had issued edicts to forbid Catholics from participating in the “satanic” ceremonies of Freemasonry, possibly because Masons had the audacity to put a Koran and Torah on the altar alongside the Bible.

However, we know now this was always a hoodwink because so many high-ranking Catholic officials in Italy turned up on the membership list of Propaganda Due, a highly secretive masonic lodge with links to the CIA that plotted false flag terror events to be blamed on Communists so as to turn the Italian people away from Marxism.

After Lincoln was assassinated many books were written attempting to prove the Vatican had been behind the plot, although it’s hard to say what the Pope’s motivation would have been, and the first was suspiciously written by the military trial judge, who was most likely trying to worm his way out of complicity in the cover-up after most of the trial witnesses were exposed as perjurers.

Original East India Co. flag

Many people realize our Revolution was organized almost entirely by Freemasons, but the truth is very complicated because while there was a renegade lodge in Boston that plotted the tea party that included Paul Revere as a member,  most lodges during the Revolution were packed with Tories and stayed loyal to the Crown throughout the war, and maybe even afterwards if they were doing business with the powerful East India Company, which was undoubtedly being run by Masons. Is it worth noting that the original flag to have 13 red and white alternating stripes was the flag of the East India Company?

Of course, the most prominent Mason in America at the time was George Washington, and he led one of those renegade rebel lodges and invested Masonry with tremendous sparkle and that’s likely why our Capitol is so incredibly Masonic. The second most prominent American mason was Benjamin Franklin, and he definitely turned out to be a British spy, and is celebrated today in England for his loyalty to the crown.

Before he got disappeared, Charles Beard was considered the greatest historian of Colonial times, but that all changed after he published An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, a meticulous examination of how the banking interests steered the composition of that precious document to serve their interests, and not for the rights of man in general.

William Morgan

In 1826, a whistle-blower named William Morgan suddenly emerged to announce Masonry was a plot by the British to manipulate the country from within, a plan that was working and had already infested the upper reaches of finance, government, law enforcement and the military. Well, Morgan was suddenly arrested on trumped-up charges and put in jail, but whoops, he mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth while in police custody. And all the police involved are Masons and so is the Judge and the entire Grand Jury that has been called. This was just too obvious a cover-up of immense proportions. Well, the ensuing outcry over the cover-up unexpectedly reached epidemic proportions creating the first third party in America, the single-issue Anti-Masonic Party, whose goal was to elect anybody to any office but a Mason, and especially police and judges. Among its leaders was John Quincy Adams, one of the more powerful Boston Brahmins.

Harry S. Truman

Needless to say, Freemasonry was forced to get more secret and had to lie low after that fiasco, and it even seems possible someone might have immediately created Mormonism (which looks a lot like Masonry) as a possible fall-back position in case the craft had to be abandoned. And I say that because Morgan’s widow married into Mormonism and was one of the founder’s many wives. Regular readers may recall my blog concerning the vaporous nature of secret societies and how they can disappear effortlessly by sliding inside a new entity, like some alien life form.

But that wasn’t necessary because the Masonic scare blew over quick, and Masons were able to win the next election and wound up electing a remarkable string of Masons to the highest office in the land, including Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and, most important, a former hat salesman named Harry Truman. You see, it was very important the 33rd President be a Mason, especially if he was just a lowly clerk from a Midwestern haberdashery.

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  1. I know that all the members of the Warren Commission were Freemasons except Rep. Hale Boggs. He said in 1971 and 1972 that the warren Commission report was false and that J. Edgar Hoover not only helped to cover up the JFK murder but blackmailed Congress with massive wire-tapping and spying. Congressman Bogg’s plane disappeared on a flight to Alaska in 1972. The press, military, and the CIA publicly proclaimed the plane could not be located. Investigators later said that was a lie, that the plane had been found. All were killed.

    1. The following people were also Freemasons.
      1. Clyde A. Tolson, Assistant Director FBI
      2. James Jesus Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence
      3. Arlen Specter, Assistant Counsel to the Commission

  2. Retired Robert Trumbull Crowley, once deputy Director for the CIA, admitted to his friend & author Gregory Douglas that he the CIA, FBI, Military Chiefs of Staff & Lyndon B. Johnson were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. To back it up he gave him a copy of top secret documents, which he kept after he retired, as a result they escaped the shredder. Douglas published these documents in a book in 2002.
    When I worked in security I read many secret CIA & FBI reports & can confirm that these documents are authentic. Frederick J. Norris, Lt. Cdr. US Naval Attache read the documents & also confirmed that they are authentic.

    1. Since these top secret documents were in the public domain since 2002 why has the news media & the communications industry ignored them but instead have been pushing hundreds of crazy & false conspiracy theory documantaries?
      Rep. Henry Gonzalez, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Assassination Committe said the following: ‘The assassination of Presidentent John F. Kennedy will never be investigated in a meaningful way because vast & powerful forces won’t stand for it.’
      This is what Col. L. Fletcher Prouty said about the conspiators: ‘They are a power unto themselves for whom these others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past.’
      Pope Leo XX111 in his condemnation of Masonry said of it, that it has suceeded in entering all classes of society, and forms an invisible & irresponsible state existing within the legitimate state.

  3. Here is a quote by H. Michael Sweeney author of the book Fatal Rebirth.
    Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression. The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil, God, as truth incarnate, will not long let stand a world devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have the truth and freedom our spirits require or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we will pwrish in an evil world.
    Happy New Year

  4. The CIA kept a very accurtate and detailed record of the plans and progress being made for the assassination right up to the date and time including telephone calls and meetings. The records include who made the the telephone call to whom it was made and what was discussed. In personal meetings names of the people present are listed. Here are two samples:
    1. 10/May/63. Lunch conference.
    Director of Central Intelligence, John McCone
    Deputy Director of FBI William Sullivan
    James Jesus Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence
    R. T. Crawley, CIA Clandestine
    William King Harvey, senior officer CIA
    Discussion of progress of Zipper. Decision to launch disinformation program in re Soviets. Decision for payments to Unione Corse, Corcican Mafia and to Sam Giancana, Chicago Mafia.
    2. 24/Oct.63. 11:20 AM – 11:22AM
    Telephone conference, Sam Giancana, Chicago Mafia. James Jesus Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence. In re Unione Corse, Corsican Mafia arrival Montreal.
    All these documents were never intended to be made public but unfortunately for the conspirators one of the conspirators R. T. Crowley decided to keep them after he retired and allowed them to be made public.

    1. Here are two more CIA communications.
      1. 25/May/63 2:10PM – 4:43PM
      Conference, University Club, Washington, R.T.Crowley, J.J.Angleton, W.K.Harvey with rep Chair General Lyman Lemnitzer Joint Chiefs of Staff re Zipper. Coordination of Zipper.
      2. 14/Nov/63 1:45PM – 1.50PM
      Telephone conference, William King Harvey, senior officer CIA/Marshal Carter, senior officer of CIA in re Unione Corse, Corsican Mafia in Dallas.

  5. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King were all peacemakers. On Oct. 11, 1963 President Kennedy signed a National Security Memorandum #263 as an official policy, which ordered 1,000 men home from Vietnam by the end of 1963, and all U.S. personnel out of Vietnam by the end of 1965. It was not until Johnson had signed NSAM #273 on Nov. 26, 1963, that the course of the Kennedy plan began to be changed, and this trend became most apparent with the publication of NSAM #288 in March 1964.

  6. The world in our recent history has been a very dangerous place for leaders who were peacemakers.
    United States President John F. Kennedy – assassinated 1963
    Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. – assassinated 1968
    United States Senator Robert Kennedy – assassinated 1968
    Egyptian President Anwar Saddat – assassinated 1981
    Pope John Paul 11 – attempted assassination 1981
    Israel Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin – assassinated 1995
    The world would have been a much better & safer place if these leaders would not have been assassinated. We were fortunate that the attempted assassination on the pope was not sucessful. He has travelled the world extensively uniting people of different faiths & races.

  7. Here is part of a memorandum written by Robert Trumbull Crawley, Deputy Director for Operations for the CIA to James Jesus Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence dated August 10, 1964: ‘The President has urged Hoover to find a way to convince these troublemakers to cease their negative remarks in the besr interest of the nation. This gives us the opportunity of silencing anyone who might express dangerous opinions about Dallas.’

  8. Top secret CIA documents show that J. J. Angleton, CIA Counterintelligence contacted Israeli intelligence for assistance in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The man he contacted was Amos Manor, then head of Israeli counterintelligence. Manor sent him Binjamin Bauman his responsibility was to eliminate the Corsican assassins as soon as possible after their work was done.

  9. Here are 2 recorded CIA communications.
    12/June/63 4.11PM – 4.34PM
    Telephone conference with J.J. Angleton & Amos Manor, head of Israeli counterintelligence, in re Unione Corse, Corcican Mafia team.
    3/July/63 Arrival of Benjamin Baumann, Shin Bet (Israel) from Toronto.

  10. The news media have no credibility they should be doing research and investigations to reveal the truth but instead they are still pushing the ridiculous cover-up that Oswald was the lone assassin.

  11. Here is part of a comment made by an American Freemason that was revealed through research: “Who do you think killed John F. Kennedy? We did. Do you know Why? Because he was a Catholic and his administration was imposing policy contrary to the interests of our brotherhood. Witnesses were disposed of accordingly through resources of the agencies involved.”

    1. I think if you dig around a little more that you will find the Civil Rights movement had many Mason connections also. There was a huge rift between the Ga. Prince Hall Masons and the Southern White Scottish Rite Masons and it was especially intense in Alabama and Texas. LBJ had a great Mason relationship with Andrew Young and a hate against MLK. LBJ would sully up like a turtle when MLK spoke to him. Both Hoover and LBJ basically hated MLK, and it really turned bad when MLK got a preaching job in Montgomery, Alabama when he graduated Boston University.
      MLK got his Doctorate at Boston University and JFK and MLK got along well. JFK and RFK scored black votes in the South by getting MLK out of jail sentence. Unfortunately, MLK learned way too much about the negative side of Catholics in Boston.
      The US History omits this Mason Battle between the Black Masons and the Southern White Scottish Rite that dominated the South. Likewise, history omits just how much Masons played a role in the Manhattan Project and NASA, which originated and was controlled and stuffed with many Southern Masons in their work force and security forces. Mason FDR and Truman worked up the Manhattan Project. Mason Dulles took in the NASA NAZIs from Germany. Such explains why all the LHO buddies from Reily Coffee ended up with good NASA jobs for keeping quiet about the Mason issues. Also explains why LHO came to Oak Ridge, Tn. in July 63.
      The Masons have been causing tremendous problems in the US for centuries, but the history of the US skirts around those issues and history repeats itself because Americans are kept dumb. If one really reads about the hidden history, one finds the murder of Abe Lincoln stemmed from Southern Masons.
      When one really digs deep into the South, they discover Albert Pike and his need to have Royalists win these wars. One can find Pike’s three Mason instigated wars, and if one is really sharp find the Oxford Scofield bible is about supporting those wars via the concept of Dispensation. Scofield was heavily financed by Masons and Oxford is a big Mason connected school in the same way that Yale is to Bonesmen. One finds the main reason JFK was hit was because he came way to close to finding that even religion was corrupted by Masons in their want of three great wars to cease power for the Mason’s Royalists.
      When one notices these things, it makes a lot more sense of why HL Hunt was going to run Mason George Wallace (and Curtis LeMay as VP) against JFK as President. In the mid 50s all the Royalist / Nobelists of Europe were up in arms because the Soviets wanted Satellite States for protection, so their game was to do the Red Scare Games and infect with the US with Fascism using the John Birch Society, Young Americans for Freedom, and McCarthy type games to take over control of the US Govt’s affairs of state. LHO was actually battling against that Fascism, and likewise, so was JFK.
      When Americans can assimilate these basic issues, they can solve the JFK hit as well as regain their true Freedoms via knowledge of the real history of the US and religions.

  12. Very welcome! You are on the right track with Southern Masons being behind the JFK hit!
    One doesn’t have to look very far in the South to discover segregation still exists via the Scottish Rite Masons via the very existence of the Prince Hall Masons. The Southern Scottish Rite Masons come from the design of British Agent Albert Pike, and the South’s Civil War battle for slavery. That fermented into killing Abe Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson was the Mason that replaced Abe Lincoln and pardoned Mason Albert Pike for war crimes. It is an instant replay of Masons killing JFK so that basically Mason supporting LBJ could save himself and the Mason dirty games to control the US.
    From the 1776 times of the founding fathers of the US being Masons, to the times of Lincoln there was a paradigm shift in the basic control of Masons in the US.
    MLK’s office in Atlanta was in a Mason building and the radio station that he broadcast was also. MLK booked lots of his speeches in Mason sites. Many of the Prince Hall Masons tell MLK was a Prince Hall Mason, and Andrew Young was also. Lots of the Black Civil Rights people were Masons, but it doesn’t show up in the mainstream history. Just like the Texas and Alabama Masons were behind the hit on JFK, the same gang was behind the hit on MLK, as MLK went anti-War on LBJ. The Nobelist and Royalist Bankers of Masons wanted these wars to go against the Soviets expansion of satellite states and especially the more recent Algeria, Cuba, and Vietnam. MLK gets killed, in Memphis, exactly one year after his anti-war speech.
    Upon learning of MLK’s death, RFK made one of his most famous speeches to a group of Blacks and kept riots from happening in that city and it so impressed the Southern Civil Rights folks that it was going to ferment RFK’s election as President. The Southern Scottish Rite Masons saw the rope around their necks tighten, so exactly 63 days after MLK gets a bullet in Memphis, RFK gets three bullets in Los Angles. Los Angles was where HL Hunt, Morris Jaffe, and Hoover Black-mailed LBJ onto the JFK ticket in 1960. The RFK shooter is tied with Mason Clint Murchison’s Del Mar track, so it completes back to Dallas and HL Hunt. Hunt was running Alabama Mason George Wallace for President against JFK.
    The very issues of Slavery in the South connect back to England, the Liverpool Bankers, and the Great Atlantic Triangle Shipping Trade Route that made money for the Empire. These were the Empire’s shipping groups that picked up African Slaves and sold them into Slavery in the Southern US plantation states. So, if there was to be blame assigned for slavery in the US, the fingers in the Southern US would Point to the English Nobelists and their English Royalist Mason bankers in England. All the Masons, black and white, knew the blame affixed to England and reparations would sink the English Empire once and for all time.
    So, what Mason Hoover does is try to tell that MLK was a Communist, much like Hoover and the Mason’s hate games against JFK. MLK was discovering the same Mason pathways that JFK had found that were shoving JFK around on affairs of state and wars for the Nobility and Royalist Masons of England. In this time, the Southern US was a Mason controlled war zone with dynamite tossed into black civil rights leaders homes and many killings. The very roots of those alliances for wars on Black Americans was Southern Masons, which was also tied with the KKK and Albert Pike. It was a time that Masons forced Royalist instigated Fascism on the US via use of Communism and John Birch Society, Young Americans for Freedom (set up by a former CIA Mason), and Red Scare McCarthyism.
    It is not difficult to spot the common issues behind the hits on JFK. MLK, and RFK when you look for and read the history of Masons and who they ultimately backed against the US. WW1 was stated by Mason interests, WW2 for the US came from Churchill and Hoover plotting to drag the US into England’s war, and the Scofield Bible’s dispensation issue has the US Christians into the war on Islam, which is all part of the Albert Pike game to have Masons control the world economically. JFK, MLK, and soon RFK was about to discover the larger intentions of the Masons.

    1. I also thank you for your excellent research. I suspected much of what you said but have not had the time to do that kind of researchh.

      1. For the record, I don’t blame Freemasons for instigating the plot, only that there are a suspicious number of members of the craft involved in the coverup, which indicates whatever force instigated the conspiracy, reached into the Masonic structure for assistance.

  13. Here are a few more items that pertain to Lee Oswald in New Orleans.
    Lee Oswald’s handler in New Orleans was the Ex-FBI Special Agent in Charge for Chicago, and a Mason, and one of the longest ever SAIC for that time. He held that honor due to Hoover’s preference for Masons in the FBI and as friends. His office was right next to Lafayette Square in New Orleans, which if you know Mason Symbolism in DC, is a special place for Masons. The CIA office in New Orleans was right around the corner at 333 St. Charles St. Guy Banister also belonged to the Jerusalem Temple (1137 St. Charles St), which was a Shriner deal about 10 blocks down the Street from there, which means Banister was a 32nd Mason or higher.
    These days the old Mason Building was taken over by Hilton Hotels and half of it turned into a Hotel, and much of the old Mason parts still preserved. But you can likely go stay in a Hotel Room that was once the general area of the CIA offices in New Orleans that Banister used to get work for David Ferrie.
    On the day of the JFK hit in Dallas, Jack Martin and Guy Banister were at a nearby bar and Banister got into a fight with his investigator Jack Martin. Banister put Martin in the hospital, and then Martin told that Banister’s pals were behind the hit on JFK basically. So, it doesn’t get much better than that for noting the Masons in New Orleans and Dallas were involved in the JFK hit, and directly connected with Lee Oswald.
    It was those leaks that Jim Garrison picked up on that had him going after David Ferrie, but he died and half the others Garrison was after died, and left him with PERMINDEX agent Clay Shaw. Banister died in mid-64, but the history of Jack Martin for his Banister beating didn’t die with Banister as Martin was very much alive, but he would not tell Garrison the Mason deals. If Garrison got wind of the Mason deals, the JFK case would have likely been solved back then. imho
    Then the Madeline Brown account of the Clint Murchison party for Hoover the night before the JFK hit would have made greater sense, as it was Hoover that helped force LBJ onto the JFK ticket for the Lamar 8F gang of Masons in Houston. Then the Masons on the Warren Commission would be obvious of their intentions, as well as JFK going after the corrupt Masons in the CIA, which ties back to Dulles and the CIA offices place in the New Orleans Mason Building in New Orleans.
    Once anyone learns of the Masons connections with the USAEC and NASA, even more makes sense at to how Lee Oswalds buddies at Reily Coffee ended up working for NASA. And it makes more sense as to why Lee Oswald visited the USAEC in Oak Ridge, Tn. in July of 63.
    I think you both will enjoy you greater insights, as you piece those Masonic alliances together.

  14. Oak Ridge and the “Red Coat’s” Agenda—American loss of oversight on the sinister side of Masons in the US.
    Most that know history discover the Atomic Bomb Project was begun by a Mason President named Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the project took on a Masonic flavor from the beginning.
    While Masons like Churchill and Hoover drew the US into WWII, FDR had many long range Peace Plans to implement at the end of WWII and these affected the issues of Britain wanting to be more empowered toward Colonialism.
    FDR had a plan called Four Freedoms that would end world Colonialism by England and France and place England under International Controls.
    Such would return Hong Kong to China, take Vietnam and Algeria from the French and so on. FDR often used what England did to India as the model for what he wanted to ban England from doing to any country ever again.
    England was not about to let the Founding Father’s theme of the US take away England’s power and winnings via WWII, and FDR died from what many call the same poisoning attempted by England against Stalin. FDR’s plans included Peace and Cooperation with Russia and Stalin. FDR was better friends with Stalin than Churchill, and Churchill well knew that.
    After the war, the biggest English issues were to suppress and oppose these FDR ideals for World Peace. This was started by selling the American People that the” Red Scare” folks were coming from Communist countries. Heading up these operations were the Texas Masons and one named Clint Murchison, who funded Joe McCarthy’s “Red Scare” games to promote a US fear of a Communist behind every tree in the US.
    Soon enough other mechanisms like the John Birch Society were set up by Rockefeller to empower Robert Welch to make huge PR on anti-Communism. That soon followed with Mason and former CIA agent William F. Buckley starting up the YAF and becoming the voice of Conservatism on the radio waves across America.
    The Eisenhower years were filled with Russia’s Khrushchev wanting to have the Peace and Cooperation that FDR supported with Russia. Eisenhower had good relationship with Khrushchev and progress was being made. However, the Masons controlling the public mindset against Communism were highly against this happening. So, they gather up a U2 base person wanting to get into CIA like activities, and he was recruited by Old Gehlen Org type folks in Japan that had close ties with the Texas anticommunist Masons.
    Soon the Mason’s hate for Communism had the Japan U2 base person defecting to Russia on a slow boat out of New Orleans. His name is Lee Oswald and he fanned the Russian flames against the U-2 operations so much the Russians made a missile capable enough to shoot down the U-2 of Francis Gary Powers. This made Khrushchev and the Russians so mad that the Eisenhower Peach talks ended and the Berlin Wall went up in 61
    For the Texas masons this was also good business sense as it boosted the sales of military planes and military spending, and areas of Texas and California highly profited. Likewise the spending on nuclear weapons production also skyrocketed and became job security for places like Oak Ridge that backed these Mason operations in Texas run by Mason Clint Murchison and his connections with Masons Hoover and Dulles.
    When JFK came along as a Cathodic President the Texas Masons knew that could become a serious problem for them. Mason Clint Murchison had highly funded Eisenhower’s campaign, so he owned Eisenhower to an extent. They didn’t own JFK, so they had to force LBJ onto the JFK ticket and that happened with black-mail material handed to the Texas supporters of LBJ going onto the JFK ticket at the Los Angles Convention.
    JFK became almost just like FDR and the FDR plan for Peace and Cooperation with Russia and Communism. The Mason anticommunists let JFK alone as long as he backed their plans to take back Cuba from Russian allied Castro. When three Mason CIA plots failed under JFK and it took down Mason Dulles, the Mason controlling the anti-Communism Campaigns in the US turned on JFK.
    The First plan was the” Bay of Pigs” (April 17, 1961) invasion run out of the CIA’s Camp Stanley in Texas. The second Mason plot involved the “Operation Northwoods” (March 13, 1962) and was designed by Mason Lyman Lemnitzer of the JFK Joint Chiefs. The last operation involved Lee Oswald in New Orleans with a Texas Mason friendly Doctor named Alton Oschner. Here the design was to kill Castro with radiation and a lung cancer virus, but the delivery route into Cuba failed, and with the combination of a New Communist friendly Pope in the Vatican and JFK’s similar friendly status with Khrushchev, the Mason’s guns turned on JFK.
    RFK and JFK were about to take down Bobby Baker and LBJ, and connect them with the Lamar 8F Masons gang in Houston that designed the huge power and control over the US that Eisenhower termed the “Military Industrial Network”. So, Mason Guy Banister was the handler for Lee Oswald in New Orleans working on Cuba issues, so Lee Oswald was well set up to become the lone nut Russian killer of JFK. Bannister shipped Lee Oswald off to Dallas and the Masons worked to get Oswald on a path for a JFK motorcade in Dallas. The New Orleans Mason Connections with Carlos Marcello supplied Corsican hit men to Dallas, and the Dallas Masons designed the JFK visit to pass right beside the TSBD and the Dal-Tex building of Houston Street.
    On Nov. 22, 1963, five shots rang out, three from Dal-Tex, one from Grassy Knoll, and one from TSBD and JFK was rushed across the Trinity River in Dallas very dead. Then Mason friendly LBJ took control of the US, as was planned at the Los Angles Convention with Dallas persons like HL Huint and Morris Jaffee banking roiling the LBJ run for VP.
    At the JFK autopsy, Joint Chief Curtis LeMay shows up to control things, as everything is done not to notice the shot from in front of JFK. Curtis LeMay is a Mason and Friendly to Mason Lemnitzer, who had big connections with Gladio Operations in Europe and a Mason Vatican penetration group called PERMINDEX that had set up operations in Dallas via Ferenc Nagy to go against Communism. Gladio was run out of England by Lemnitwer.
    The Warren Commission was a huge Mason Controlled cover up of the JFK hit, as it was run by Mason Earl Warren, the data fed to them was via Mason Hoover. Masons Ford and Specter further corrupted the details and LBJ said this was what happened.
    The Texas Masons were essentially running a Gladio type operation against Communism in the US, and that system acted to kill JFK. Jim Garrison tripped over details of the New Orleans Masons efforts to kill JFK when he learned of Jack Martin’s issues with Mason Guy Banister in New Orleans, when Mason Bannister tried to beat up Martin. Martin knew of Lee Oswald working with Banister to work up Cuba dissident issues in New Orleans and he knew the Masons were involved in the JFK hit.
    Unfortunately Bannister died in middle of 1964, leaving Dave Ferrie. Ferrie was murdered because he knew too much, that then leaving a PERMINDEX associate named Clay Shaw as the last resort of anyone in New Orleans for Jim Garrison to prosecute for the JFK hit. Mason friendly Ronald Reagan further stalled the Garrison trial as Reagan sequestered witnesses and PERMINDEX records in California, the state with the largest Mason membership in the US and well connected with military aircraft issues.
    Under LBJ the anti-Communist Vietnam War escalated to satisfy Texas Masons want for wars. The take over of the US from within by extremist Masons following English anti-Communist methods were more complete than ever. In place of the FDR peace ideas, the US came back under the old English wants for control over the US. Then the stage was set for Royalist Money and Corporation Dominance over US elections, and America’s Freedoms were taken from them via corruption from within.

  15. Here is part of what Col. L. Fletcher Prouty said about this issue. There is but one way all of this could have been managed, both before and after this elaborate coup d’etat. That is with absolute control from the highest echelons of the superpower struture of this country and the world. When there is a complete and carefully planned assassination plot that is designed and put into operation to cover, at least all of the items touched upon, then it becomes evident that there was a conspiracy. In most cases of this type the cabal is not concerned with this discovery, because with the death of the leader they have taken over the power position they sought, and none of them or their circle will be captured, identified, and prosecuted.
    They are a power unto themselves for whom these others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past. It extends beyond into governmental business, the academic world, and certain very infuential sectors of the press, radio, TV, papers, magazines, and the publishing business.

  16. JFK’s Pearls: The Real History for the US legacy of Subterfuge from the Sinister side of Masons to rob America of its Freedom and Independence.
    By: Jim Phelps, 2014
    The US has been exploited just as FDR said the English did to India and everywhere their corrupt system was used to rob citizens of their resources and leave them empty and and distraught. This same process is happening to America today, similar to what England did to India’s resources and wealth, leaving them in poverty and truthful education.
    Once anyone learns of the massive differences between the Mason FDR and Mason Truman, you spot a prime motive for the murder of FDR. FDR had his “Four Freedoms” ideals and at the time of his death he was about to task the US Navy to invade areas like Hong Kong, Algeria, Vietnam and take them out of any Colonial type rule or domination. FDR intended to partner with Russia and Stalin and install world peace and place England under International Control to stop their Imperial money control games.
    These Mason FDR and Mason Truman Differences were much the same as the US Founding Fathers views of parting with English Imperialism as they broke the Colonies Free and set up Freedom and Independence as the Constitution of the US.
    Mason FDR was like the US Founding Fathers and Mason Truman went in the total opposite directions from FDR, aligned with Mason Churchill’s Imperialism, and dropped the bombs on Japan and set up the Cold War for English Imperialism. English Mason Imperialism seeks wars for expansion and hates equalization of wealth in any fashion. They support Royalist Imperialism.
    This process made the Oak Ridge Y-12 Masons rich building 40,000 nuclear weapons and many MIRV systems for rockets for the Cold War. It was a process involving massive racketeering. Now, one can see why the US wanted to break up the OSS, which had persons in it like Kermit Roosevelt (FDR’s Son) and many others that had backed the FDR plan on “Four Freedoms” and anti-Colonialism. In order for the Imperialist Masons Truman and Churchill methods to win,
    Mason Hoover called for the dissolution of the OSS and plugged the Mason Truman’s CIA into its place so that the Masons Truman and Churchill methods of a sly game of English Imperialism could take shape along the lines of Germany’s IG Farben corporation methods. This was a system of massive private wealth making the corporations that shielded wealth and basically had the Royalist / Imperialist wealth pull the chains for ruling over countries and basically restored rule by Colonialism reinvented by the hidden strings to massive wealth. Such are the ways of the Masons “Hidden Hand” in support of domination over America.
    Today, the world’s wealth is in the hands of very few and they allot money to banks that then own corporations that then pass money to elect the politicians they want to serve them and not the American People. As JFK entered the picture when this system had grown tremendously, it was called the Mil / Ind Network and part was controls from militant Masons in Texas and California, part militant Masons LeMay and Lemnitzer of the JCS, and part the Mason controlled CIA and FBI via Dulles and Hoover. These all conspiring against the American People’s best interests and instead helping the Imperialism and massive wealth that held Americans hostage via that extreme economic wealth.
    What most Americans fail to recognize is there was one more casualty of WWII. The first was Germany and Hitler, the second was Japan, and the third was American’s Freedom and Independence, due to economic domination and killing good people like FDR and later JFK. JFK went after some of the power that had the US in the grips of oligarchy when he put in the Ex. Order 11110 to make the US Notes replace the Federal Reserve money. JFK also went after the wealth of Texas big oil and the games of Communism rebel rousing coming from Texas Mason Clint Murchison and tied with Joe McCarthy..
    It was all this previous Mason history that is sorely missing to get to the bottom of the JFK hit and expose those motives to keep control over America. The Masons have an extremely sinister side that hides behind charity and their lower members ignorance. That sinister side of the Masons is tied to John Wilkes Booth, who shot Lincoln, and that got Mason Andrew Johnson of Tennessee into the White House, who then turned around and set free the extremely sinister English Mason Albert Pike game of taking over America from within. Pike was using the schemes of Scottish Rite Masonry to corrupt the 1776 ideas of the Founding Father Masons. Masons formerly had only three steps to become Educated in the ways of Freedom and Independence and the many problem issues associated with religions.
    The sinister side of the Mason’s 33 step Scottish Rite take folks down the pathway for Tubal Cane worship and those alchemists intent on poisoning the world for their gain and also building metal weapons for conquests and continual wars. Such a system begot the system of Nimrod and the false Trinity concepts of KJV bibles, that Masons hawk to the world and supplement with the Oxford Scofield Bible’s Interpretations for wanting wars. This system backed the big evangelism efforts of US Mega-Churches of recent times.
    When anyone begins to notice these factors one discovers that history is really corrupted by the Victors and in this more recent case that the corruption of the history keeps America enslaved to the Massive Corrupt want to dominate and use America’s wealth for their own designs of Wars for a NWO. And this not that for the Peace that FDR sought, that JFK sought, and that which returns American to real Freedom and Independence for the masses, not only in the US, but for the world. This real history is valuable, but most of America has been denied this real history. With the real history in hand, Americans can better form a more perfect union and seriously vie for world peace.
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  17. When one learns of those with a Penchant for Treason to gain greater power over the US using Secret Society methods, one understands a war for rights and freedoms between Prince Hall Masons and White Supremacist bigoted Scottish Rite Segregation Forever Southerners. Recall that Andy Griffith spoke to the Southerners killed JFK, and this is the association. Southern Scottish Rite Masons took over the US from within via the extremist Mason factions in Dallas, Texas in 1963.
    The Race War between Prince Hall and Scottish Rite had to be won at any cost and this included the use of United Fruit as a CIA asset to bring in tons of addictive drugs from Central and South America to disrupt Black American’s using drug addition. Huge reward came to the Criminal underworld secret society, like that of Carlos Marcello, for services rendered in the collaborative Secret Society killing of their mutual problem JFK.
    The Mafia had great designs on Cuba as a way to get many of their operations out of the US and to a degree go Legit. Eastern Mafia Mogul Meyer Lansky poured all kinds of money into Cuba to build a luxury Riviera Hotel in Havana. Gambling would be a major operation in Cuba and the Cuban Govt supported it and took a cut. Cuba would become a Las Vegas like Mafia owned operation and get their bases of operation outside the systems of US Laws that was cracking down on Mafia operations. Batista was bought off and corrupted, just as Carlos Marcello bought off and corrupted most all of Louisiana Police and Politicians. Carlos Marcello, nor the corrupt Masons, could not buy off New Orleans Prosecutor named Jim Garrison. Garrison learned the Mason and former FBI Chicago Chief Guy Banister almost killed his Investigator, Jack Martin, by a pistol whipping over knowing too much about his Masonic connections to the JFK hit.
    It appears in an interview of Jack Martin that he never told Jim Garrison about the special Secret Society issues of the FBI and Guy Banister. Banister died in 1964, but for those that know the CIA office was in the New Orleans Masonic Lodge and Office building at Lafayette Square, it became obvious as to the secret relationships. Mason Banister used the CIA office at the Masonic Building to gather special CIA jobs for disgraced pilot and defrocked Catholic Priest David Ferrie. One can see the anti-Catholic issues forming that identified with Masonic hate for Catholics in that time. That Catholic Hate went into overdrive as the New Pope in the Summer of 1963 sought friendship with Communist Countries. David Ferrie was a right had man for Carlos Marcello and a large part of the brains that wanted Cuba back under Mafia access. Lee Harvey Oswald was right in the middle of this Mafia and Secret Society effort to get Cuba and Kill Castro. Most suggest that the idea for using radiation and cancer virus was brought up by New Orleans Doctor named Alton Oschner and the CIA and Govt. Secret Society Mason fringe efforts got behind this idea to kill Castro and make it look like lung cancer. Oschner had connections to big oil and back to Dallas via HL Hunt.
    JFK was shutting down all these fringe elements in Louisiana that were going after Castro, and the JFK leadership had to force FBI Mason Hoover to shut down one of those operations near Lake Pontchartrain. This angered the Mafia and the anti-communist Masons. The Mafia and the Masons, as secret societies in collaboration, were interfering with JFK designs for peace with Russia and Cuba. The Kennedy Adm had Carlos Marcello deported to Guatemala because he lied about his country of origin, which was Tunisia. Tunisia was next to French Algeria that just was freed to become Communist. JFK was becoming a big time enemy of the Mafia, most exceptionally so in New Orleans. That hate was easy to exploit by corrupt FBI Masons like Guy Banister via his connections with David Ferrie to Marcello. Jim Garrison has David Ferrie in his sights as being a prime “Person of Interest” in the JFK hit, but David Ferrie suddenly dies and his best connection into the JFK hit evaporates. Mason Guy Banister is dead in 64. David Ferrie dead on 2-22-67. Lee Oswald dead in 63. Even Jack Ruby, Carlos Mafia lieutenant, is dead in 1-3-67. Most all the prime witnesses that know the secret society connections of the Mafia collaboration with the Masons are snuffed out, but the connections are easy to find in retrospect and become very very obvious. Jim Garrison’s efforts began in Dec 66 with the tips of Jack Martin, and all these subsequent snuff deaths of Ferrie and Ruby came in fast succession due to those wanting to silence any witnesses to Mafia and Mason associations.

  18. Everyone wonders how the JFK hit involved Big Oil, Anti-Communism, Civil Rights, the Mil/Ind Network, and the Mafia all connect to the JFK hit. The special connections are hidden threads of Secret Society that JFK was kicking out of various places in US Govt. to restore American’s Freedom and Independence and harvest a “Peace Dividend” for Everyone.
    It is not hard at all to see these shadow Govt types that infiltrated the various agencies who wanted JFK dead and to put in aTexas Criminal Johnson with a get out of jail free Mason Card. The US was taken over from within by Masonic connected thugs in high places and the US Citizen exploited for wars and profit.
    JFK was after peace with Russia and that basically meant no Cold War nuclear weapons jobs for Oak Ridge and the Oak Ridge Mason connections are large and the common ground is Mason Dulles was kicked out of the CIA and the then Director for the USAEC was plugged into the CIA leadership spot.
    The USAEC was “Over” Oak Ridge and they were backed by Masonic Joint Chiefs like Masons Curtis LeMay and Lyman Lemnitzer. JCS Mason LeMay was pushing hard for nuclear weapons build up and lots of money for Oak Ridge and JFK was going in the total opposite direction and wanting a Peace Dividend, which would cut the profits to the War Mongering Mil/Ind Network down to the bone. Oak Ridge saw its death written on the wall.
    JFK also landed right in the middle of integration movement and being a person of reason started listening to Black Americans needs and supporting Martin Luther King, whose office was in the Prince Hall Masonic building in Atlanta. JFK landed in the battle, often led by Prince Hall Black Freedoms over the oppressive Southern Scottish Rite White Masons demanding “segregation forever”.
    In 1963, Texas and the political money there was huge from big oil profits and the major players were HL Hunt and his Dallas Masonic Banker Clint Murchison. The public PR game to make the “Red Scare” get into the public’s view was funded by Mason Murchison giving money to Senator Joe McCarthy. Texas invented the Communist threat and they were some of the most militant anti-Civil Rights extremists around. That put JFK in the Masonic Cross hairs as he kept not backing the Mil / Ind Networks want for a nuclear WWIII to stamp out Russian Communism forever. The entire Masonic South was up in Arms over forced integration and JFK forced the militant Mason George Wallace’s hand. The Catholic JFK was becoming universally hated by Southern Scottish Rite Masons and they had a long reach to draw in a Massive Secret Society Conspiratorial effort to have JFK killed and replaced with Texas Good Ole Boy Mason backer LBJ.
    To find the common thread all one does is look for the Masonic Elements that hated JFK, and Communism, and Blacks. Do that down in New Orleans and the search finds Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler is a Mason named Guy Banister. He was the FBI Station Chief for Chicago and down in New Orleans he is running over to the Masonic Office building on Lafayette Square to find CIA jobs for David Ferrie.
    Down in New Orleans the Mafia is very interested in getting Cuba back from Castro and the Mafia and CIA renegades are doing everything they can do to knock off Castro. The big game in the Middle 60s was to use a radiation source to weakening Castro’s immune system and then get him inject with a cancer virus by a converted doctor. Oak Ridge Masons were right in the middle with helping Lee Oswald with that project in New Orleans and Oswald even shows up in Oak Ridge in mid-summer of 1963.
    The JFK folks found out that this was happening and places like Oak Ridge were going down hard for interference in Affairs of State.

  19. Masons, Royalists, and their Quest for Empire via Deceit and Treachery, or how America was slowly taken from within by Greedy and Sociopath Oligarchs. The take over and exploitation of the US has taken place like a creeping crud and it started somewhat from continuation of unresolved issues from the Civil War. The Civil War spawned the Scottish Rite Masons via English Royalist Albert Pike. Such set up an insurgence group that acts like the present day NATO Gladio type operations in Europe. England’s Masons formed as a secret way to oppose the Catholic Irish using signs, codes, handshakes and used as a supplanted spy force. England was into exploitation of Black peoples using Liverpool’s bankers and the Atlantic Triangle Shipping Trade.
    As a result of the repression of Blacks in the US, the Masons did not allow Black persons in the Scottish Rite, so the Black persons chartered their own Black Masons referred to as the Prince Hall Masons. Prince Hall Masons came to represent a power and center for changes for Black persons in the US in the early 1900s. This set a huge rift between the Segregation Selling Scottish Rite and the Equal Rights and Freedom seeking Prince Hall Masons. The issues would rise to become involved in backing MLK in what was called Peaceful Protest methods. These Peaceful Protest methods were taught to MLK and Rosa Parks in Tennessee, as the Highlanders Folk School that was located in Monteagle, Tennessee. Soon the White Masons would term the Highlanders as a Communist Organization and the Masonic led Corrupt FBI’s Hoover would be calling MLK as Communist and then on up to JFK was Communist. Mason Hoover close relationship with Dallas Mason Clint Murchison was the formation of those that hated Blacks, hated a Catholic JFK, and embellish hate toward JFK, while backing LBJ for protecting the Oil Depletion Allowance. LBJ was the Mason’s man and JFK was the one they wanted killed in the same way as English Wars against Catholic Ireland.
    In the mid 1900s, English Colonialism was coming out of vogue because Mason FDR came up with “Four Freedoms” insights to allow all countries to allow free choice. English Royalists hated FDR for opposing them, as FDR wanted partnerships with Russia and Stalin after WWII. FDR was onto the English bankers methods to control the US stock markets and take take take from US investors. FDR installed a Catholic named Joe Kennedy to stop the Oligarchic Wealth of the Royals from crashing the US stock markets. FDR eventually placed Joe Kennedy as US Ambassador to the UK, and Joe Kennedy was pulling more for Hitler than Churchill. So, Joe Kennedy had to be recalled. In the process of Joe and family living in England and his kids like JFK watching the German run up to WWII, JFK had an uncommon greatc understanding of Royalists wants for control and how the money systems worked to take over countries using ways of banking wealth and corporations to buy the local elect. Germany’s IG Farben was modeled on that concept, but was backing Hitler.
    One of the problems in WWII was the Germans were needed for their skills in machinery and technology and they could not be locked up like the Japanese in Concentration Camps. So, as some suggest sabotage of a ship in New York harbor the US Army via a Ralph M. Lockhart, set up a protection for the Mafia if they would detect and kill any Germans around New York’s ports and any Germans looking around the Super Secret Manhattan Project that was being done in downtown New York and Columbia University. This set that stage for the marriage of the US Military with the Mafia criminal organization and then using the Masonic Networks within the FBI and soon to come CIA to protect even admitting that the Mafia existed by the FBI Leading Mason Hoover.
    This would set up huge problems as RFK was looking for the Organized Crime issues and got the news from the Valachi admissions, that then opened the gate to the detection of the corruption of the FBI’s Mason Hoover. Then Mason Dulles took over the CIA and soon the Mafia was being used in various countries to kill off the political opposition to the corporate control of the countries they wanted to exploit and come to own the politicians. This was the formula for success for when the US companies took over Cuba and owned the fruit production, installed refineries, allowed the Mafia to come in an run gambling and tourist trades, and they came to corrupt and Own Batista. This is what the CIA wanted all across the lower Americas as their formula for success. The CIA as implement was only supposed to be the intelligence arm for the US President, but the CIA secrecy and Masonic corruption led to it being used for wet operations to kill off political opponents.
    JFK detected that he was being run over by CIA Mason Allan Dulles over the escalation for the Bay of Pigs invasion to commit war crime invasions of other countries, which would have potential to set off a war with Russia. The Masons of the JCS were trying to start a war with Russia and that could become the trigger they Needed, and they were more than interested in setting up and using a Catholic President to get that done.. Masons Curtis LeMay and Lyman Lemnitzer were behind this push. Russia was well behind the US in nuclear weapons parity, so the JCS envisioned the Russians would just give in and the US Oligarch wanting the end of Communism would be overcome. As it came to pass, JFK was much smarter and fired Mason Allan Dulles and JFK well knew where his problems were coming from on making peace dividend deals to have peaceful coexistence with Russia. JFK was a chip off the old blocks of both Joe and FDR in political aspirations for peace.
    So, as part of this stab in the back process to presidents, comes Lee Oswald working for these Texas Masonic elite fringe elements seeing the end of Peace talks between Eisenhower and Khrushchev. This gets accomplished when the Russians improve the range for their missiles and shoot down Gary Powers, so then the Cold War tensions can mount into the Cuban Missile Crisis, where the Catholic being set up dodged that bullet. So, when LHO comes back to the US he quickly gets plugged into the next game to take out something Communistic. The target is Castro and the method is using radiation and a lung cancer virus that is worked up in New Orleans via connections with Alton Oscher’s ideas and Mary Sherman and this connected with David Ferrie and using mice to develop the cancer virus. Problem was this was being helped by Masonic controlled Oak Ridge and Lee Oswald came to Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 to gain ideas and help, and he went to visit the USAEC’s Atomic Museum and attracted much FBI attention when he signed the Guest Registry. Then he became suspect because he became visible. So, the next set-up came into play and that was sell LHO as a Russian Dissident that was sent by Russia to kill JFK and in that way start a war with Russia.
    Oak Ridge’s Y-12 was well connected with the extremist factions in Dallas by a person named Ray Tucker, Sr., who worked for the Y-12 plant at that time. Ray Tucker, Sr. went to High School in Chicago with Jacob Rubenstein and they both moved to Dallas around the same time. Jacob Rubenstein did a quick name change to Jack Ruby, as the Chicago mob to which he was connected wanted to kill him for too much drug pushing involvement exposing organized crime there too much. So, Mafia controller Meyer Lanski helped move Jewish Jack Ruby down to work for Carlos Marcello’s drug running and other rackets from New Orleans, and Jack Ruby was assigned to Dallas. The alliance of Ray Tucker, Sr. with Jack Ruby in Dallas and thus JFK hating Carlos Marcello in New Orleans gave Y-12 the connections to start up the turning of interests in killing Castro toward killing JFK and installing Mason good ole boy LBJ.

  20. LBJ was the Texas Mason’s “Lap Dog” and he received tons of money from Mason Clint Murchison and the Houston Lamar Hotel “8F” Masonic gang. Plots to hit JFK had been defeated in Miami, Florida on Nov 18, and in Chicago. It was now or never for the Masons to use their get out of jail free card with Mason backer LBJ. RFK had a magazine expose exposing LBJ as a criminal and when that became public, LBJ would be ousted from office and lost to their uses. So, it was a fever pitch to kill JFK in Dallas and for lots of Masons to escape the hangman’s noose.
    JFK had detected the Masonic scam by Mason Dulles of the CIA, trying to sucker in JFK via the Bay of Pigs to incite war with Russia, which soon became the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis almost caused a nuclear war that the corrupt Masons wanted, as the US state Dept was helping cause potential for war via blocking JFK communications with Russia. Only via JFK using backwater communications with Khrushchev did the Cuban Missile Crisis not result in a nuclear war. It came so close, that the Russians and US set up the “Red Phone” direct line between each other to keep any kind of state Dept attempts to keep each side from speaking directly to each other.
    That Mason and English Royalist’s plan did not work, but JFK and RFK were finding the Mafia was protected by the FBI and various law agencies and they were looking at Mason Hoover to be next for the head chop to be removed from Govt. service. The extremist Masons on JFK’s own JCS were causing him all manner of attacks for being a communist, and the worst were Mason Curtis LeMay is basically a Canadian Mason that is more protective of the English Royalists than the other Joint Chiefs. As JFK added two and two that the “Dallas Nut Country” set up the Sen. Joe McCarthy “Red Scare”, the money going to Mason Clint Murchison was an evil that had to be cut off by ending the Oil Depletion Allowance. Then JFK had an even bigger Mason target on his back to be eliminated at any cost. That effort formed with the Y-12 connections with Ray Tucker, Sr. to Dallas Mafia Jack Ruby, then to Dallas Mason Clint Murchison, and Mason Guy Banister and the New Orleans kill Castro types of David Ferrie and Marcello Mafia that were becoming exposed as opposing JFK’s affairs of state for peace with Communism. Not only that being exposed, but the alliance set up by the US Army with the Mafia and the protections of the Mafia via FBI Masons like Hoover and others in high places.
    Everything the Masons plotted or planned to undermine a Catholic President were about to come crashing down on their collective “deceit and treachery” for treason against Americans. The Y-12 plotters helping the Mafia’s David Ferrie, and Lee Oswald’s handler FBI Mason Guy Banister was coming to the attention of JFK. Y-12 wanted Jobs and Mason Curtis LeMay offered lots of bomb making jobs for decades. So, the Y-12 Masons could well use that the former USAEC head, John McCone was now the CIA head and would protect them from discovery. John McCone, who was a “Knight of Malta” type, supported the former CIA Mason Allan Dulles and Curtis LeMay plans to make war with Communists using any Operation Northwoods technique around and their favorite technique was to set up a Catholic President to causing a nuke war. Then the Masons could say it was the evil Catholics that caused the war, and come in with deceit and treachery to say they save the day after the nuke war. It was John McCone that stated that US was not buying the “Lone Nut Shooter” in Dallas as to why JFK was killed, and the European press was basically calling it all a fabricated lie. So, it was John McCone that stated to Mason Hoover and LBJ that something more had to be done to White Wash the JFK assassination, which would blow the cover of the Masonic efforts to control the US and start a war to obliterate Communism for the Royalist’s bankers.

  21. Very smart and well written! I loved it. There is so much I could add to this, you have no idea. People never focus on Stalin and he is a very important piece to this puzzle. Good job.

    1. There is undisputed documentary evidence that Freemasonry assassinated President John F. Kennedy and overthrew his government. When will the international community face reality that the international Freemasonry cult is a threat to international peace and harmony. The problem cannot be solved by sweeping their treasonable conduct under a rug it will encourage them to continue. Governments have a responsibility to tell the public the truth.

        1. Trump is not a Mason. Although the masonic structure is embedded with spooks, and sometimes social-climbing mafioso, the overwhelming majority of members are held to high standards. Not the sort of fraternal organization that would appeal to someone who likes to run his own stage and monopolize the mic.

  22. Here is some additional information to complete the picture. I am a retired member of the RCMP and was still a member during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. After watching television coverage of the assassination I did not believe that Oswald acted alone as reported in the news media. I ordered a copy of the condensed version of the Warren Report as soon as it became available.
    After reading the report my suspicion was confirmed that there was a conspiracy Governor Connally’s evidence destroyed the single bullet theory farce. Later in my investigation I obtained a copy of the original Zapruder film as soon as it was available and it is another confirmation that the single bullet theory was a fraud. I am not interested in writing a book.

  23. Hi,
    “Several Popes had issued edicts to forbid Catholics from participating in the “satanic” ceremonies of Freemasonry, probably because Masons had the audacity to put a Koran and Torah on the altar alongside the Bible”.
    The TORAH is the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible.
    It’s vital for people to read, THE RULERS OF EVIL by Tupper Saussy!
    He makes it clear that the JESUITS and FREEMASONS joined forces to establish America.
    Tupper Saussy, wrote a shocking book titled, Rulers of Evil. It was published in 2001. It’s about the Jesuits. It’s about their influence on the founding of the United States.
    Tupper was a brilliant researcher, among his other talents. While making his case in the book, he lets the reader know when the points of reference are circumstantial. Tupper was a man who knew how to assess degrees of evidence.
    One of most shocking facts about the highly controversial book was its publication by HarperCollins, a major house. That feat was somehow accomplished by agent Peter Fleming. Peter did what no other agent could have done. He pulled off a magic trick for the ages.
    I’m sure, once the book was in print, the people at Harper looked at each other and said, “What did we just do? How did this happen? Peter Fleming must have hypnotized us!”
    I offer a group of quotes from the book (transcribed at, without comment. The quotes are meant to attract your interest, so you’ll find a copy of Rulers of Evil and read it. These statements involve the Jesuits, the Knights Templar, the Vatican, the Freemasons:
    “During the night of December 16, 1773, a gang of Indians climbed aboard certain ships in Boston harbor, ripped open three hundred forty-two of the East India Company’s tea chests and threw overboard their contents, valued at $90,000. Well, they looked like Indians, and witnesses thought
    they were Indians, but the big open secret was that they were Freemasons in disguise. Perhaps the most succinct statement on the subject appears in respected Masonic historian Arthur Edward Waite’s New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:
    ‘The Boston Tea Party was entirely Masonic, carried out by members of the St. Johns Lodge during an adjourned meeting’.”
    “The East India Company was a major subsidizer of the Jesuit mission to Beijing. The Jesuits, in turn, interceded with oriental monarchs to secure lucrative commercial favors for the company, including monopolies on tea, spices, saltpeter (for explosives), silks, and the world’s opium trade. Indeed … the company appears to owe its very existence to the Society of Jesus [the Jesuits].”
    “Freemasonry was the natural, the reasonable, the only intelligent way for the Roman Catholic Church to control (a) the ongoing affront of Protestantism, (b) the increase in ‘divine right’ kings heading their own national churches independent of Vatican control, and (c) the incredible explosion of international mercantilism. Like the aquatic creature whose mouth resembles a comfortable resting place to its prey, the [Masonic] Lodges were a sagacious recycling of the old Templar infrastructure into a dynamic spiritual and economic brotherhood that gave Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics, and anyone else an opportunity to build a better life outside Roman Catholicism, yet still under the Church’s superintending eye.”
    “Of the 2,500,000 enumerated inhabitants in 1787 America, the Roman Catholic population consisted of no more than 16,000 in Maryland, 7,000 in Pennsylvania, 1,500 in New York, and 200 in Virginia. Once the Constitution was in place, a steady influx of European immigrants transformed Roman Catholicism from America’s smallest to largest religious denomination. By 1850 the higher powers at Rome could view the United States as a viable tributary, if not another papal state.”
    “The highest master of a [Masonic] Lodge received commandments from an ‘Unknown Superior,’ a Superior whose will the master’s whole struggle up the degrees had trained him to obey without question. What the masters never realized was that this mysterious personage, as we shall examine in more detail later, was in fact none other than the Black Pope [the head of the Jesuits].”
    “Then, as an addendum to its closing statements, the Council [of Trent, 1545-1563] recommended that the Jesuits ‘should be given price of place over members of other orders as preachers and professors.’ It was at Trent that the Roman Catholic Church began marching to the beat of the Black Papacy [the Jesuits].”
    “Fascism may be an ugly word to many, but its stately emblem is apparently offensive to no one. The emblem of fascism, a pair of them, commands the wall above and behind the speaker’s rostrum in the Chamber of the [US] House of Representatives. They’re called fasces, and I can think of no reason for them to be there other than to declare the fascistic nature of American republican democracy.”
    “A fasces is a Roman device. Actually, it originated with the ancient Etruscans, from whom the earliest Romans derived their religious jurisprudence nearly three thousand years ago. It’s an axe-head whose handle is a bundle of rods tightly strapped together by a red sinew. It symbolizes the ordering of priestly functions into a single infallible sovereign, an autocrat who could require life and limb of his subjects. If the fasces is entwined with laurel, like the pair on the House [of Representatives] wall, it signifies Caesarean military power. The Romans called this infallible sovereign Pontifex Maximus, ‘Supreme Bridgebuilder’.”
    “No building can rightly be called a capitol unless it’s a temple of Jupiter, the great father-god of Rome who ruled heaven with his thunderbolts and nourished the earth with his fertilizing rains. If it was a capitolium, it belonged to Jupiter and his priests. Jupiter’s mascot was the eagle, which the founding fathers [of the United States] made their mascot as well.”
    “Consider: the land known today as the District of Columbia bore the name ‘Rome’ in 1663 property records; and the branch of the Potomac River that bordered ‘Rome’ on the south was called ‘Tiber.’ This information was reported in the 1902 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia’s article on Daniel Carroll. The article, specifically declaring itself ‘of interest to Catholics’ in the 1902 edition, was deleted from the New Catholic Encyclopedia (1967).”
    (Source Jon Rappoport Sep 2017

  24. Here’s a couple facts I know, to correct some info and some comments:
    The Freemasons are not satanic. It’s more of an business-oriented archeological society.
    Catholics did support MLK, not all of them of course, but most. They stood up for him since his message was a peaceful one, and priests literally marched alongside him.

      1. The “satanic” comment was in relation to the Pope banning Catholics from participating in masonry, not because I believe masons are satanic. They are not. Satan was an invention of the church and deployed for inquisitions and wars of conquest.

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