Guide to Making Magic

You just need a target vibration to focus telepathic power in order to make magic, which involves ceremony, ritual and a feeling of enchantment. To aid my personal ceremonies, I invented a meditation device (left) that represents an evolutionary step in peace magic. Well, at least that’s my opinion, although zero media has contacted me to report on my groundbreaking invention.

The reason I had to invent my own ceremonial tools is because I don’t trust the current paradigms, not the fundamentalist ones nor occult ones. Both are littered with frauds, fakers and spooks. The legacy of spook ops in the occult runs through Blavatsky, Crowley, Scientology up through The Process Church of Final Judgment.

If you want to be “counterculture” you must remain non-violent. War is what the dominant culture wants because it produces the most possible profit. Counterculture is not about your tattoos, hair extensions, favorite colors. It’s about all cultures uniting. Anything that promotes violence is mainstream even if it comes dressed as rock’n’roll or hip hop.

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