Five Stars for Gravity

maxresdefaultWhen I first heard about Gravity, I wondered how in the world anyone could make a compelling movie about two astronauts just drifting untethered in space. It seemed like an update on the old lost-in-a-lifeboat-at-sea, only a lot less cinematic because when people are trapped in space suits for an entire film, there can’t be much intimacy, right?
Boy, was I wrong. This movie is the closest thing to a space walk we’re likely to get for some time, and I want to thank Warner Brothers for making an action film that doesn’t include a spec of violence pornography although there’s one shot of a man’s head broken open by debris that could be considered “gore” I guess, but it wasn’t anything that even made people even want to turn away because their was zero blood, just an empty hole where the guy’s brains used to be.
It’s actually a film about spirituality and the difficulty of continuing on with life after you lose a child. Of course, that is every parent’s worst nightmare, and for some, the nightmare becomes real. Losing a child is enough to make a lot of people shut down and lose all interest in anything after that as they cannot stop grieving.
I don’t want to spoil the movie, and if you haven’t seen it, you should avoid reviews just so the plot won’t be revealed, because it’s easy to ruin this film if you know what’s going to happen.
Suffice to say George Clooney plays a Temple Dragon of immense spiritual powers, and Sandra Bullock plays the parent who lost a child. Like most scientists, Bullock’s character is an atheist who never prayed in her life, but after an accident in space she needs to learn how to fast and George does all the teaching.
I sure hope Hollywood makes more films like this. I positively hated Avatar, and thought the message was insane: Kill hundreds of your own people to save a tree in space? It seemed like some weird mind control op to ramp up the environmental movement so it can be twisted into some new form of jihad.
I hate watching violence these days because I’ve seen way too much already. I told my kids if I see a copy of Grand Theft Auto V in the house, I will destroy it on sight. Why can’t they make video games like Gravity, where the oppositional forces just involve the natural world and not shooting and killing living beings every three seconds?
The only criticism I’d make is I wish the film was longer and started on earth and then taken the ride up, instead of beginning the story in mid-orbit.

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  1. Haven’t yet seen Gravity, as for video games check out The Swapper. Funny enough, the whole duration of the game you’re in a Space Suit.
    Oh, and do yourself a favor and pick up Shadow of the colossus. Though it might be a video game about slaying giants, the plot is about love. How far the main character is willing to go for it, what he would desecrate and sacrifice.

  2. Totally agree about Gravity.
    The film had such a fantastic sense of verisimilitude, I did wonder what it might have been like without a non-diegetic musical score. I am convinced that the cinematography, the VFX and the performances were compelling enough to take the audience on a really spiritual journey without any further “cinematic” additions.
    I think that might have pushed it over the edge, from great film into masterpiece territory.
    Can’t know for sure though, and I still really enjoyed it.
    Good review.

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