Manifesto for the Pot Illuminati

Devoted to the Welfare of the World

Cannabis has been a constant provider of human welfare throughout humanity’s long journey. The time has come for the Pot Illuminati to gather and take our place as stewards of Cannabis. We seek to help dissolve the oppressive laws against our sacrament. We also seek to harness the power and energy of Cannabis for the welfare of the world.

We have long celebrated the great gifts this unique plant offers such as medicine, food, fuel, paper, cordage, paints, plastics as well as the sacramental key to higher realms of consciousness (if used wisely and in moderation). We have patiently waited for humanity to awaken from the ignorance caused by forgetfulness and many of our members have suffered great persecution just for their acknowledgement and love for the many blessings Cannabis has bestowed upon us.

But we now stand at the threshold of a Great Cannabis Re-awakening, a Phoenix rebirth of the mighty healing spirit of Cannabis. The Pot Illuminati, as faithful stewards and advocates of Cannabis, claim our right to determine, shape and protect the future of Cannabis from state and corporate domination and exploitation.

The Pot Illuminati Lodge is a non-political entity that embraces all people regardless of race, religion or national origin. We seek to blend all the great religions, many of which have been perverted to manifest war for profit.  We also seek to disarm the dark lords who support Prohibition and we will do this by stealing their magic and bending it to our will.

Induction into The Pot Illuminati Lodge is by invitation only.

The Pot Illuminati Grand Lodge: Rules and Dogmas

There is no dogma: Do anything you like, as long as you don’t hurt anybody. However that does not mean we do not study and celebrate the poetry and myths of past religions. We do. However, we feel free to merge concepts from all religions because they are rivers flowing into the same sea.

Improvisation is encouraged at all times: always allow the inspiration of the moment to manifest and trust your instincts because they prove your heart is pure.

The main vibrations to manifest are fun and love and when we magnify these energies, our Temple fills with a palpable vibration that can heal damaged souls. One can feel that energy later in the empty Temple long after everyone has left.

Pranks and jokes are fine, provided everyone laughs when the prank is over, because if anyone cried, it’s a stain on the prankster’s karma.

When the Pot Illuminati gather for an improvisational ceremony, no anger or hostile telepathy should manifest in the Temple, and if someone’s energy is not correct, an Illuminated Master must rectify the situation quickly, often done by inviting the person to share some Cannabis.

If someone yells, or starts a violent confrontation inside the Temple, it must be cleared immediately, and everyone should vacate while a Temple Dragon resolves the situation. Members should not return until the perpetrator(s) have either left the Temple or been excused by a Temple Dragon, and the room should be blessed with sage and ceremony and members should pray in silence until the proper vibration returns and normal Temple functions can continue.

No member should ever lie, cheat or steal, and if caught doing so, they should be expelled. Such matters involve the entire membership, or whoever shows up for the trial, and the accused can be saved by a Temple Dragon if he believes the facts are in doubt.

A small jar of Cannabis should be placed on the altar in the Temple at all times in case of medical emergencies. Members always know they can come to the Temple should they require medicine. White powders, hard drugs, and alcohol are not permitted in the Temple. Do not bring weapons of violence into the Temple and the penalty for this violation is permanent expulsion.

There are no degrees in our society. Do not apply or seek membership if you have a history of hurting people or have been arrested for violent activities. The Deacons of our order are known as Temple Dragons and one or two is typically inducted every year.

Once you are inducted, you will be given a golden pin to wear, which you can display or hide. However, you should not boast excessively about your membership, but if someone asks what it is, feel free to whisper the words: “Pot Illuminati” and then put a finger to your mouth and go “shhhh.”

Please note: the society no longer accepts membership requests via email.

12 Replies to “Manifesto for the Pot Illuminati”

  1. Wow you are really the illuminated master for sure .. Such a wonderful and wonderfilled manifesto … I love it. the rules and dog ma ( i love that dog part ) also i read one must be nominated to be Inducted? Wow, how does that happen ? might I be worthy ? Or at least considered ? On to something serious .. So I really going o miss you this year .. What has it been so many years I wait to see you at the cup…20 years minus one..
    The hemp hotel closes this week.. Love always Steve
    Sent from my iPad

    1. You and Steve are supposed to open the Amsterdam Lodge of the Pot Illuminati in a year or so. Meanwhile, you guys can come over to this side of the pond to play until then.

  2. From what i see here it appears that athiests are excluded from this group… Am I correct with this assumption?

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