9/11 is unraveling

JFK was murdered while I was in junior high, but two years later, by the time I reached high school, stories had already begun surfacing about possible CIA involvement in the assassination. Like almost all Americans, I initially had a negative reaction to these theories. There was no way I could wrap my mind around the fact the basic institutions of government might be severely corrupted—not in America, thought I. But the reality is most institutions either start out corrupt or eventually become corrupt over time. That’s just human nature at work.

So when 9/11 took place, I knew immediately this was a major operation designed to sweep us into war. I watched one of the Towers collapse from the roof of a building near Union Square, and then put my family in a car and high-tailed it upstate to Woodstock, where I remained for over a week convinced the air in Manhattan was not safe. Most of the toxic dust cloud blew directly east towards Brooklyn, but I was sure we were going to see tremendous health issues, and could not understand why the city made a sudden announcement that the air in Manhattan was safe. I knew that was just one of many lies being told.

In another twenty years, the entire 9/11 op will probably become transparent to anyone who cares to delve into the actual facts, although I am sure the media and government will hold to their cover story forever. If you control the media and you can tell a lie over and over, eventually, after a century or two, the lie becomes history. Today, most teens seem little interested in political realities and many swallow the official cover-stories unquestioningly, the opposite of my generation’s mindset in the 1960s.

For me, the truth in political conspiracies is revealed through the cover-up. When great crimes are committed, they demand great cover-up efforts. When the 9/11 truth movement appeared, I knew it would be heavily penetrated by disinfo agents seeding rabbit holes. In the early years, it was difficult to discern reliable researchers from the manufactured whistleblowers. The best way to tell these two camps apart is by realizing the fakes will be lionized in the press and put on the cover of Time magazine, while real researchers will always be ignored.

If you want to get a primer on where 9/11 research is today, I suggest watching the 5-hour documentary by Massimo Mazzucco (below). It’s helpful to consider the European perspective. The documentary examines the major disinfo artists in Europe who support the official version. After watching this film, it will be impossible to believe anything the Pentagon says about this event.

Hopefully, in another twenty years or so, we may have some real answers as to what went down that day. In the meantime, rest assured those buildings could not have collapsed without the use of explosives, and the maneuvers of some of the airplanes were impossible even by the best of pilots. There is also the photoshopped image of the Pentagon strike from a camera in the Pentagon parking lot, a photo that remains the only image released of the explosion. For some reason, the image of the plane was obviously removed.

Like the JFK cover-up, which was exposed recently in the documentary Evidence of Revision, you can see the distorting and fabrication of 9/11 evidence in the New Pearl Harbor. One thing I appreciated from watching this documentary was how much solid info Loose Change had collected early on, especially regarding explosions inside the Trade Towers. Those explosions actually began shortly before the first plane hit. I’d always mistrusted Loose Change because it came out so quick, but in retrospect, seeing how much footage from that documentary made it into New Pearl Harbor, I have to admit Loose Change did a lot of important early work.

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  1. “In another twenty years, the entire 9/11 op will probably become transparent to anyone who cares to delve into the actual facts, although I am sure the media and government will hold to their cover story forever.”
    I was appalled when the local paper this week published something called “Fifty Years and still No Conspiracy” by one Richard Mosk, a “member of the staff” of the Warren Commission. I wrote a letter back to the editor elevating Mosk to the company of the Merry Pranksters in honor of Ken Kesey, a local hero around these parts. They never will give up on the official version, will they? Another local notable is Kris Millegan of Trine Day, the publisher you mentioned in your post on Chauncey Holt. I met Kris recently at a lecture he gave. I doubt if he reads too many newspapers, but if he saw the Mosk thing, I’m sure he was amused.

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      Silencing JFK theorists only worsens distrust
      November 10, 2013
      By admin
      This commentary is by Kris Millegan, whose TrineDay publishing house carries many current titles related to the JFK assassination. Some of those will be on display and for sale at the COPA conference in Dallas.
      Guest Viewpoint
      Silencing JFK theorists only worsens distrust
      By Kris Millegan
      Published: 12:00 a.m., Nov. 10
      With all due respect to Richard Mosk’s Nov. 3 Commentary essay, “Fifty Years Later and Still No Conspiracy,” [http://billingsgazette.com/news/opinion/guest/guest-opinion-still-no-proof-of-jfk-conspiracy-after-years/article_31ecf8f4-ba27-57ae-bde0-d06a705a6be4.html]in 1979 the official report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations stated: “The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”
      Contrary to Mosk’s suspicions that “most Americans have come to accept the conclusions of the Warren Commission,” in a 2013 Associated Press survey 25 percent said Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and 75 percent said there was a conspiracy. An avalanche of credible evidence over the past five decades supports the view that a coup d’ etat happened in November of 1963, with incalculable consequences for our country and the world. Just as lies are told so wars may be fought, many lies have been told to cover up the violent removal of a head of state.
      I was in Mrs. Helser’s ninth-grade Spanish class when the news came over the intercom. While my fellow students sat stunned, I was called to the school office where my boss from The Oregonian told me to get on the streets and sell newspapers. The only other time this happened in my six-year career as a paperboy was two days later, when Oswald was conveniently murdered. It was a traumatic period, to say the least.
      Those who deny any conspiracy continually trot out the same old story. No matter what evidence emerges, it is dismissed as some kind of opportunism or irrational mental condition. People who write books challenging the official line have no grandiose hopes of getting rich. Bestsellers are for those who keep Oswald front and center, like Vincent Bugliosi and Gerald Posner. For we who beg to differ, the hope of being reviewed by major national media outlets is like waiting for Godot. Nevertheless, you can’t fool most of the people this time.
      Mosk also writes, “The promotion of false conspiracy theories is not harmless.” Neither is the promotion of half-truths, myths and cover-ups. Mosk’s blind acceptance of the largely disproven Warren Report is the real threat to our republic (which appears to be acting more like an empire these days).
      Our small publishing company experiences first-hand the firewall behind which our mass media outlets cower. They seem to believe that by ignoring the ideas, research and conclusions that many of us bring to the table, they are saving their credibility, along with that of our government institutions. The reality is exactly the opposite: By ignoring the viewpoints and concerns of a majority of citizens, the media have only added to the alienation and miasma infecting our social order. The media foster the very problem they pretend to deplore.
      Mosk cites “more than 25,000 interviews” conducted by the commission. While one admires the quantity of its efforts, it is tragic that the commission failed to interview a handful of people who might have given a different story, and ignored or failed to follow up on others.
      Of course, some of those who wished to testify died in various ways. It didn’t really matter. The investigation homed in exclusively on Oswald. The drumbeat of Oswald’s guilt has unfortunately obscured greater questions: who, why and what now?
      Retired FBI and Secret Service agents, some of whom were in Dallas that day, believe there was a murder conspiracy. People who were in Dealey Plaza that day believe it. This does not constitute proof, but to utterly dismiss the possibility when good men disagree sounds suspiciously like blind patriotism, the scourge of a democratic republic.
      Mosk’s missive may hit its mark with some, but for anyone who actually looks into the subject, there are multiple verifiable refutations of the Warren Commission’s findings and its methodology. The murder of Kennedy constituted the violent overthrow of an elected official, using sophisticated intelligence protocols. Professionals then covered up the killing.
      Barely four hours after the assassination J. Edgar “There is no Mafia” Hoover declared to his agents in Dallas in an FBI memo that the Dallas police “Very probably had Kennedy’s killer in custody.” The next day, FBI agent James Hosty destroyed all information he had concerning Oswald. Then on Nov. 24, Hoover called the White House and left a message for the new President Johnson: “I am most concerned about having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.” Four days after the assassination Hoover declared in a FBI memo: “Wrap up the investigation: seems to me we have the basic facts now.”
      Before he was silenced, Oswald declared he was just a patsy, which a dictionary defines as “A person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being cheated or blamed for something.” Another patsy in this long-festering mess is us: We, the people.
      Kris Millegan is publisher of TrineDay Press in Walterville. Kelly Ray, an editor at TrineDay, assisted with the preparation of this essay.

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