H. L. Hunt is a key to the JFK assassination

h-l-hunt-1There are few characters in the JFK assassination saga that loom as large as H. L. Hunt. In 1963, Hunt’s personal fortune was estimated at $16 billion, four times the combined visible wealth of the Rockefellers. This was in large part to the oil depletion allowance, which had shielded around 30% of Texas oil profits from taxation for decades. I guess you know JFK wanted to end that tax break in order to reap millions for the Treasury. That alone would have been enough to put Hunt into action since Hunt controlled a vast private intelligence network, one that included the John Birch Society.

When you sift through the facts of this case, two nexus points emerge: one in Miami called JM/Wave (the largest CIA station outside Langley), and the other based around the Texas oil barons who funded the John Birch Society and other right-wing hate groups, a list that included Clint Murchison, Fred Koch and both Hunt brothers. These rich Texans were very close with right-wing elements in the military, and, in fact, had funded the political campaign of General MacArthur and supported retired General Edwin Walker, who’d been drummed out of the Army after distributing John Birch Society material to his troops. Supposedly, Oswald took a shot at Walker shortly before JFK’s assassination.
jfk_24_flyer1Hunt’s son Nelson helped purchase a full-page ad in the Dallas newspaper the day JFK arrived. It accused the President of betraying the Constitution. In addition, a leaflet appeared all over town that accused JFK of treason. These were not random events, but obvious propaganda ploys intended to soften up the city for what was about to happen. In fact, I’ve always suspected James Angleton wrote a secret report accusing JFK of being a Communist mole high inside the government. Angleton was convinced this mole existed based on information provided by a fake defector. Throughout the Cold War, Russian spooks like Kim Philby were dancing circles around the CIA, and manipulating the paranoid Angleton in the process.

Sam Giancana and Richard C. Nagell both claimed the Texas oil crowd put up the money to fund the assassination, and Nagell placed H. L. Hunt at the epicenter of the conspiracy. Keep in mind, Hunt was the money man behind both LBJ and Joseph McCarthy (who was actually very close to the Kennedy family). Robert Kennedy learned how to play dirty tricks from being on McCarthy’s staff, where the professor of dirty tricks was a lawyer named Roy Cohn, who would soon rise to great influence, eventually becoming the mentor for Donald Trump.
wantedfortreasonSo Hunt was a major player in the realm of secret societies. Strange, though, how the Hunts and Murchison eventually got busted down to almost nothing at one point after becoming three of the richest people in the world, which just goes to show how the real money power resides in the Eastern Establishment trusts and banks on Wall Street, and not the individual billionaires who can come and go with market trends.

Funny how the John Birch society was so peppered with Freemasons of the 33rd Degree, high-ranking officials of the Federal Reserve banking system and members of the Council on Foreign Relations. They started out attacking Communism, which they blamed on the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. But if you know anything about Communism, you know spooks set most of it up. Was there ever a time when spooks weren’t running the American Communist Party? So it’s only appropriate to suspect the anti-Communist movement would have been similarly set-up and run by spooks. Deep politics is a wilderness of mirrors.

In 1975, Penn Jones received this anonymous letter, which some think was written by Lee Oswald and others claim is a forgery. This letter would soon feed right into the E. Howard Hunt rabbit hole, but, in fact, it’s far more likely a note like this would have been written to H. L. Hunt, who actually lived in Dallas and is someone Oswald might have conducted secret meetings with, at least that’s what Nagell claims. Unless, of course, the letter was just a rabbit hole, which seems likely.

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  1. My goodness, you’re really getting lots of flack for boiling down these stories to their essences, Steve! The Emperor is Naked, eating his lunch. Carry on, pilgrim. The Road Less Traveled, indeed. Namaste’, rinpoche.

    1. Some flack, but mostly appreciative comments. The dots aren’t that difficult to connect provided you can navigate the mountains of disinfo created to confuse people.

    1. That’s an unfair characteristic of my writings. Yes, I consider all avenues of information I come across. Most of what you read on JFK assassination is disinfo. I’ve spent over 40 years trying to separate out the muck for the real info. It is “hearsay” to say John Roselli was involved in the assassination. Yes, but since Roselli confessed to more than one person, and since he ended up in little pieces in a garbage can floating in Biscayne Bay, I think it’s safe to say Roselli was telling the truth. Most of the material I present can be verified easily and I deal almost entirely with facts. I am just a dot connector, not a gumshoe investigator.

  2. re:oswald?–letter…someone-at-the-Wecht-conference-wondered-if-it-couldnt-have-been-addressed-to-a-Mr.Hurt…same-as-the-army-intel.-guy-oswald-was-attempting-to-contact-from-dallas-jail.

  3. re:Koch-connection?…I-find-it-interesting-that-david-koch-purchased-jackie-kennedys-penthouse…of-ALL-the-real-estate-available-in-NYC…reminds-of-d.h.byrd-having-the-oswald-sniper-window-taken-out-to-put-in-his-house-as-a-keepsake.

  4. btw, David Koch paid for the remarkably disingenuous program that was broadcast on PBS this past November on their Nova program, “Cold Case – JFK.”

  5. Your theme on HL Hunt is very close. Recall that JFK and RFK were set to ruin LBJ via Bobby Baker and their common connections with the Lamar 8F gang in Houston. Also, associate that Lamar was a big Texas Mason, and Masons founded Texas. So, lots of the 8F Gang are allied with Mason ideals for Texas and the US. The 8F gang was the foundation for the Mil/Ind Network that sought to control and dominate the US. They set up the Red Scare to promote Fascism on the US and empowerment of nobility’s riches over the US.
    If the Magazine article that RFK and JFK planned came to view, then LBJ was going to jail along with Bobby Baker and then soon the greater 8F dirty deals would come into the light. Next would be the Morris Jaffe and HL Hunt games on ripping off the USAEC on uranium deals, when McCone was in the USAEC. Then more 8F Crooks would be going to jail, and the domination of Texas over the US would come to an abrupt end.
    One also has to keep in mind that Murchison and Hoover were both Masons and that basically Murchison owned Hoover by under the table deals on oil wells and big visits to Del Mar in California. One can even discover that Murchison’s rich buddy was HL Hunt, and Hunt was a sociopath of the same ilk as LBJ. HL Hunt tried to run Billy Graham for President because Graham was backed by Masons over his support of the faked up Scofield Bible issues to distort the Bible’s narratives into the realm of Elmer Gantry type Zionist themes.
    A huge supporter of Scofield was none other than Dealy, who was a big Mason whose name goes along with Dealy Plaza, where Dallas’ first Mason temple was located. It is also interesting that HL Hunt comes along as supporting Graham over the Scofield issues, and that Graham tried to call JFK a week before the 22nd and tell him not to go to Dallas on the 22nd. So, now Graham gets into the same area as Joe Milteer and Rose Cherami, and these three sure didn’t know LHO, which means there lone shooter was pure non-sense.
    Viewing Texas as a Republic first taken by Masons is important to Texas history, as well as to the issues involved in the JFK hit. Also, keep in mind that Masons held high position in NASA and USAEC, and one finds that all of LHO’s pals from Reily Coffee in New Orleans got nice jobs working for NASA in New Orleans. Also, that JFK biggest enemy in the Civil Rights issues was a Mason named George Wallace, who HL Hunt was running for president in Dallas the week before JFK was to come to Dallas. They also proposed Curtis LeMay for the Wallace VP, and he was also a huge JFK enemy.
    JFK was not only busting up the Masons control of the CIA via Dulles, but finding Masons were behind the entire Operation Paperclip game to get NAZIs and their inventions into the US. JFK had the Beast of the Mil/Ind Network by all its 7 heads and he was about to win the showdown over power and control of the US. JFK was even going to take down the issues of religious propaganda, which was a huge element in the CIA’s control over the lower Americas, central Europe, etc.

    1. Thanks for these details Jim, I’ve written several blogs about Freemasonry, including one that tracked the Masons at the center of the JFK conspiracy. I don’t blame Masonry, btw, and I don’t practice intolerance of spiritual beliefs, but it’s obvious Masonry has provided shelter for conspiracies of various stripes for centuries.

  6. The next big point that is highly suppressed in the JFK hit, is that Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry was a Mason:
    Curry was also the one that set up LHO to be gunned down by Jack Ruby, one of LBJ’s boys.
    Curry also set off the APB on LHO.
    Curry was also why Jack Ruby wanted to be moved from Dallas to tell his story.

  7. Your points are well made. Hunt and Murchison were afraid of losing their oil depletion allowance. It was a time of extreme right wing groups paranoid about this whole ridicoulous communism obsession. General Charles Willoughby was identified on Rob Reiner’s podcast as a major player along with Willam Harvey in the assassination of JFK. He had close ties to Hunt. Strange how a retired general could afford the estate he had in Florida.

    1. When I published the first and only national magazine article on how the CIA killed JFK, I keyed in on JM/Wave early on and after reading “Wilderness of Mirrors” by CBS national security reporter David Martin, I called Martin at CBS and actually got him on the phone and asked if Harvey had been involved in the assassination. He replied: “Never heard that.” Obviously, he wasn’t being truthful. I am sure many others besides me were thinking Harvey’s plot to assassinate Castro pivoted to JFK after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was around this time I realized most of the so-called whistleblowers were really blowing smoke.

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