The New Pot Enlightenment

NPEcoverI guess you realize zeitgeists are shifting around the world thanks to our rapidly evolving 21st century technologies?
The creation of the Internet will eventually be viewed as even more transforming than the invention of the printing press was back in 1450. Maybe you realize the printing press ushered in the Renaissance?
Very soon, I expect the Internet to manifest a similar leap in consciousness for the generation coming of age now, the echo boomers. Boomers like me were the first to grow up watching television, and that certainly had a powerful effect on us, but television was always primarily a vehicle for advertising and state-sponsored propaganda, while the Internet can be a powerful tool for self-education, enlightenment and cultural revolution.
Today, cannabis coverage in the mass media is restricted mostly to recreational or medical use, and the recreational side of marijuana is usually portrayed with a negative twist, employing the stoner-stupid slacker-slob stereotypes.
I know it’s a big leap of faith, but I’m grabbing the flag and heading for the high ground and hoping others will join my quest to create a more responsible image for cannabis users, one that respects the ceremonial and spiritual aspects of the plant, a tradition that stretches all the way back into pre-history.
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