Satoshi sighting in Marin County?

MtTamJanuary 7th, 2014
Exclusive report to the Underground Press Network (UPN)
by Donald McCloud
Deep inside the bowels of Mt. Tam lies the headquarters of the secret Temple Dragon Crew, a place I was allowed to visit on April 20th last year. Imagine my surprise when I was invited to attend their annual New Year’s celebrations, which were pretty intense since their telepathic energy machines have helped manifest both cannabis legalization worldwide and the rise of Bitcoin Nation and all the machinery was turned up full power during the winter solstice and holiday season.
I bet you didn’t know Satoshi of bitcoin fame was a member of the TDC? Well, I didn’t either, but Satoshi was the toast of the two-week long party. As usual, I was blindfolded and put into a blacked-out van and driven around for hours before they deposited me inside the vast underground complex, which apparently was begun sometime in 1969 with funds provided from Johnny Griggs, founder of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. (Today, that organization has been largely replaced with the Pot Illuminati, and many of the TDC were proudly displaying their Golden PI pins, the ones that confer Illuminated Master status.)
The Temple Dragons are devoted to manifesting world peace and employ the most peaceful means possible. In order to have peace, you must identify the predators who manipulate religions to manifest war for profit and expose their machinations. If you follow the food chain up the ladder, you eventually wind up in the board rooms of the biggest banks and investment houses, where the true masters of war reside.
“Since 2008 the Federal Reserve and Central Banks have been printing piles of inflationary paper money,” said Satoshi during his opening toast. “Soon the magic tipping point will be reached, when mining will not be able to keep up with demand for bitcoins. And then, the marketplace will take off on another sky ride, and we will slowly drain all wealth from the banking system, like water going down a drain.” Needless the say, the dragons gave a hearty cheer to that one. Apparently many of them are members of a facebook group called Bitcoin Investors.
By the way, Satoshi is Japanese, although he speaks perfect English. But since he hasn’t spoken on the record for years and avoids all publicity, I’m afraid I’m not supposed to say much more. But as I was leaving from my all too-brief visit, he gave me a wink, and a bit of sound advice: “Buy bitcoin, the price is frothing….”

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