What are you doing for April 20th?

flashing 420Have you made plans for April 20th yet? I’ve just started thinking about my options. I usually have a college lecture planned for that day long in advance, but 420 falls on a Sunday this year, so the day is open in my calendar.
I have a concept for a Rainbow-style encampment somewhere near Denver that would last three weeks and have a free kitchen and be kid friendly, which means no alcohol or hard drugs, and also a no-smoking area, where families with small children can camp. There will also be a free stage, where any bands can perform for free.
All I need is 30 wild acres to create 420 Woodstock overnight. The campground will be free, and there will be a free kitchen, just like the old Freedom Fighter campground we used to do when Jack Herer, Chef Ra and I created the Hemp Movement. I’m just sad Jack and Ra couldn’t live to see the day when we make it to the Promised Land.
The first day, we’ll put up a Peace Pole, and, of course, hold daily ceremonies around it and put a lot of magic into the pole. Most of my ceremonies in this regard will be for treating PTSD. It’s my experience that group meditation and prayer (along with some cannabis) can work wonders and we have an epidemic in PTSD right now.


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