Does Bitcoin represent a ceiling on globalization?

PI PHOENIX 5 FLATOver the last fifty years, there’s been an increasing flow of wealth and power gushing towards the tippy-top of the pyramid, a strata known in popular mythology as the Illuminati, the key-holders on the centers of energy on banking, oil, military and politics. So much so that I think pressures are pushing back.
If I’m right, the Illuminati can step aside because there’s a new game in town based on peer-to-peer cryptography, one that allows everyone in the world to bypass the central banking cartels.
We are just at the very beginning of a Bitcoin Revolution, so just remember where and when you first realized the revolution was going on. The media has done nothing but confuse people and has been playing the “bubble” card constantly.
A savvy dude is creating Bitcoin 2.0 (even though Bitcoin is around .8 and still in Beta), which will aid Bitcoin contracts, stocks and derivatives. The genius of Bitcoin is the founder discovered a way for a decentralized network to protect itself against hackers by running a cryptographic race no hacker can keep up with. And after five years of shake-down, I’d say Bitcoin can come out of Beta soon.
There’s so many advantages to Bitcoin over fiat currency, but most important, you can program it. It’s the first smart money and it will do to money what smart phones did to dumb phones. If you don’t “get” Bitcoin, maybe that analogy will help you, because it’s spot on.
The genius behind Bitcoin 2.0 describes it this way: Dumb money is like a nice Chevy. Smart money is like having your own private roads that go anywhere the internet goes. Oh, and your car is faster than anything else in the world. And there are no tolls and no speed limits on any of your roads. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?
You can forget about investing in the stock market now. Pretty soon, the intelligent companies will be funding with smart money and won’t be putting layers of middle-men, brokers, banks and lawyers in charge. Bitcoin represents the release of immense pressure from trying to cram too much too fast into a tiny funnel at the top of the food chain.
vWeCzpc9t-vjELUMn4n9YWzUZZnhVZH5-Sx_d9Dy9Xqdy-GomR8i8lLnMwyx3ZhsOjPfwVd0WFBdpjbcGciP3hSXRkUVRRS2ysg=s630It is a great time to be alive. This is a magical story unfolding before our eyes, and the possible slaying of some dark wizards by a Jedi Knight named Satoshi.


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