Sometimes I wish everyone would lay off Justin & Miley

Miley_Bieber.jpgIt’s sad when the media selects a young individual for self destruction and then pushes them off a cliff and throws them under the bus at every opportunity. I hope Justin and Miley are able to survive the barrage of negative energy they currently receive.
Since they basically act like many other teens, despite the multi-millions, one wonders why these two have been selected as this year’s models for media destruction?
I remember when Entertainment Tonight first came out, and since I worked in the media, I loved the show initially. But after entertainment ate the news, I found the results rather distressing and soon stopped watching the news altogether.
The entire media apparatus is following these two kids around waiting for some fuck-up they can blow up out of proportion. Any kid in America put under this sort of scrutiny would start self-destructing. There’s a natural force in teens that resists control, but when you push back against the sort of media attention they receive, it more often snowballs and gets used against you.
I don’t pay much attention to celebrity news, but even in my isolated ivory tower, I sense something really wrong with the way the media is treating these two. I suspect it has something to do with upper class values since both celebrate common desires and show none of the restrain of polite society.

4 Replies to “Sometimes I wish everyone would lay off Justin & Miley”

  1. agree 100% – they put themselves in the spotlight through their profession – but the media shine the glare even brighter and wait for the response – as do the public – just hope they have a loving family support network

  2. They and their handlers are milking it for all its worth. More of us should pay no attention like you, Steven, because the media has no boundaries. They distort our culture to sell a story. Pure sensationalism.. been around since humans could talk.

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