Kudos to Kouchlock Productions

1600993_366110106862021_1304736219_nA new medical dispensary just opened in Spokane, Washington, with the recreational-sounding name of Kouchlock Productions.
I don’t know much about it, but it looks like a first class operation. Most important, however, Kouchlock became the first legal cannabis shop to go Bitcoin friendly, which was certainly a masterful move on the part of the owners.
For weeks, I’ve been pleading with the cannabis industry in Colorado to embrace bitcoin because of the uncertainty surrounding federal money laundering regulations, but the industry in Colorado has been slow to respond. Right now, most traffic on bitcoin comes from a gambling site in Ireland that people in the USA can’t access, a site called Satoshi Dice. But if the legal American cannabis industry would just embrace bitcoin at every level, then this revolution for a global alternative to fiat money would start rolling for real. As the most beneficial crop on earth, cannabis actually provides a better standard for currency than precious metals because of its multiple benefits in providing the essentials of food, medicine, housing and clothing.
1621902_367560180050347_1119619667_nIf you are a patient registered legally in Washington, I encourage you to drop by this fledgling shop if you ever find yourself in the area. And even better, buy some grams with bitcoins.

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