Which is the real killer of Gemma and David?

Perhaps you heard the story of how Gemma Moss, 31, supposedly died from “cannabis toxicity?” At least, that was the findings of the local coroner in England. This is the second time a coroner in England has claimed death from “cannabis toxicity,” something not recognized by the medical community. Gemma was a devout Christian who left three young children behind. She passed unexpectedly in her sleep. She was estranged from her husband, who reportedly lives in Jamaica with their daughter, while Gemma was raising their two sons. She was a regular user of cannabis, who typically smoked half a joint a night to help her sleep. If she had a heart attack, as the coroner claims, then she died from a heart condition, not from “cannabis toxicity,” which can result in panic attacks, the munchies or sleep, but cannot kill.

Today, we learned of another sad death. David Hallman, 21, a senior at Denison University in Ohio, who was majoring in history. He’d spent three years on the swimming and diving teams, and remained close with his teammates, although he was no longer competing.

David left Brews Cafe at 2 am and started walking home early Saturday morning. But after walking a half mile, he either passed out, or decided to take a rest. David was found frozen that night after a frantic search that lasted for hours. He was slumped against a garage door across the street from a golf course.

Now David didn’t die from alcohol, he froze to death, but, in fact, without the alcohol in his system, he would not have passed out. Death from hypothermia after binge drinking is fairly common and every year an average of 1,300 people in America die from hypothermia. If you are binge drinking during winter months, and the temperature is below zero, please take a cab home. Cold can kill you, cannabis cannot.

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