PTSD is the new normal

86486961One in three teens is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and the percentage of highly stressed teens is growing at an alarming rate. Teens have now surpassed adults for exhibiting signs of PTSD.
This is a great tragedy and a likely the result of drugging an entire generation with stimulants and SSRI’s. Obviously, the mass drugging is not working, in fact, it seems to be contributing to the problem.
Part of this equation is also the immense cost of college, which puts tremendous pressure on kids to make grades and parents to save. The shrinking job market also plays a major factor, because opportunities after college are shrinking.
But the media also plays a major role with relentless violence pornography and amplification of terror events. You can’t help but be psychologically impacted when a horrific event of violence commands the news for days.
I’m not in favor of censorship, but I do yearn for a rise in conscious media that honors the benefits of peace culture and shows respect for non-violence, and projects that lifestyle as an honorable path. One way to implement this is to show appreciation for the hippie movement, something on the cusp of a 50th anniversary, and a true piece of American history.
Strangely, much of the story is still untold, starting with the death of hippie’s greatest avatar, Johnny Griggs, founder of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.
Who knows, hippie energy might come around again someday. I sure hope so.

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  1. sure sign of decadence in the wider sense, if childrens are ‘fed’ ritalin & other drugs.
    Ironically the anti-drug swads of the sixties+ were after LSD, marihuana (but not alcool) – today some parents feel under performance pressure and thatfor feed their children drugs, which might transform them into assassins or emotional wrecks (probably different but equally bad as with a bad trip of a LSD user).
    We’ll be in a better place if peace rules. Instead we are stil ruled be greed. Love, peace, freedom, happiness were not (only) rantings of freaked out junkies, but the chain of causes towards a sane end.
    But wise people rarely get audience in the media – as the article already remarked.. Actually the don’t get attention as well outside the media – bullism and intellectual arrogance rule often enough.. We need another cultural focus, this is the idea of the hippie thing. Besides Acid Rock of course!

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