How to find classic films that stream free fast

Guide3Three volumes of my four-part film guide can be downloaded for free off Smashwords. I promise some spectacular films you’ve never seen or likely even heard about. I don’t cover many blockbusters or pay much attention to Rotten Tomatoes, but I do provide buttons for each film that link to that site and I encourage people to leave ratings and reviews and put energy into it.
My film guide is really a new concept in ebooks because it’s designed to flow the reader into whatever film they select by pressing a button, avoiding having to laboriously type titles over and over into various websites.
Many of these films stream for free on Youtube, and if that option is available, just click the TV button under the poster and the film opens in Youtube and starts playing. If it doesn’t stream for free there, then the official trailer opens and plays. In truth, I was shocked how many of these films are on Youtube. If it’s not free on Youtube, click “Can I Stream This?” and all options for streaming and buying in any format will be displayed. You’ve probably heard of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, but there are a dozen other video streaming sites and more get added all the time. Can I Stream This? stays up-to-date on them all. If you find a link that doesn’t work, leave a message on this blog and I’ll get it fixed asap.
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Youtube are in a war with cable TV, and everyone has been forced to offer up tons of free content. The first three require a small subscription price, but Youtube is gradually putting up every significant film for inexpensive rentals and they appear poised to become a major competitor in this field. I expect HBO and Showtime and other pay cable channels to suffer since they are the most expensive and have the smallest catalog, not to mention their content is in the midst of a severe decline. They’ve haven’t come up with anything close to The Sopranos or Entourage.
Funny how many of the most popular films don’t even come close to making my top 200, and that includes Lord of the Rings, Forest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, The Deer Hunter, Avatar, Star Wars, or anything about James Bond or Harry Potter. Those films reside at the top level of Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s safe to say you are quite familiar with them all, and they were all huge blockbusters. But the films on my list are better than those, and time will prove me right. Many blockbusters tarnish fast because they were buffed so hard by the mainstream media, while other films that were hated, ignored or blasted with negative reviews, rise in prominence, especially when the opposition came for political reasons.
If you think I missed a film in any particular category, please send me a message via this blog. I’ll check out any recommendations as I plan to eventually expand to a 10-volume set of 500 films, so I’m not even halfway there yet. Keep in mind, it’s a plus if your recommendation streams free on Youtube, and/or was repressed for political reasons. But in any case, they all must be feature-length, five-star films that take the viewer on an epic voyage of discovery.

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  1. the plot is a bit thin but the reggae music is outstanding in “country man” even better than “the harder they come”.
    if i hadn’t subscribed to mike weldon’s psychotronic video magazine i would have missed the very low budget, but funny, “even hitler had a girlfriend” that is, if you think “eating raoul” is funny. i don’t have links to the movies yet. thanks for your work on the lists.

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