My Top 200 Flicks

FilmGuide4fixI just published the Ultimate Film Guide and I’m a bit sad the project is suddenly over because I had fun trying to figure out my favorite 200 films, and even discovered some I didn’t know about, and put them on the list just so I can watch them myself. A surprising number of these stream for free on Youtube and you can push a button on your computer or tablet to make that happen.
The book is free to Kindle subscribers.
Maybe someone did an ebook like this already, but I wouldn’t know. I started working on it to help guide my kids, who are interested in watching good films instead of the violent action schlock Hollywood pumps out endlessly.
If you ever want to watch a great movie free, I encourage you to check my guide and please give me some feedback if you do. What great films are missing and what genres should the next volume cover?


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