My Essential Film Guide on Kindle

FilmGuideCoverCompleteThese are my picks for the best all-time films. And I’m certainly open to any suggestions for improvements.
All 200 of these are covered in my new smart ebook The Ultimate Film Guide, available on Amazon Kindle. You can instantly stream any by clicking a button, or at least find which sites do that fast (some charge). All information is kept accurate through hyperlinks so you know you’ll get the best possible deal. I was surprised how many of these are free if you know what site to go to.
Undoubtedly you’ve heard of many, if not most, of these films (they are the classics) and probably even seen 80 percent or more, but I guarantee there are some you aren’t familiar with, and they’re probably streaming free on Youtube right now. And if you have a spare 90 minutes to kill sometime later today, or maybe later this week, think of this book and what it might do to enrich your life.

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