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CultClassicsCoverWhile working on my just-released smart ebook on the 200 greatest films in history, I collected a lot more than 200 films, so I’m already planning a follow-up, only this time, I’m only including films that stream free on Youtube.
I bet you know of a great film that streams free, and I’d sure love it if you sent me a link as a comment on this blog so I can include it in my next series. I program thousands of hyper links in these ebooks to multiple websites, which is why I call them “smart.”
Don Henderson sent me a link to a film called Cool World made in the early 1960s (not the animated feature of the same name). Meanwhile, within a few minutes Dave Allen recommended Nightmare Alley, while James Marshall posted Five Minutes to Kill starring Johnny Cash of Facebook.
Post any links to this blog you think should be in my next film book.


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