Satoshi gets doxxed? The reclusive bitcoin billionaire unmasked

3670-3-7-fe0108-bitcoin-04An army of hackers is descending on a reclusive man in California who has been revealed as Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, and likely the world’s first bitcoin billionare, although he lives in a modest house and seems to spend most of his time integrating his model trains with computers. Nakomoto apparently has zero interest in bitcoin these days now that the system is worth billions and poised to make a run at redefining the financial landscape of the future.
Since this man’s talents run the gamut from engineering to physics to cryptography, he certainly seems a likely candidate, and he’s apparently famous for showing up at job interviews and calling the interviewer a dummy and then proving his case. The news was broken by Newsweek, prompting the head of Coinbase to denounce the magazine for doxing the Nakamoto family. Why Newsweek saw fit to basically turn over his address to the world is a great wonder since obviously the dude was trying to preserve his lifestyle, something that is no longer possible unless he flees to a new secret location. But no matter where he goes, the hackers will be close behind.
I thought Satoshi was Nick Szabo because bitcoin took a lot from Szabo’s bitgold project. But if this new development proves true,  I need to start revising my Bitcoin ebook on Amazon and Smashwords asap. Of course, not everyone is convinced, and chatter in bitcoin world right now is all about how Satoshi always posted for years between 8 am and 8 pm British time, not California time, and sometimes used British expressions, like “bloody.”

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    1. More likely they were pointed towards this rabbit hole by sources inside intel….I’m sure the writer believes the story….but news writers are only as good as the info their inside sources provide them.

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