Please don't give to the cancer charities

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The Cancer Complex is a scam being worked as a profit center so please don’t donate a penny to any cancer charity. It will only go to support overhead and buy tv ads, and support the current industries that build patented treatments sometimes worse than the disease.
Many over the decades have sought to treat cancer with natural plants and nutrition, and although their success rates were worthy of notice, most had their careers destroyed and research marginalized.
Mother Nature makes her own medicine factories, and these are plants rich in terpenoids. Control of these plants has always been essential to dominating the world’s economies. Terpenes are hydrocarbons, which is why when oil was discovered, it was initially bottled and sold as medicine.
Think about it: the reason they call it “New York City Diesel” is because petrochemicals and terpenes are brothers in chemistry. The word stems from the word “turpentine.” But the Oil Cartel ate the world and managed to push plant terpenes out of the picture, replacing most of them with synthetic poison.
The incredible part of this story is the status of cannabis as a terpenoid producer is unrivaled in all the plant kingdom. Some plants may manufacture a few, but cannabis makes as many as 200, most of which remain unidentified. Someday the extraction of cannabis terpenoids is going to be a huge industry.
Meanwhile, if you have cancer, see an oncologist and get yourself tested before you make any decisions, but I’d be eating 60 grams of organic cannabis oil as fast as I could. And since that treatment has been known for a decade now, why don’t I see anyone talking about it on tv or in the major media?
Meanwhile, if you want to donate to a charity doing cancer research, consider Phoenix Tears.

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  1. Mr. Phoenix: Thank you again for all that you do. Edgar Winters here again, trying to get a contact number or email address on 622 in Co. We put the teepee up for Ken Kesey, when you guys were here in Oregon for the WHEE concerts. Would like to catch up on so many issues in this arena of Cannabis Sativa L. (True Hemp) and Cannabis Sativa Indica (RSO’s) Please view my website at Thanks Steve for sharing your blogs. “Hemp-Up America”  

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