The most toxic thing in your home

Petroleum-based candles with lead-tainted wicks could be the most toxic product in your home, yet few seem aware of the dangers. Petroleum wax emits dangerous petrochemicals when burning, and their wicks often contain a small strand of wire to keep the wick straight, and these tiny wires sometimes give off lead. You can identify these because they produce black soot that will line the rim of a pillar.

Since candles play a major role in many ceremonies, it’s inexplicable why so little attention has gone to making them safe for humans. I did ceremonies with candles for around 20 years before I figured out most of them were poison.

My solution was to start making my own candles using the highest-quality sox wax and cotton wicks. I call them medicine candles today, although they have picked up other names including, magic chakra candles and rainbow menorah.  I use seven candles in this ceremony, and all have a different spiritual symbol to represent the unification of all religion. These can help focus telepathic energy and also be deployed to help deprogram some of the mind control used to convince people to fight over religion. This hoodwink only exists because war is the greatest generator of profits known to mankind, while, on the other hand, peace makes no profits.

My candles are used exclusively by the Pot Illuminati, that elite secret society. The Grand Lodge was established in New York City on the Spring Equinox. If you want to learn more about the organization, you’ll find a manifesto online.

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