Why are teens getting depressed?

7thgradestevesAfter I gave my usual critique of our corrupt medical system at a Heads versus Feds Debate at Union College in Schenectady, NY, the question period got a bit heated. It was my second debate of the day, and the early one at 11 AM in Paramus had been wonderfully off-the-cuff.
But there were some pre-med students at Union who didn’t appreciate my comments concerning the medical establishment. After I alluded to our alarming rise in teen depression and suicide, and blamed it on the over-prescription of drugs, a young lady in the front row quipped, “Well, maybe it’s a result of a rise in marijuana use?”
I had no response as I was over-tired, having just driven over 2,500 miles in three days but the questioned lingered, and kept me awake thinking. So I hope that intelligent girl finds this answer some day.
The peak use of marijuana by teens occurred in 1977, before school shootings and before any issues with teen depression emerged. When the school shootings began, some involved multiple prescriptions. For example, one of the Columbine shooters was on Luvox, which seems to have particularly nasty side effects for some. Just google the testimonials for the people who felt like robots on it. But after people began compiling lists of all the prescriptions of the school shooters, suddenly that information became privileged and you can no longer get it. So you can’t find out what the Batman shooter was on, or what the Sandy Hook shooter was on.
Adderall and Ritalin are just lab-grade speed with time-capsule coatings. Any user can crush the pills for a full blast of crystal meth. So millions of kids are addicted to these “go” pills and a vast number quickly learn how to abuse them. For some, that abuse will lead to psychosis. It’s a medical certainty. And with paranoid psychosis comes a delusion people are trying to hurt you, so you defend yourself by hurting them first.
If the school shooters were stoner potheads, that fact would be trumpeted on the front pages. But since they are legal tweakers on legally prescribed meds, the info will not be released.
So that is my very late response to your allegation the increase in pot use created an increase in depression and psychosis. Some of the violent behavior is likely a result of putting millions of kids on medication they probably didn’t need, so some corporations could reap a ton of profit.

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  1. “Any user can crush the pills for a full blast of crystal meth”
    You are joking, right???
    1. Ritilin is not even an amphetamine.
    2. Merely crushing an amphetamine pill will not attach a methyl group to the molecule and magically turn it into meth-amphetamine.

    1. Apparently you know little about this subject and have never spoken to a Ritalin or Adderall abuser. Yes, these are amphetamine pills, just like meth, and the reason you crush them up is they have different thickness coating that make the pills dissolve in your stomach at different times. This is what creates the time capsule effect, but it can easily be over-ridden by crushing the pills. Next time you lash out on a blog, do some research first.

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