The enemy is now a ghost

16x9President Obama addressed the cadets at West Point yesterday. I didn’t watch the performance, but I can tell from the photo he did a great job cheer-leading our shock troops into future battle, and spoke with great emotion about the need to practice restraint. We’re moving out of Afghanistan! Great news, but let’s face the facts, we never moved out of any country and still have bases in Germany and Japan.
Unfortunately, our foreign policy has reached quite a quandary. For centuries, war has been the economic engine driving Wall Street’s rise to riches, but now there’s no one big enough left to fight.
With 1,700 drone bases encircling the earth, our masters of war no longer have need for James Bond secret assassins because they can instantly vaporize a golf ball anywhere on the planet within minutes, if not seconds. The scope of our military might is awe-inspiring. The President admitted chances of a 9-11-style terror event is actually quite small simply because no group has the operational capability to carry one out in today’s climate of readiness. Terror operations are focused on the countries in which terrorists operate.
Which reminds me how ridiculous the story on the lost Malaysian plane is, and how we supposedly have no idea what happened to it. In truth our satellites encircle the earth and very little escapes their notice. Of course, these ops are classified, so the NSA won’t be trotting out the data, anymore than they are going to show us the Pentagon video from 9/11.
But I suspect we have someone’s wag-the dog-movie going on concerning this ghost plane. For example, long after the batteries on its black box should have expired, suddenly a “ping” was picked up in the middle of the ocean by a Chinese vessel? I suggest that vessel may have dropped the box into the ocean as part of the coverup. I have no idea what happened, although I certainly don’t buy the absurd story Lord Rothschild captured a tech patent by killing some engineers on the plane (like he could give a shit about an obscure tech patent), but I also don’t buy the story neither the NSA nor China tracked the plane’s movements after the transponder was turned off. If anything, a transponder going off is an alarm bell to them.
Perhaps this is just the first of many such disappearances. Since some new enemy must be manufactured quickly, perhaps our new enemy will be a mystery enemy, a ghost never seen that disappears entire planes, or perhaps graduates to even larger vessels, a cruise ship for example?
If you wanted to keep the world in a constant state of flight-or-fight, which means, easy to manipulate, I couldn’t imagine a better foe than a ghost who leaves zero traces and has no footprints to follow.

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