Understanding war for profit

I see a lot of people playing into the dialectical game with all the recent activity in the Middle East, taking sides, supporting hate and bigotry of one culture against another. It’s the way it’s been for centuries since wars are engineered for profit, although most people never figure that out.

I’ll explain the whole corrupt system in a nutshell if you care to drop your prejudices and hear me out.

Around 30,000 years ago, cannabis and humans harmonized, and the relationship was not unlike that of a Lakota and buffalo, a sacred relationship involving honor, respect and compassion, as well as a lifeline to survival. This likely happened  near the ancient city of Bactria, but soon traveled down the riverbanks to the shadows of the Caucasus Mountains, and from there into fertile river valleys of the Ukraine. The original tribe that made the cannabis connection invented the wheel and domesticated horses. They eventually became known as “Sakas,” but because they didn’t have a written language, they are known to history as “Scythians,” so named by the Greeks for a harvesting tool they invented for cannabis.

Gay members of the tribe were honored priests, and some were likely also flamboyant drag queens millennia ahead of their time. Women fought alongside the men, riding horses and shooting arrows when necessary. Their laminated recumbent bow was the tommy gun of the Steppes. Scythian women were the real Amazons and a teenage girl on horseback could easily dispatch any battle-axe-toting man on foot. They also had the advantage of armor, much of which was hammered gold. Both men and women wore pointed, brimless hats similar to the Phygerian caps so popular during the Age of Enlightenment to represent solidarity for the common man and an end to aristocratic oppression. But that hat also morphed into a witch’s hat whenever brims were added.

Christian priests kept the common man in darkness for centuries, forbidding access to the Tree of Knowledge, as well as a written language. The Reformation was about finally giving people access to an education, something Jewish kids never lost. After a few hundred years, Jews had evolved into some of the smartest people on earth likely a result to being able to read and write for centuries. Eventually, many were hired as bankers for the aristocracy, something engineered into the system by the Vatican ban on usury for Christians.

This was a particularly good arrangement for the aristocracy, because when necessary, they could call a pogrom, kill rich Jews and seize their money. To protect assets, rich Jews became international and moved assets around. And they also began buying titles and marrying impoverished royals, converting to Christianity in some cases, and turning into another branch of the aristocracy, although usually a separate branch with different secret societies, country clubs and fraternities. In the New World, you have the oligarchs, the ancestors of the royals given grants and powers, and you have elite Jewish families who began as court Jews.

The real masters of war may reside in European centers of power. When people say conspiracy doesn’t exist, they fail to understand our entire legal system is constructed around the concept that most major crimes involve conspiracy and conspiracy is lurking everywhere.

Create a professional organization, society, charity, foundation, or corporation. At the head place a puppet, pedophile, psychotic, or anyone with something big to hide who can’t refuse an order. Use bottomless pockets of cash to hire staff, fund research, and secretly pursue some agenda known only to person at the top, who hires and fires at will. This person at the top is told nothing and follows orders or is replaced.

Very quickly, you have an entrenched, dogmatic system that will protect its own existence and not one person has any clue this system was built by a hidden force. If you went around telling people, “hey, we’re fomenting war for profit, and making a fortune by whacking innocents on both sides to get the blood feuds raging”…..then someone might crack, develop a conscience and expose the hoodwink. But in reality, nobody knows anything, except that if you say the wrong thing to the boss, he’s going to break your rice bowl, and it’s going to be difficult to find employment at another professional society or international corporation or charity of any magnitude because these top dogs all seem to know each other.

Revolution was a game. The royals in France, Germany and Russia all lost their titles, most of their property and some lost their heads. When new systems were put in place, parallel worlds were created, one run through the old money aristocracy, the other through the court Jews. This was to engineer a dialectic and while these two forces often appear to be at odds, I suspect if you move to the top of the food chain, you’ll find bosses from both sides sitting around the same board table somewhere.

So when you see people blaming Jews for all the ills in the world, try to keep in mind the average Jew is a longstanding victim of persecution and his entire culture suffers from PTSD, which is why it’s so easy to get their blood boiling. But then this is true of a lot of Germans, Russians and even the British who lived through the Blitz.

What I seek to do is harmonize all the religions as rivers to the same sea, and expose the war for profit hoodwink through education, so the oligarchies behind this hoodwink cannot continue to play us off against each other.

4 Replies to “Understanding war for profit”

  1. i  think  quite a few  “conspiracy  theorists” or “realists” as  paul  kassner  might say , would agree with your assessment. divide and  conquer tactics still work well. of  course, many rabbit  holes  have been developed  to divert even the   most  careful researchers. many young  people are awaking from the   “fog  of war”. 

    1. That’s what the mind war is all about, constantly diverting the awakening into some sort of controlled opposition to the establishment that morphed quickly into more revenue streams. I’m sure they are compiling all sorts of data on who’s waking up where and when and plotting how to create a shit storm in those people’s lives, because if you can take out the alpha’s you remove the center of gravity of any tribe.

  2. The love of money shit storms have geometry too, and that’s worth knowing. Dichotomy is programmed into every word and so, every story as well. Nice summation.

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